Names that mean Pretty

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Abinaya Sweet, Abinaya Means Expressions, Lovely, Pretty Girl
Abinayah Tamil Expressing the Meaning by Using Body Parts, Pretty Girl, God, Sweet
Abish Bird Name, A Wren is a Small Brown Songbird, Sweet Smelling, Jasmine Flower, Fragrant Flower, Flower, Jasmine, The Royal Guard, God, Pretty Girl, Lovely, Sweet
Abrathi Tamil Pretty One
Adalinda Friendly, Gentle, Happy, Ornamented
Adallyn Friendly, Special Things that Matter, Pond, Happy
Adamline Red Earth, Beautiful Jade, Voice, Man
Addielynn Ardent, Awe-inspiring, The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Lin
Addylynn Pond, Lin, The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Friendly
Adilynn Lake, Adornment, Waterfall, Kind
Aerilyn Dwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion
Aerilynn Friendly, Dwells by the Torrent, Pretty, Waterfall
Afsa Arabic Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) Wife, Transparent, Pretty, Clear
Afsha Prophet Mohammeds Wife, Pretty
Agirathi Tamil Pretty One
Ahyana Pretty Flower, Ethiopian
Ahyanna Pretty Flower, Ethiopian
Aiana Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Alishba Arabic Innocent, God in My Oath, Pretty
Amalinda English-American Beauty, Pretty One, Work Labour, Efficient
Amelinda Gentle, Trustworthy, Work, Friendly
Amlah Arabic Pretty, Pleasant, Beautiful, Handsome
Ammam Arabic Acknowledge, Pretty, Better, Beautiful
Aniq Arabic Beautiful, Neat, Valuable, Clever
Annel Pretty
Annell Pretty
Annibelle Mother, God-like, Pretty
Anu sri Tamil Glorious, Pretty, Goddess Laxmi, Famous
Anumaiya Tamil Pretty One
Anushra Tamil Most Pretty
Anushree Goddess Laxmi, Pretty
Anushri Pretty, Goddess Laxmi
Anusree Hindi Goddess Laxmi, Pretty
Anusri Goddess Laxmi, Glorious, Pretty, Famous
Anyeli Defender of Mankind, Bliss, Joy, Adventurous, Abbreviation of Andrea, Peace, Courage, Voyage, An Atom, A Prefix, Pretty
Arilyn The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Brave, Exalted, Pool
Arilynn Dwells by the Torrent, Friendly, Lion, Eagle
Arnaaz Arabic Graceful, Pretty
Auja Pretty, Fair, Beautiful
Aujah Arabic Pretty, Fair, Beautiful
Ayaana Pretty Flower
Ayana Ethiopian Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Ayanah Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Ayania Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Ayaniah Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Ayannia Beautiful Blossom, Ethiopian, Pretty Flower
Ayu Malay Beautiful, Pretty
Azhaellil Tamil Very Beautiful, Pretty
Balavikarnika A River, Apretty Woman
Balina Germanic The Element Bella Which Means Beautiful, Pretty, Fragility, Friendly