Ive name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew, Germanic, Old High German, African-Bini and African-Swahili
Usage: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Ive i-ve
Meaning: Gift of God, The Lord is Gracious, A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant, Female Version of John, The Archeress and The Archer
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What does Ive mean?

Originated from Hebrew, Unorthodox Ive is a gender-neutral name is used in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. Ive is variant of biblical, durable and prevalent Ivan. Also Ivan is variant form of JohnBelorussian.

Ivan is also variant of biblical and commonly accepted Iwan. Ivan is also variant of Germanic Names Containing the Name Element Yr. Ivan is equivalent of John in Slavic language. Also Ivan is Nordic and Russian cognate of Johannes.

Originated from Germanic and Hebrew, Unorthodox Ivan, Ivan means "God's Gracious Gift, God is Merciful and Gift of God". Also. Ive is a variation of admired and venerable Iva. Iva is version of immutable and pleasing Ivy.

Also Iva is variation of biblical and admired Jane. Iva is also version of unfading and lofty Yvonne. Iva is also form of Any Name Beginning with Iva-. Iva is also form of Any Name Ending with -Iva/-Ive.

Iva is a diminutive of Ivana. Iva is a feminine variation of Ivar. Iva is form of Ivar in Norwegian language..

How do I pronounce Ive?

Two syllabled Ive is pronounced as i-ve.

Variants of Ive

Ivan, Iva, Eyvind, Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Iwan, John, Johannes, Eyvan, Ivy, Jane, Yvonne, Ivar, Ivah

Names that rhyme with Ive

How popular is the name Ive?

Ive is an uncommon baby name in United States there is very thin chances of it still being given. Ive is a common name in DR Congo, Bangladesh and Croatia while somewhat familiar name in Brazil, Philippines, Belgium, Cameroon, Zambia, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Papua New Guinea, India, Dominican Republic and Estonia.

As per our findings, over 10000 babies have been bestowed Ive around the globe.

[1] Source: Social Security Administration


Ive in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numbers say about Ive?

You are a humanitarian with a higher purpose in life. And that is to help others. Stop making plans for the future because you know you like spontaneity more. You are a spiritual person who tends to focus on personal growth and development more than career and material things. You love to travel but lack the money at the moment. You often doubt your purpose, skills, and existence. Change is what you are made for. Monotony and constancy are killing your spirit and compassion.

Looking for names similar to Ive? Please go through the following names

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  •  Bete has its origin in Hebrew is a girl name, Bete means "Girl" is used notably in English

Famous people named Ive

  • Ive Sulentic, Canadian former professional soccer player


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