Antons name meaning

Updated: March 18th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin, Latvian, Greek and Etruscan
Usage: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
Pronunciation: a-nto-ns
Meaning: Praiseworthy and Priceless
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What does Antons mean?

Antons has its origin in Latin and Latvian bestowed upon baby boys is chiefly used in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Antons is a variant of well-known Antonius. Antonius is variant of all time favorite, sacred and prevalent Anthony.

Antonius is Latin equivalent of Anton. Antonius has its origin in Etruscan and Latin, Antonius means "Priceless One". Also. Antons is a variant of venerable and popular Anthony. Anthony is English cognate of Anton.

Also Anthony is form of Antonius in English language. Also. Antons is version of eternal and dominant Anton. Anton is German equivalent of Antoine. Also Anton is Ukrainian, Polish and German form of Anthony.

Anton is also equivalent of Antonius in German and Russian languages.

How do I pronounce Antons?

Three syllabled Antons is most commonly pronounced as a-nto-ns. The name can also be pronounced as an-tons.

Variants of Antons

Anthony, Anton, Antonius, Akoni, Tonio, Briananthony, Anthonyjames, Antoine, Anaton, Anthonius, Brian, Antawn, Tonia, Titouan, Anathon

How popular is the name Antons?

Antons is a popular baby name in Latvia where every 1 in 400 have the name. According to our evaluation, at least 5000 people have been bestowed Antons around the globe.


Numerological aspects of Antons

You can turn from the excessive thinker into a careless child in no time. You don't believe much in love. However, deep inside, you secretly wish to find someone who will prove you wrong. You hate the usual 9 to 5 way of working and prefer freelance working instead of a regular job. Since you trapped yourself inside rules, restrictions, religion, you've imprisoned your soul in one state. You are dominant in your circle of friends.

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Sibling Names for Antons

If you're looking for the perfect sibling names to go with baby name "Antons," we've got you covered! Here are some great options to consider for your new little ones. From classic choices to more unique picks, there's something here for every family.

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Famous people named Antons

  • Antons Jemeļins, Latvian football defender

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