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Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Husband, Vigorous, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Little and Womanly
Merciful, Female Version of Myles, Soldier
Sorrow, Fickle, Carl, Goddess Lakshmi
Little Lamb, The Ewe, Jacob's Wife, Gental
Female Version of Nicholas
Soldier, Merciful, Female Version of Myles
Someone of royal blood, power or authority
Female Champion, I Want, Intention, Goal
Isis was the Principal Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Rich, Dorians, From Doris
Latinate Female Version of Michael, Gift from God, Like the Lord
Female Version of Blair, Dweller on the Plain, Flatland
Female Version of Michael, Michaela, Like God
Female Version of Philip, God Would Multiply, Pferdefreundin
Sarah, Clouds at Night, Column
Female Version of Kyle, Boomerang
Female Version of Michael, Who, Like God
Wise Protection, Ewe, Grace, Female Sheep
Battle, Beloved, Loved One, Famous
The Humble, Small, Female Version of Paul, Little
Peaceful Ruler, Rich, Lucky, Hardy
Good and beautiful
Upholder of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Dedicated to Mars, Warlike, Female Version of Marcellus, Warring
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Female Version of Charles, Joy, Strong, Free Man
Another Name of Durga, The Female Energy, Woman, Which Protective
From the Meadow of Grass, Bent, Wood, Clearing
Variation of Raymond, Doe, The Ewe, Female Sheep
Strength, Womanly, A Form of Karley, Man
Priceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
A Female Monarch, Beautiful Girl, Queen, Royal
Female Satisfied, Mountain Gazelle, Pleasant, Fresh
Modern Female Version of John and Jon, The Lord is Gracious
From the Hare's Meadow, Female Version of Harley
Female Version of John, The Lord is Gracious, Has Shown Favor, Well-born
Female Version of Brian, Strength, Virtuous, Innocent and Very Intelligent
Possessor of the Good, English, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Warlike, Warring, Dedicated to God Mars, Female Version of Marcellus
Female Sheep, Wise Protection, Grace, Doe
Female Version of Charles, Free Man, Manly, Strong
Gental, The Ewe, Sheep, Rohon Which Means to Roar Battle Cry
Swami, God, The Loved One, Everywhere
Female Version of Charles, Little and Womanly, Joy, Bountiful Orchard
Flourishing, Sow, Strong, Shoot
God is Merciful, Female Version of John
Young Soldier, Tara, Innocent, Rocky Hill
Female Version of Norman, From the North, Rule, Carpenter's Square
From Mars, Female Version of Marcellus, Martial, Warlike
Free Man, Strength, Female Version of Karl, Womanly Strong
Gracious Gift of God, Shrub, Flute, Yew
Meadow of the Hares, Victor, Absorbed in God
The Ewe, Doe, Wise Protection, Variation of Raymond
Female Version of Charles, Husband, Man, Melody
Earth and flower-like
Ruler of the Home, Little, Myrtle Leaf, Star
People's Victory, Niko Which Means Victor, Female Version of Nicholas
Defence, Warlike, Warring, Form of Marcia
Wild Flower, Modern Name Based on Jane or Jean, The Lord is Gracious, God has Answered
Husband, Strength, Female Version of Karl, Womanly
God is Gracious, Female Version of John
Female Version of Evan, Young Fighter, Right Handed
Female Version of Antonio Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless, Beyond-price
God is Gracious, Female Version of John, Little Jean
God is Gracious, Merciful, One who Increase Victory, Victorious
Female Version of Paul, The Small, Humble, Weak
Priceless, That Feeds on Flower, In the 17th Century, Inestimable
Nobleman, Noblewoman, Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Dazzling, Glorious, Girlfriend, Plough
Lord, Praised, Female Version of Nickname for Joseph and Jude, Jewish
God is Gracious, Female Version of John
Blossom, Blooming, Flowering, Form of Natalie
Female Version of John, Brings Good News, Van Ki Devi, God is Gracious
Ewe, Female Sheep, Wise Protection, Grace
A female heir of wealth, propert or title
Noble shield
Ewe, Lamb, Female Sheep
Husband, Pure, Vigorous, Female Version of Charles Manly
Worthy of Respect, Magnificent, Sublime, Venerated
Dear or beloved
Maintain Well, Possessor of the Good, Knowing, Learned
Female Version of Perry, Small Rock, Pear Tree, Wanderer
Virgin, The Lord is Gracious, Diminutive Form of Jeanne
Earthworker, Farmer, Worker of the Earth, Bauer
Gift of gab, Persuasive, Once God has written
God is gracious
Female Sheep, Ewe, Guide, Traveller
Young Fighter, Luck, Happiness, Winner
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Gift from God, Has Shown Favor, The Lord is Gracious, Female Version of John
Faithful, Truly Believing, Female Version of Mumin, Believer (in Islam)
Queen, Female Ruler
Grace, Doe, The Ewe, Wise Protection
Place of worship, lord's house and cape
Dwellers in the wood
Prosperity, Clemency, God Heals, Sweetness
Beloved, Famous and Powerful, Affection, Battle
Godly, The Element Arbaa Meaning Four, Garden, Famous
Life and girl
God's Gracious Gift, Female Version of John
Doe, Female Sheep, Ewe, Grace
My, From the Ledge Meadow, Form of Shelly, Ewe
Heaven's Dew, English, Female Lamb, Birth
Meadow on the Ledge, Method, Language, Female Sheep
Dedicated to the God Mars, Pr, Form of Marcia, Warring
Female Version of Nicholas
Carl, Joyful song, Gust of wind
Fish, Jewel, Power, The Daughter of Mahameru
Possessor of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Variation of Raymond, Wise Protection, Female Sheep, The Ewe
Useful, People's Victory, Goodness
Song of Happiness, Joy, Strong, Little and Womanly
Defender of Men
The Lord is Gracious, John
Who is Like God, Latinate Female Version of Michael
Like the Lord, Gift from God, Feminine of Michael
In Flower, Birth, Lamb, Flowering
Grace, The Ewe, Wise Protection, Female Sheep
Horse Lover, Friend of Horses
Natural, Original, Female Friend
Beloved friend
God is Gracious, Female Version of John
Noble and Generous, A Friend, Precious, Beneficent
Like the Lord, English, Latinate Female Version of Michael, Gift from God
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Female Version of Elvin, Everything and Friend, Blond, Height
One with purity, Jacob's wife, Sheep, Gental
Little, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Female Version of Charles, Husband
She Ascends, Strong, Female Version of Brian
Female Version of Michael, Who, Like God
God is guiding me
Great, Possessor of the Good, Wealthy, Possesses a Lot
Who is Like God, Latinate Female Version of Michael
Gift from God, Feminine of Michael, English, Like the Lord
From the Ledge Meadow, Little Rock, Ewe, Female Sheep
Gift of God, Has Shown Favor, The Lord is Gracious
Gods Gift, Female Version of Shaun, Yahweh is Gracious, Sean
Regard with respect or warm approval
Derived from Ishani - Goddess Parvathi, Lord Vishnu, Rich, The Female Energy
Learned, Mighty One, Possesses a Lot, Tenderly Loved
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