Names that mean Sword

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Aake Old Norse Noble, The Ewe, Representative of Ancestors, Sword Tip
Aaku Representative of Ancestors, Noble, The Ewe, Sword Tip
Aamund Awe Protection
Abranda Spanish Struggle, Variant of the Beverage Brandy Used as a Given Name, Distilled Wine, Raven
Abreeq Arabic Glittering Sword
Adelbrand Old High German Sword, Noble, Honorable, Burning
Aeccestane Swordsman's Stone
Aega Sword
Aga Hindi Sword
Agard Hard, Sword Tip
Agardh Hard, Sword Tip
Agart Hard, Sword Tip
Agemar Sword Tip, Famous
Aghmund Terror Protection
Agihard The Teuton, Sister, Army, Germane
Agihart Warrior, Sister, From the Same Blood, Hard
Agilamundō Awe Protection
Agilmar Sword Tip, Army, Sister, The Teuton
Agilmund Protection, Sword Tip
Agilo Sword Tip
Agilolf Sword Tip, Wolf
Agimar Famous, Sword Tip
Agin Sword Tip
Aginald Prevail, Sword Tip
Aginulf Wolf, Sword Tip
Agmund Sword Protection
Agmundr Ancient Scandinavian Sword Protection
Agnar Ruler with the Sword
Ago Sword Tip, Sword
Agomar Distinguished Sword, Famous
Agu Sword Tip, Leopard
Aik Dawn, Sword Tip
Aika Sword Tip
Aike Sword Tip, Sword
Aiko Japanese Old High German Love Child, Sword Tip
Aila Hebrew Born of Intellect, Saints, Sword, Shining
Ailah Born of Intellect, Saints, Sword, Shining
Ailaska The Oak, Another Name for Pururavas, Saints, Born of Intellect
Ailke Sword Tip, Of Noble Figure
Ailukka Intact, Noble, Another Name for Pururavas, Saints
Ailuska Shining, Intact, Sword, Noble
Ake Noble, Sword Tip
Akhangal Arabic Sword
Akhsam Arabic Broad-sword, Lion
Akke Noble, Sword Tip
Aku Finnish Representative of Ancestors, Majestic, Sublime, Noble
Aldebrand Old High German Burning, Honorable, Sword, Noble
Aldobrando Old High German Burning, Sword, Noble, Honorable
Amdi Wisdom, However Not Very Common Name In Germany, Merciful, Knowledge
Åmund Sword Protection