Latvian baby names

Latvia is a country located on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Like in most European cultures, Latvian baby names also consist of the given name (vārds) followed by family name (uzvārds).

During the Soviet occupation, the practice of giving a middle name to the Latvia baby is highly discouraged but after the restoration of Independence, Latvian legislation again permitted the parents for giving of up to two given names to their children. After this, it has become common practice to give a middle name to a Latvian child. Latvian boy's name usually ends in 1st or 2nd declension masculine endings i.e. boys' names either end in s/-š or -is. Latvian girls' names end in feminine 4th or 5th declension endings i.e. ends with either -a or -e. Jānis is one of the most popular Latvian names whose written use dates back to 1290. Latvians also celebrate name days (vārda dienas) which are related to the Saints' days in the Church calendar or with important holidays.

Below is the unique collection of Latvian baby names.

 AdriansBWoman from Hadria, From Hadria
 AgneseGThe Pure, The Chaste
 AgnijaULord Vishnu and Kartikeya, Born of Fire
 AlbertsBBright through Nobility, Honorable, Noble, Brilliant
 AndrejsBOf a Man, Warrior, Manly, Masculine
 AndrisBManly, Masculine, Warrior, Of a Man
 AnnaUElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 ArtursBThe Bear
 AugustsBVenerable, Revered, August Dignified Holy, Worthy of Respect
 BeatriseGTraveller, Pilgrim, Bringer of Joy, She who Blesses
 BendiksBBlessed, Happy
 BrigitaGPower, Strong Willed, To Help, Saint
 DagnijaGNew Day
 DainaGFrom Denmark, Similar to Daniel
 DanielsBGod is My Judge
 EduardsBHappy Guard, Guardian of Riches, Wealth and Keep
 ElitaGThe Element Alaida Which Means Little Winged Girl, Noble
 EmilsBImitating, Rivaling
 FilipsBHorse Lover, Loves Horses, Warlike
 FricisBPowerful, Peace, Elf, Safety
 GeorgsBFarmer, Earthworker, Earth Worker, A Tiller of the Soil
 GustavsBGoth, Staff, Stick
 IevaGLive, Living, The Enlivening
 IlonaGThe Torch, Flanks, Shining
 IngaGHe who is Foremost, God of Fertility and Peace, Beautiful, Ingeborg
 IrusyaGInspired By the Greek Goddess of Peace, The Peaceful, Palm Tree
 JelenaGShining, The Torch
 JurisBWarrior, Man, Army, Sister
 KarlensBA Man, Strong, Vigorous, Manly
 KristapsBBearer of Christ, Christ-bearer, To Carry
 KristersBDisciple of Christ, Christian
 LaimaURedness, Lucky One
 LarisaGRoot of Larissa End, Cheerful, Light-Hearted, Beautiful
 LindaGNoble, Beautiful, Gentle, Friendly
 LudisBFamous Warrior, Fight, War, Loud
 MaksimsBThe Greatest
 MarijaGBitterness, Bitter, Princess of the Sea
 MarkussBDedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
 MartaGSpanish Form of Martha Lady, Warlike, Bitter, Herrin
 MihailsBWho is Like God?, Messenger of God
 MonikaGAnchorite, Monk B) = Alone, Lonely, Alone, A Wise Counsellor, Warn
 NastusyaGSurrender, Risen One, Resurrection
 NikolajsBVictory of the People
 OlgaGBlessed, Happiness, Holy, Luck
 OskarsBName of a Nordic Divinity, God's Spear, Dear Friend, Ase
 RaimondsBCouncil and Protector, Guards Wisely, Advice, Strong Defender
 RalfsBWolf, Counsel, Advisor, Advice
 RicardsBPowerful, Brave, Power, Rich
 RihardsBBrave One, Rich, A Teutonic Name from the European Middle Ages, Powerful Leader
 RobertsBBright, Bright with Fame
 SandraGProtect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
 SarloteGLittle and Womanly, Feminine of Charles, Strong, Vigorous
 SauleGName of Sun Goddess
 SolveigaGStruggle, Strength, House, Path of the Sun
 StefansBWreath, The Crowned, Garland, To Wear a Crown
 TatjanaGKing of the Sabines, From the House of Tatius
 TeodorsBDivine Gift
 ValdaULord Ganesh, Ruler Governor
 ValdisBThe Healthy, Power, Powerful, Female Deity, Woman, Goddess
 VeronikaGHonest Image, Bringing Victory, Truth