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Updated: April 10th, 2024

Here are 16086 indian boy names that starts with .

Immortal, Strength
Wise, Awakens, Enlightenment, Awakened
Glory and Brilliant, Bright Fame, Gloriously Shiny, Short Form of Robert
Blue Crested Bird, Ja, J, Victory
A Pandava Prince, Open Minded, Shining, Son of Lord Indra
Hope, Calm, Good Personality, Peaceful
One who witnesses, Bright
Annikin, Whether Hidden or Obvious, Star Wars
Night Talk, Entertainer, Companion of Vigil, Jovial
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Ascending, Sandal Wood, Healing, Medicine
My Father, The Sun and Air, Honest
Cloud, Acquirer, Like a Horn, Thanks
Dawn, Sun's First Light, Morning, New Beginning
The Sun, One who Bestows Wealth, Invisible Power, Lord Shiva
Eternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
Brave, Hero, Warrior
Name of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh
Pleasure, Sage, Ray of Light, Love
A Star, Immovable, Firm, Stable
Laughter, Good Looking, Handsome, Lord Chandra
Gift of God, Bright, Speed
Admirable, Dauntless
Long Life, Luck, One who Prays 5 Times and Fasts, Faithful
Dark Forest, Jungle
Shortform of God Krishna, Super Hero, Black, Knowledge
Victory, Conqueror, Flower, A Kind of Flute
Supervisor, Blooming, Warner, Dedicated to God
A Part of Sun, Lord Vishnu, Vishnus Ansh
Name of a Sage, Mountain Thrower
Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiv Combined
Royal, Kings, Terror
From Kashmir, Heaven, A Pleasant and a Cold Place Full of Snow
Aspiration, Army Man, French Form of Herman, Soldier
Resplendent, Splendour, Intelligent, The Sun or the King
Sacred Knowledge
Lord Vishnu's Name, Not Having Any Imperfection
The Roarer, Lord Shiva, Rudraksha, Sun
King of Wisdom
Crowned, Jewel, Crown, The Taaj Mahal
Lord Shiva's Part or Factor, A Portion of Lord Shiv
The Sun, Lord Surya (Sun), Powerful Boy, Smart
God, Bard, Immortal, Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
Faith, Religion, Place Name, Belief
Swan, Yahweh is Gracious
Early Rays of the Sun, Sunshine
Heir Apparent, Prince
Beam of Light, Divine, The Element Kirana Meaning Thread Dust, Sun Rays
Tranquillity, Peace, Saint
Great Warrior
Unconquered, Unconquerable, God, Invincible
A Kind of Fir, From Hadria, The Archer, Tree
The First Ray of Light
Severe, Lion, Looking Austere, Stern
Always Pure, Lord Shiva, Lucky, Auspicious
Forceful, Strong
A Star, Horse Rider
Famous, God is Merciful, Peaceful, Pride
Champion, Horn, Treasure, Indigo
A Little Part of Things, Portion, Honesty
Lord Shiva, Good Human Being, Spirituality
Tawny, Lord Siva, Fire, The Moon
Brave, Valor, Bravery
The Sun, Lord Shiva
Conversations at Night, Fruit from Heaven, Outcome, Accompanied by the Eternal Gods
Conciliatory, Ocean, Sweet, River Bank
Son of Aditi, Goddess Parvati, Thesun, Newly Risen Sun
The Enlightened, Protector, A Prophets Name, Blessed
Glorifying, Aware, Praising Allah, Holy
Triumph, Prosperity, Victorious, Conqueror
Swami, God, The Loved One, Everywhere
Beautiful, Beautiful, Impressive, The Handsome, Well-bred
The Mystic Syllable Om, Bellow, King, Lord Vishnu
Part of God, Eternal Part of God
Trust Safety, Protection, Hero, Comfort
Successful, One who has Accomplished Goal, Shiv, White Mustard
Hindu Philosophy, King of All, The Scriptures
Success, Glory, Fame, Victory
Creation, The Sound of Universe
