Leana name meaning

Updated: March 20th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin, Old French and English
Usage: English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: le(a)-na
Meaning: Julia and Wild Cow
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What does Leana mean?

Predominant and Perpetual Latin, English and Old French Leana bestowed upon both sexes, meaning of Leana is "Julia or Wild Cow" is used commonly in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. Leana is a version of well-known Leanne.

Leanne is variation of well-liked Lianne. Leanne is equivalent of Liana in English language. Dominant and All time favorite French and English Leanne, meaning of Leanne is "Meadow and Lee". Leana is variant of widespread and biblical Lea.

Lea is variant form of eternal and illustrous Lee. Lea is effeminate form of Leo. Lea is equivalent of Leander in Finnish language. Desirable and All time favorite Old English and Hebrew Lea, meaning of Lea is "Bringer of Good News and Meadow".

Leana is a version of predominant and ever lasting Lina. Lina is abridged form of names ending in "lina". Also Lina is abridged form of "line". Lina is form of Lina that is usedforeign in German language.

Meaning of Lina is Palm Tree and Noble is originated from Latin, English and German. Leana is form of Leeanna. Leeanna is variant of famed Leeann. Leana is form of pleasing Ileana.

Ileana is a version of desirable and evergreen Helene. Also Ileana is version of timeless and lofty Aileen. Ileana is also variation of desirable Ilana. Ileana is Romanian cognate of Helene.

Originated from Old Greek and Old French, Popular and Venerable Ileana, Ileana means "Light and Brilliant". Leana is a variation of frequently used and perennial Aileen. Aileen is Irish and Gaelic equivalent of Eileen.

Also Aileen is form of Helen in Irish language. Celebrated and Conifer Aileen came from Old Greek and Old French, meaning of Aileen is "Shining, Aveline and Power".

How do I pronounce Leana?

Two syllabled Leana is most commonly pronounced as le(a)-na.

Variants of Leana

Julianus, Lean, Lea, Aileen, Leanne, Lina, Ileana, Leeanna, Leandros, Lian, Liana, Leander, Lee, Leamarie, Aibhilin, Aveline, Eileen, Helen, Aeleen, Alline, Alene, Ileen, Lianne, Leaanne, Leina, Idalina, Helene, Ilana, Ileane, Ilene, Leeann

Names that rhyme with Leana

How popular is the name Leana?

In France, Leana was once a common name since emerging in 2010 it has been given to over 2334 babies. When at the peak of its usage in 2011,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 9 years but it is still going strong.

Also, In Switzerland, Leana was once a common name since emerging in 1998 it has been given to over 1477 babies. When at the peak of its usage in 2013,. However after 21 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but it is still going strong.

Leana is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1880 and was able to reach the top 800 names. In 1880, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 738 on girl names chart when 99 babies were named Leana.

There are over 4445 babies that have been given the name Leana in United States. In Belgium, Leana is a unique name where it has been in use since 2000 and has secured the place in top 400 names.

In 2015, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 331 on girl names chart when 31 babies were named Leana. There are over 300 babies that have been given the name Leana in Belgium.

Leana is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 21 years of use, it could not make it big. Over 136 babies in England and Wales have been named Leana.

Also, it appeared first time in 1978 on baby girl names list of Ireland. Leana is a common name in South Africa while somewhat familiar name in Brazil, Nicaragua, Philippines, Tanzania, Russia, South Ossetia, Haiti, England, Indonesia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Italy and Colombia.

At least, 9000 people globally have carried Leana as their given name according to our estimate.

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Leana in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Leana

You only need the right ones to be content in life. And you are right. If your name ends up with the letter A, it means you are a creative fellow with a great wish to succeed in your career. You don't take love very seriously. You don't want anyone standing on your way or messing with your life just like you stay out of other people's lives and don't get in their way of success. Having this letter as your capstone reveals your self-consumption and self-absorption.

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Middle names for Leana

These familiar and sweet middle names fit well with Leana.

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Famous people named Leana

  • Leana Chavez in Savages as Actress
  • Leana Yu in Bamboozle as Actress
  • Leana D'Aloisio acted in movie The Drifting Classroom

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