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Lita name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin, Hebrew, African-Swahili, Old Norse and Germanic
Usage: Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: l(i)-ta
Meaning: People and Garden
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What does Lita mean?

Admired and All time favorite girl name Lita means "People or Garden" and is primarily used in Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Danish, Finnish, Italian and Swedish is rooted from Old Norse, Latin, Hebrew, Germanic and African-Swahili languages. Lita is form of timeless and trendy Leta. Leta is short version of Aleta. Also Lita is Dutch equivalent of Old High German Names Containing the Name Element Lyd.

How about the name Lita for a baby?

Lita is a beautiful and unique name for a baby girl. It has Latin origins and can mean both "gladly" and "sorrowful," making it a versatile choice for parents who want a name with depth. Lita is also easy to pronounce and has an elegant sound, which sets it apart from more common names. It's not overly popular, so your little girl will have a name that stands out without being too unusual. Lita is perfect for parents who want to give their daughter a special name that reflects their personality or hopes for her future.

How do I pronounce Lita?

The two syllabled name Lita is pronounced, l(i)-ta.

Variants of Lita

Litha, Leta, Leata, Leda, Lida, Leyda, Shalita, Luitgard, Liutgard, Lutgard, Leetha, Leatta, Leatrice, Ledah, Alida, Adelheid, Lydia, Lidia, Shaleeta, Leutgard

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How popular is the name Lita?

In United States, Lita was once a common name since emerging in 1888 it has been given to over 4307 babies. At the peak of its usage in 1927,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 118 years. Lita is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales where it has been in use since 2001 and peaked in 2001 when it ranked 1728th. Also, it is uncommon in France, where it has been in use since 1952 and peaked in 1952 when it ranked 1143rd.

But Lita is a popular baby name in Philippines where every 1 in 4000 have the name as well as in, Indonesia and Peru. At least, 90000 people globally have been given the name as per our estimate.

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Lita in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Lita

You live for the things that matter like friendship, kindness, cruelty-free world, and dreams. Open up to new suggestions and ideas. You take calculated risks and take your ideas and the ideas of others seriously. The only way to cope with people, who don't take you seriously and allow themselves to break your heart, is letting go and forgetting. Having letter A as your capstone reveals how you look at life and other people.

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Famous people named Lita

  • Lita McClinton, the daughter of Emory McClinton, a former U. S. Department of Transportation official and his wife, JoAnn McClinton
  • Lita Stantic, Argentine cinema producer, screenplay writer
  • Lita Ford, English-born American rock guitarist, actress
  • Lita, American professional wrestler
  • Lita Nurlita, badminton player from Indonesia
  • Lita Grey, American actress and the second wife of Charlie Chaplin
  • Lita Roza, English singer whose 1953 hit record " That Doggie
  • Lita Richardson in Motives as Producer
  • Lita Baluarte in movie Condominio as Actress
  • In 1949, Lita Baron characterized the role of Losana in adventure film Bomba on Panther Island.
  • In 1962 comedy, musical film, Oy... Akin yata 'yan, Lita Gutierrez played N.
  • Lita Rio portrayed key character of N in 1951 drama, romance flick Apoy na ginatungan.

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