Abe name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew and Germanic
Usage: English and Arabic
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Abe a-be
Meaning: Father of Many
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What does Abe mean?

Lofty and All time favorite boy name Abe means "Father of the Amount" used dominantly in English and Arabic has its origin in Hebrew and Germanic languages. Abe is diminutive of Abraham.

Abraham is variant of Avraham. Abraham is Latin cognate of The Hebrew Name אַבְרָהָם Meaning Father of a Multitude [11] [12]. Originated from Hebrew, Popular and Ceaseless Abraham, Abraham means "Father of a Multitude and Many Nations and Father of a Multitude".

Abe is short of Abner. Pleasing and Enduring Abner specifically is used in English and Assamese came from Hebrew, meaning of Abner is "Niyr and Father of Light". Abe is abridged form of Abelard.

Origin of Darling and Conifer Abelard is in Germanic and Hebrew, meaning of Abelard is "Vanishing and Noble Strength".

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How do I pronounce Abe?

Two syllabled Abe is most commonly pronounced as a-be.

Variants of Abe

Avraham, Abraham

Names that rhyme with Abe

How popular is the name Abe?

A common name in United States with over 9231 new-borns have been given the name since 1880. Presently the name is rising, in 1898, the moniker grabbed the 215th spot and 280 baby boys were given the name.

Moreover, the first name has been to Abe is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 21 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 2000.

Over 159 people have been named Abe in England and Wales.

But Abe is a popular baby name in Ethiopia where every 1 in 4000 have the name. According to our findings, at least 60000 people have been bestowed Abe around the globe.

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Abe in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological aspects of Abe

Your family isn't very happy with how you handle things and treat people when it comes to romantic relationships. Lower your expectations in people and increase the expectations you have in yourself. You hate copying others. You are interested in learning new and exciting things. You have a sharp mind and focus. You are a lone wolf who can survive on his own because of his skills, highly developed sense of intuition, and the ability to provide for himself.

Other names similar to Abe

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  •  Fredrick - Used largely in English and Danish long standing and noteworthy, Fredrick is of Old High German and English origin, Fredrick means "Peace, Safety or Power" is aimed at both sexes
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Sibling Names for Abe

The following list of sibling names for baby name "Abe" are sure to be a great addition to your brood. Choose the one that best fits with Abe's personality.

Sister for Abe

Names for Abe's brother

Famous people named Abe

  • Abe Holzmann, American composer
  • Abe Masakatsu, Japanese samurai of the Abe clan of Mikawa
  • Abe Kovnats, (March 22, 1928
  • Abe no Nakamaro, Japanese scholar and 'waka' poet of the Nara period
  • Abe Schwartz, well-known klezmer musician of the 1920s
  • Abe Bluestein, American anarchist
  • Abe Stark, American businessman and politician
  • Abe Sarkis, Boston mobster who
  • Abe Bernstein, Detroit gangster and a leader of the infamous Prohibition-era Purple Gang with his brothers Joseph Bernstein
  • Abe Elkinson, business man/entrepreneur/philanthropist
  • Abe Elenkrieg, trumpeter
  • Abe Goldberg, Polish-born Jewish Australian businessman whose Linter Group of companies grew to be a major textile and clothing manufacturing group
  • Abe Peled, Israeli businessman
  • Abe Masayoshi, Japanese 'daimyō' of the mid-Edo period
  • Abe Cunningham, American musician
  • Abe Attell, boxer
  • Abe Fortas, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice
  • Abe no Seimei, as drawn by Kikuchi Yōsai
  • Abe no Hirafu, Abe was assigned the command of the rear division out of three divisions available
  • Abe Isoo, Abe was born in Fukuoka on 4 February 1865
  • Abe Saperstein, founder
  • Abe Reles, New York mobster
  • Abe Vigoda, American actor who was known for a number of roles
  • Abe Alvarez, American former professional baseball pitcher
  • Abe Lastfogel, was one of the first employees and a long-time President of the William Morris Agency
  • Abe Lemons, American college basketball player and coach
  • Abe Burrows, American humorist, author
  • Abe Lenstra, Dutch football player and national football icon
  • Abe Silverstein, American engineer
  • Abe Goff, attorney and Republican politician
  • Abe Masatsugu, 'daimyō' in early Edo period, Japan
  • Abe Waddington, professional cricketer for Yorkshire,
  • Abe Saffron, Australian hotelier
  • Abe Forsythe, Australian film and television actor, director
  • Abe Gibron, professional American football player and coach
  • Abe Laboriel Jr., Abraham "Abe" Laboriel Jr
  • Abe Rosenthal, English professional footballer
  • Abe Thompson, American former soccer player
  • Abe Mickal, Lebanese-American college football player and a doctor
  • Abe Pollin, owner of a number of professional sports teams including the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League
  • Abe Coleman, professional wrestler
  • Abe King, Abe King, Jr
  • Abe no Sadato, samurai of the Abe during the Heian period of Japan
  • Abe Lyman, popular bandleader from the 1920s to the 1940s
  • Abe Levitow, American animator who worked at Warner Bros
  • Abe Bailey, South African diamond tycoon, politician
  • Abe no Yoritoki, head of the Abe clan of Emishi
  • Abe Tadaaki, high-ranking government official
  • Abe Eliowitz, star football player in American college football and
  • Abe Masahiro, Abe was instrumental in the eventual signing of the Convention of Kanagawa
  • In 1919 adventure flick, Allan Quatermain, Abe Barker portrayed Alphonse.
  • In 1915 drama movie, Scandal, Abe Mundon characterized John Austin.
  • Abe Asad characterized the leading character of Tyler Nixon in 2019 comedy movie YouTube Famous.
  • In 2017 drama, romance film, Women... and Sometimes Men, Abe Goldfarb portrayed Ben.


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