Karina name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Italian, Latin and Old Greek
Usage: English, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: kah-ree-nah
Meaning: Flower, Pure, Innocent, Dear Little One and Pretty
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What does Karina mean?

Famous unisex name Karina has origin in Italian, Old Greek and Latin, Karina means "Flower, Pure, Innocent, Dear Little One or Pretty" is used prevalently in English, Italian, Scandinavian, Finnish, Latvian, Greenlandic, Kannada, Hindi, Polish, German, Danish, Russian, Marathi, Norwegian, Czech, Gujarati, Swedish, Faroese and Tamil.

Karina is version of commonly accepted Carina. Carina is a form of well-known Karina. Carina is a short form of Katharina. Carina is equivalent of Carine in Italian language. Also Carina is form of Cara in Italian language.

Meaning of Carina is Darling, Cute and Dear Little One is originated from Italian and Latin. Karina is variation of cherished Karine. Karine is variation of cherished Carina. Also Karine is variant of frequently used Karin.

Karine is also variant of frequently used Karina. Karine is English and German equivalent of Carine. Also Karine is form of Cara in English language. Karine is also equivalent of Carine in English and German languages.

Karine is also form of Carina in German language. Karine is also French and Russian equivalent of Karen. Karine is also form of Karina in English language. Karine's meaning is Dear and Beloved came from Latin and Italian.

Karina is form of Oskarine. Oskarine is feminine form of Oscar. Karina is form of dominant Karin. Karin is a variation of widespread Carine. Karin is equivalent of Katharina in Swedish language.

Also Karin is form of Karen in German and Scandinavian languages. Karin is also equivalent of Karine in German and Scandinavian languages. Karin is also Swedish equivalent of Karolina. Karin means Abbreviation of Katherine, Happy and Beloved is of Old Greek and Latin origin.

Karina is short version of Cara. Cara is variant form of celebrated and conifer Carola. Also Cara is version of long standing and lofty Carolina. Cara's meaning is Precious Jewel and Expensive is originated from Celtic, Latin and Italian.

Karina is short form of Karen. Karen is variant form of CarineKarin. Karen is abridged form of Katharina. Karen is Scandinavian equivalent of Katharina. Also Karen is German and English cognate of Carine.

Karen is also Dutch, English and German equivalent of Karine. Karen is also Danish equivalent of Karin. Trendy Karen has its origin in Old Greek, Latin and Nordic languages, Karen means "Abbreviation of Katherine, Pure and Clear".

Karina is celebrated on November 7th.

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How do I pronounce Karina?

The proper pronunciation of three syllabled Karina is kah-ree-nah. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., kuh-ree-nuh.

Variants of Karina

Carina, Karin, Karine, Oskarine, Carine, Cara, Caarina, Karena, Caron, Katharina, Karen, Karolina, Carin, Caitlin, Cate, Catheryn, Carrine

Nicknames for Karina

There are ton of nicknames to go along with Karina. Some of those include:

Names that rhyme with Karina

How popular is the name Karina?

Karina was a popular name in United States. Over 58714 babies have been named Karina since 1956. At the peak of its usage in 1996, 2985 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 108th position.

However after 85 years, the name is on free fall on the charts but still performing better than most of the names. Additionally, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names 40 times

A common name in France having over 2418 recievers in 61 years of usage.

When at its peak in 1972, it ranked 300th when 122 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls. Also, In Denmark, Karina was once a common name since emerging in 1985 it has been given to over 2050 babies.

At the peak of its usage in 1985,. After 6 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. Moreover, the first name has been to the top 50 baby names 6 times Also, Karina used to be a common name in New South Wales, first appeared in 1984 and over 342 babies have been given the name in 3 years.

At the peak of its usage in 1985,. After 3 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

Karina is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 500 names.

In 1996, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 455 on girl names chart when 95 babies were given the name Karina. Over 1620 people have been named Karina in England and Wales.

Karina is a unique baby name in Ireland, it has been in use since 1965 and was able to reach the top 200 names. In 1971, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 178 on girl names chart when 34 babies were named Karina.

There are over 733 babies that have been given the name Karina in Ireland.

Karina is an uncommon baby name in Belgium still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Karina is extremely popular in Russia where every 1 in 500 have the name as well as in, Mexico and Brazil.

Also the baby name is popular in Argentina, Peru, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Mozambique, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Bolivia, Tajikistan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Angola, England, Panama and Costa Rica.

According to our research, at least 1330000 people have been bestowed Karina around the globe.

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Karina in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological aspects of Karina

You secretly believe that you are a genius. You believe that nothing is impossible until your heart beats. You are a child of change. When having a hard time in life, you always rely on yourself and prefer to fight your fights alone. You encourage people to walk the harder path and fight for what they believe is right. You prefer to deal with things that matter and leave out all the rest. You believe planning revenge is a waste of energy and time and you use those doing something productive or noble.

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Middle names for Karina

Here are some in vogue and familiar middle names we think go great with Karina, we've got you covered with these in vogue and familiar middle names.

View more middle names that goes with Karina.

Famous people named Karina

  • Karina Fernández, female athlete from Costa Rica
  • Karina Gauvin, Canadian soprano
  • Karina Beteta, Peruvian politician
  • Karina Constantino David, former chairperson of the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines
  • Karina Maki, Team handball player
  • Karina Lombard, French-American actress and singer
  • Karina Habšudová, Slovak former professional tennis player
  • Karina, Venezuelan Latin pop music singer, songwriter
  • Karina Jett, professional poker player
  • Karina Masotta, retired field hockey player from Argentina
  • Karina Smirnoff, American professional ballroom dancer of Russian and Greek origins
  • Karina Baluyut, artist from the Philippines
  • Karina Johnson, Danish-American figure skater
  • Karina Arroyave, Colombian television and film actress
  • Karina Bacchi, Brazilian actress, model and television presenter


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