Hanno name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 20th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew and Chinese
Usage: German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: ha(n)-no
Meaning: Yahweh is Gracious and God is Merciful
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What does Hanno mean?

Boy name Hanno means "Yahweh is Gracious or God is Merciful" that originated from Hebrew and Chinese is mostly used in German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Hanno is variant form of desirable Han.

Han is shortened form of Hanif. Also Han is a shortened form of Hanley. Han is also abridged form of Johannes. Prevalently used in Chinese, Han, meaning of Han is "Chinese" is rooted from Chinese.

Hanno is variant of prevalent and persistent John. John is a short version of Johannes. John is form of Johannes in German and English languages. Meaning of John is Yahweh is Gracious and God has Been Gracious: has Shown Favor In the Bible John the Baptist Baptized Christ In the Jordan is rooted from Hebrew.

Hanno is diminutive of Johannes. Johannes is variant form of biblical, persistent and preeminent Jean. Johannes is Scandinavian, Dutch and German form of John. Also Johannes is equivalent of The Greek Name Ιωαννης, Which is a Contracted Form of the Hebrew Name יוֹחָנָן, a Combination of Jo;Hann, Meaning God is Gracious in Latin language.

Johannes's meaning is God is Merciful, Merciful and The Lord is Gracious is rooted from Hebrew. Hanno is equivalent of Hans in German language.

How about the name Hanno for a baby?

Hanno is a great name for a baby boy. The name has Hebrew origins, and its meaning is "God is gracious". It's a strong, powerful name that will carry your son throughout his lifetime.

Hanno can be shortened to "Han" and still retains its strong meaning. This name carries a special significance that will give your child the strength and power of God's grace throughout his life.

With this name, you can rest assured that he will always be guided by the grace of God in all aspects of his life.

How do I pronounce Hanno?

The most common way to pronounce two syllabled Hanno is ha(n)-no.

Variants of Hanno

Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Hanni, Han, John, Anna, Jane, Hanna, Háne, Hai, Johannes, Dejohn, Gianni, Jackie, Yanis, Aaronjohn, John Paul, Hans, Hansi, Hanseraq

Names that rhyme with Hanno

How popular is the name Hanno?

Hanno is a rare baby name in England and Wales where it is still in use. But Hanno is a popular baby name in Germany where every 1 in 20000 have the name.

At least, 8000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.


Hanno in Nordic countries

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What numerology tells about Hanno?

You always act like everything's just great. Expression number 7 reveals your disrespect for people who gossip, lie and have no special purpose in life. People can't believe you are real. You don't even believe you are real. Remember that life is to have fun and don't worry much. You have trust issues and anger management problem that you seem to be handling pretty well. You remind people that life is for you to live it, and not survive, something many do these days.

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Sibling Names for Hanno

Looking for names that complement the beautiful, unique name "Hanno" for your bundle of joy? Look no further! Here are some sibling names that perfectly match Hanno's charm and individuality. From classic to modern, these names will fit right in with your growing family.

Sister to Hanno

Brother for Hanno

Famous people named Hanno

  • Hanno Pöschl, Austrian actor
  • Hanno Rund, German mathematician
  • Hanno the Navigator, Carthaginian explorer of the sixth or fifth century BC
  • Hanno Drechsler, Lord Mayor of the City of Marburg
  • Hanno Möttölä, Finnish former professional basketball player
  • Hanno Balitsch, German footballer

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