Armenian baby names

Armenia is a Nation which has history dating back to 2000 years B.C., so Armenians have a rich list of baby names.

Traditionally, Armenian baby names are borrowed from Bible which is of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origin. They also take baby names from other cultures and civilizations and from the names of elements found in nature. Few examples of Biblical names that are used as Armenian baby names are Adam, Mariam, and Abraham. In modern times, typical Armenian baby's last name end with the patronymic suffix յան (yan) or եան (ian) or less often '-jan'. Some Armenian last name also contains the suffix լի ([li]) preceding the -յան/-եան suffix. Sometimes Armenian last names also derived from place name, profession, personal name of the ancestor, noble rank, or personal characteristics.

Below is the list of 120+ Armenian baby names. Have a look!

 AhrayaUOrnament, Adorning, Decorative, Brings Rain
 AleksandrBHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
 AnahitGImmaculate, Unstained
 AnoushUBeautiful Morning, Eternal, Everlasting, Sweet
 AnushSweet, Star, Following Desire, Single
 AraUSpeedy, Adorning, Brings Rain, Embellishing
 AraeUAnswered Prayer, Speedy, Decoration, Brings Rain
 AramazdBDivinity of Wisdom
 ArevigGLike the Sun
 ArmenBStrong and Man
 ArsenBVirile, The Element Arsenios Meaning Virile
 AvedisBGood Tidings
 AvetisBGood Tidings
 AzatBIndependence, Free, Freedom
 BedrosBRock, The Stone, Strong, River
 BoghosBLittle, The Small, Weak, Humble
 DanielBJudge is God
 EduardBWealthy Guardian, Guard of His Wealth
 EdvardBBlessed, Guardian of Prosperity, Wealthy Defender, Rich
 ElmazGDiamond, Resembling a Diamond
 ElmesGDiamond, Resembling a Diamond
 ElmezGDiamond, Resembling a Diamond
 ElmisGResembling a Diamond, Diamond
 ElmizGResembling a Diamond, Diamond
 GarenBGuardian, Son of Gary
 GrigorBVigilant Watchman, Alert, Watchful
 HagopBYahweh May Protect, A Cheerful Boy, Variant of Jacob, Tamil Show Host James
 HaigBOne from the Hedged Enclosure
 HamletBSmall Village, Hamlet
 HourigGA Small Fiery Woman
 HovhannesBMerciful, German Form of John
 HovikBMerciful, The Lord is Gracious, German Form of John
 HovsepBGod will Add, Jehova Increases
 JirairBStrong Hard Working
 KerunBA Wooden Post, Warrior and Assault
 KevorcBOne who Works the Earth
 KevorckBOne who Works the Earth
 KevorkBOne who Works the Earth
 KrikorBAlert, The Watchful, Vigilant Watchman
 KrykurBVigilant Watchman, Alert, The Watchful
 LevonBJoined to, Attached, Garland, Adhesion
 LousGFamous, Fame and War, Battle, Feminine of Louis
 MaralUSoft, Deer, Swan
 MargaridGJewel, Name of a Saint, Pearl
 NaireyGof Rivers, L
 NairieGL, of Rivers