Ultimate Bliss
Star, King, Scented, Blessing from God
Foundation, Basic
United, Oneness, One by God
Young, Lord Shiva, Youthful, Tamil Music Director Yuvan
Name of Lord Ganesha, The First Vedas
Whole, Entire, Complete, Prithvi
Firmament, Sky
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Rich or from Hadria, Graceful, Beautiful, A Form of Ria
Excellent, Ever Fresh, Modernised Person, Role Model of World
Companion, Gentleman, Master, The Lord
The Sun, Sun
Utmost Level, Lotus Flower, Loveable, The Element Kamala Which Means Light Red
Moon at Full Glory
Bracelet, An Ornament
Lord Krishna, Sight, Moonlight, Handsome
Saints Saying, Verse, Hymns of Lord
Give, Son, Oak, Lord
King, A star
Dark, Harmony, Cristina, Affection
One who Not Sitting or Resting
Slayer of Keshi Demon, Lord Vishnu
Boy of Guru
The Element Tara Meaning Hill, Heaven, Thunder, Raft
Protector of Dharma
White Lotus
Most Important, Beginning, The First, Adornment
Servant of God, Divine, Another Name for Indra, The Poet
Pleasing, The Most Handsome, Lovely, Lord Shiva
No One Like Him, Lord Ganpati, Non-duality, Non Duality
Crystal Clear, Lord Krishna
The Sun of Valour, Prowess, Praiseworthy, Strength
Medical God, Star, Trust, Win
Age, Time, Generation
Sacred Serpent, Immortal
A Friend of Muhammad, Bustard Fledgling
King, God is Gracious, Heart, A Form of Keon
Part of Veda, Part of Veda's
Begetter, Sun, Beauty of the Stars
Name of a Holy Man, Prophet of Islam (Joshua)
Shiva's Ansh, Part of God Shiv, Lord Shiva
Continuous or Ongoing, Strong, One who Fights for Peace, Brave
Ruler of the Heart, Hearts King
Delighted, Prosperous, King, Blissful Person
Life, Soul
Supreme Spirit, Vehicle of God Agni, Lord Rama, Male Sheep
Long Life, Handsome
Smart, Gold, Fire, Son of Lord Brahma
Lord Vishnu
Sea, Vast, Wave, Endless Ocean
Poem, A Wise Person, Poet, Beauty
God's Gift, Morning
Very Intelligent, Firm, The Polar Star, Constant
Love, Blessing, Man, One with Long Life
Radha's Husband, Another Name of Lord Ganesh
Royal, King-queen, Paradise, Hope
Descendant of Raghu, Lord Rama
Artist, Special Knowledge
Glow, Power, Appearance, Physical Strength
Giant, Brilliant, Massive, Good Looking
Brilliance, Sharpness, Lustre, Brightness
Wakeful, Magician, Lord Shiva
Head, Feature, The Moon
Hero of the Battle, The Brave Warrior, Winner
Moon, The Moon
Mukti, Salvation, Emancipation, Liberation
Protector, Sponsor, Radha, Patron
Lord Hanuman, Wind, Breeze, Divine
Full of Life and Energy, Alive or Lively
Target, Aim
The World, Word, Universe
Fame Giver and Lucky, Goddess of Earth, Wealthy
Emperor, Prince, Ruler
Lord Vishnu, Fame
They Can Be Successful As a Press Secretary, Planner, The Scriptures, Hindu Philosophy or Ultimate Wisdom
One who Owns the Earth, Water
Strength of a Diamond, Brave, Living in Water
Mare, Santhoshi Mata, Blessed and Victorious
A Person Having All Qualities
The Sky, Sky
Emperor, Shah, The King
Son of Lord Rama, Sacred Grass
Hate, One who is without Enmity
Blessed, The Hindu God of Death, Proper Name
Gods Chosen One, Destroyer of Enemies, Morning, Lord Vishnu
Brave King, The Hero of the Land, Kingdoms Warrior
Literally a Blowing Out, Liberation
Strength, Courage, The One who Strives, Makes Effort, Desire
Lord Krishna
Little But Wise, Flower, Everyone Love her, Korean Kingdom
Credit, Marvelous, Marvellous
Fame, Good
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