Min meaning and origin

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: Hindi and Czech
Meaning: Fish
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Meaning of Min is Fish used for both genders which is used majorly in Czech and Hindi has its origin in Hebrew. Min is variant of prevalent and enduring Michael. Michael is resulted from Michel. Michael is form of Μιξαελ, a Greek Form the Hebrew Name מִיכָאֵל: in Latin language. Unwonted Michael's origin is Hebrew, meaning of Michael is "Messenger of God and Who Resembles God".

Variants of Min

Mien, Michael, Mikhael, Dumichel, Michaela, Micah, Mitchel, Aaronmichael, Michaelangel, Mykhael, Chelle, Mikala, Mecca, Mika, Micahjoseph, Micaiah, Mitchael, Aharon, Aaron

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Popularity of Min

Min is an uncommon baby name in United States, even after 68 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 3000. Over 633 people have been named Min in United States. In England and Wales, it has been in use since 1999 and achieved its top ranking of 2507 in 2008. However things change on global perspective, Min is extremely popular in China where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in Myanmar. Also the baby name is popular in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Indonesia. At least, 9000000 people globally have carried Min as their given name according to our estimate.

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Min in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Min

To have letter M as the first in your name means you are a prideful, hard-to-love-and-understand person. People have a hard time figuring you out but once they do, they see you are kind-hearted and try to take advantage of your naivety. You should understand not everyone has the same expectations and wishes out of life and themselves. You are full of dignity, charm, and have a lot of admirers because of your openness and kind nature.

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  •  Mike - Origin of Loved and Perpetual Mike is in Hebrew bestowed upon both boys and girls, meaning of Mike is "Who is Like God or Form of Michael" is mainly used in Danish, English and Finnish. In 1989, renowned Mike ranked 475 on the list of baby boy names in United States
  •  Zany - Zanys origin is Hebrew is a baby boy name, meaning of Zany is "A Gift from God". Zany is resulted from Zani.
  •  Jobe - Meaning of Jobe is Persecuted or The Afflicted is used especially in English which originated from Hebrew is given to boys
  •  Masada - The unfamiliar unisex name Masada means "Strong Foundation" is originated from Hebrew
  •  Ramya - Curious unisex name Ramya is substantially used in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, meaning of Ramya is "Beutiful, Beauty Never seen or God is Exalted" is rooted from Hebrew
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Namesakes of Min

    Min Zhu, American computer scientist, entrepreneur
  • Min Zhen, Chinese painter and seal carver
  • Min Chunfeng, retired female discus thrower
  • Min Zhou, founding chair of the University's Department of Asian American Studies
  • Min Lee, Singaporean classical violinist
  • Min Patel, retired Indian-born English cricketer
  • Min Kao, Taiwanese-born American electrical engineer
  • Min Ayahana, Japanese manga artist, born in Nanao in Ishikawa
  • Min Ko Naing, leading democracy activist and dissident
  • Min Chueh Chang, Chinese-American reproductive biologist
  • Min Joon-ki, South Korean film director
  • Min Jin Lee, Korean American writer whose work frequently deals with Korean American topics
  • Min Anqi in movie A Soul Haunted by Painting as Writer
  • In 2001 action and comedy film, Dak mo mai sing, Min Kim played Carmen Wong.
  • In 1997 drama flick, An ju, Min Sun portrayed Adong.
  • In 1997, Min Soo Shin characterized the role of N in comedy film Baeksu story.
  • In 1990, Min Oo portrayed the role of N in drama film Sone yay.
  • Min Namkoong, from 2006 action and crime flick Biyeolhan geori, who portrayed Min-ho.
  • In 1992 action, crime film, Hei se 25, Min Tian played Ma Erjie.
  • Min Pang characterized the vital character of Luo Su in 1988 crime movie Piao hu de ying zi.
  • In 1968 adventure and music flick, Jy is My Liefling, Min Shaw played Ans du Toit.
  • In 1979, Min Kyu Choi characterized the role of N in action, drama film Jeongmujibo.
  • In 2006, Min Jeong-ki played the role of N in comedy, drama film Bidan-gudu.
  • In 1940 comedy film, Toyuki, Min Zhang played Wang's wife.

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