Abbas name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
Pronunciation: a(b)-bas
Meaning: Lion, Looking Austere, Stern, Frowning One, A Family Name, Severe, Somber and Furrowing His Brows
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What does Abbas mean?

Origin of Offbeat Abbas is in Arabic is used as a boy name, meaning of Abbas is "Lion, Looking Austere, Stern, Frowning One, A Family Name, Severe, Somber or Furrowing His Brows" is notably used in Marathi, Kannada, Swedish, Arabic, Norwegian, Urdu, English, Danish, Finnish, Sindhi and Hindi.

How do I pronounce Abbas?

The proper pronunciation of two syllabled Abbas is a(b)-bas.

Variants of Abbas

Ab, Abbott, Abb

Names that rhyme with Abbas

How popular is the name Abbas?

Abbas is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1975 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. Recently in 2018, it ranked 1662nd when 95 boy were named Abbas.

Over 1350 people have been named Abbas in United States. Also, in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 500 names.

In 2000, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 415 on boy names chart when 66 babies were given the name Abbas. Over 1069 babies in England and Wales have been named Abbas.

Abbas is an uncommon baby name in France, even after 38 years of use, it could not make it big. Over 212 people have been named Abbas in France. Also, it appeared first time in 2008 on baby boy names list of Belgium.

However things change on global perspective, Abbas is extremely popular in Iran where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in, Iraq and India. Also the baby name is popular in Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Chad, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Syria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Algeria, Tanzania and Kuwait.

According to our findings, over 1290000 babies have been named Abbas globally.

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Abbas in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numbers say about Abbas?

Unfortunately, you are not a keeper because you don't know how to love a person. Planning is what keeps your mind in shape. You love to change and can't stand constancy and monotony. You are a good listener but the advice you give is taken by a pinch of salt by others. You are a hard candy when it comes to romantic relationships. Most people enjoy having you around. You don't share the usual opinion of things and the ordinary life perspective.

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  •  Susi - Mainly used in German and Danish unexpected, Susi aimed at girls, meaning of Susi is "Swallow or Lily" has its origin in Hebrew
  •  Rayyan - Origin of Unwonted Rayyan is in Arabic, meaning of Rayyan is "Gate of Heaven or Full" and is commonly used in Swedish and Arabic is used for both genders
  •  Hida - Unisex name Hida is principally used in English and Hindi languages, Hida means "Friendly, Gift or Boastful"
  •  Humaid - Used in Arabic and Hindi uncommon and contemporary, Humaid mainly bestowed upon boys, Humaid means "One who Glorifies God, Praise or Praised"
  •  Sulaima means Beloved or Diminutive of Salma aimed at both sexes is used particulary in Arabic and Arabic

Sibling Names for Abbas

Welcome to the world of creative, unique and meaningful names! Here we bring you a list of siblings names for 'Abbas':

For a sister

Brother for Abbas

Famous people named Abbas

  • Abbas II of Egypt, last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan
  • Abbas Maroufi, Iranian novelist and journalist
  • Abbas III, son of Shah Tahmasp II and Shahpuri Begum of the Safavid dynasty
  • Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf, Arab Abbasid poet from the clan of Hanifa
  • Abbas Djoussouf, politician in The Comoros
  • Abbas Shafiee, Iranian pharmaceutical chemist
  • Abbas Alizadeh, P. Ferioli, E. Fiandra, G. Giacomo Fissore
  • Abbas II of Persia, seventh Safavid king of Iran
  • Abbas Farid, British freestyle footballer from Newport
  • Abbas Khalaf, was Saddam Hussein's personal Russian/Arabic interpreter and translator
  • Abbas Ali, former Indian first class cricketer
  • Abbas Fallah, Iranian judoka
  • Abbas Ibrahim, Maldivian politician
  • Abbas Sadriwala,
  • Abbas Koty, Chadian political figure and rebel leader
  • Abbas Samimi, retired Iranian discus thrower
  • Abbas Bayat, Iranian businessman
  • Abbas Milani, Iranian-American historian and author
  • Abbas Edalat, professor of computer science and mathematics at Imperial College of London and a political activist
  • Abbas Aroua, Algerian medical and health physicist
  • Abbas Mirza, Qajar crown prince of Persia
  • Abbas I of Persia, 5th Safavid Shah of Iran
  • Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian film director, screenwriter, poet
  • Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, paternal uncle and Sahabi of Muhammad
  • Abbas Amir-Entezam, Iranian politician
  • Abbas, Iranian photographer
  • Abbas ibn Firnas, Andalusian polymath: an inventor, physician, chemist
  • Abbas Suan, retired Arab-Israeli footballer
  • Abbas ibn Ali, on a white horse
  • Abbas al-Musawi, influential Lebanese Shia cleric
  • Abbas Tyabji, Indian freedom fighter from Gujarat
  • Abbas Saad, Australian former international soccer player
  • Abbas Jadidi, Iranian wrestler
  • Abbas Ali Baig, Indian former cricketer
  • Abbas Almohri, was one of the first Kuwaiti Shia scholars based
  • Abbas Abdi, is one of Iran's most influential reformists
  • Abbas Doran, acclaimed fighter pilot and is regarded as a national hero of Iran
  • Abbas, Indian Tamil film actor and model,
  • Abbas Aghaei, retired Iranian football player
  • Abbas Obeid Jassim, Iraqi football player
  • Abbas Vaez-Tabasi, influential Iranian cleric
  • Abbas Zaryab, historian, translator
  • Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh, Azerbaijani actor, film director and film editor
  • Abbas Khattak, four-star rank air force general
  • Abbas El Fassi, was Prime Minister of Morocco
  • Abbas al-Noury, prominent Syrian television actor, writer
  • Abbas Beydoun is a Lebanese poet, novelist and journalist.
  • Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla in movie Machine as Director
  • In 1945 action and drama flick, Rabha, Abbas Fares characterized Sheik Oauf.
  • In 1996 drama and mystery movie, Gabbeh, Abbas Sayah characterized Uncle.
  • Abbas Bakirov, from 1968 romance movie Poema dvukh serdets, who portrayed the Agzamkhan.
  • In 1949 crime and mystery movie, Çiglik, Abbas Temizer portrayed N.
  • Abbas Baktiari, from 2002 flick Here to Where, who portrayed N.
  • Abbas Damavandi, from 1963 flick Marde meidan, who portrayed N.
  • In 1962 drama, romance movie, Varparideh, Abbas Mossadegh played Gholam.
  • Abbas Mehrdadian portrayed minor character of N in 1968 adventure, drama film Chahar darvish.
  • In 1970 drama, romance film, Leyli and Majnoon, Abbas Eftekhari characterized N.
  • Abbas Gahramanov, from 2010 drama film Kuklalar, who portrayed N.

Comments :

Abbas is an Arabic name and a male first name .عباس and means Lion. Many instances of its use as a surname are found. Many people in history can be found named Abbas in Egypt and Persia. - Celeste Apicella


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