Indian baby names starting with

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Here are 24000 indian baby names that starts with .

Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Immortal, Strength
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Grass, Immortal One, Happiness, Unfading flower
Wise, Awakens, Enlightenment, Awakened
Purity, Pastime, Night, Lioness
Little Black One, Spear, Clear, Bright
Delicate, Meadow Pasture, Tired, Leah
Yahweh is Gracious, Love, Heart, God Gifted
The Black One, Goddess Kali, A Form of Durga, Blacknes
Origin, Variants, Blessing of God, Without a Superior
Happiness, Living, Wife of Prophet Muhammad, She is Life
Seedling, Elm Seed, Outlook, Result
Dwelling, Abode
Glory and Brilliant, Bright Fame, Gloriously Shiny, Short Form of Robert
Blue Crested Bird, Ja, J, Victory
Garland maker
Jewel Names Became Popular in the 19th Century, Opal, The Earth, Gem
A Pandava Prince, Open Minded, Shining, Son of Lord Indra
Shrub with Yellow Flowers, A Light, Fish, Blue Glass
Hope, Calm, Good Personality, Peaceful
One who witnesses, Bright
Life, Lustre, The Word Hayya with the Meaning Alive Animal, Shadow
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Annikin, Whether Hidden or Obvious, Star Wars
Night Talk, Entertainer, Companion of Vigil, Jovial
Ascending, Sandal Wood, Healing, Medicine
Pleasing to the Eyes, Younger Sister, Soft, To Admire God
Solicitude, Concern, Gift of Allah, Care
My Father, The Sun and Air, Honest
God has shown favour, Brilliance of stone, Goddess Durga, Mercy
Little But Wise, Flower, Everyone Love her, Korean Kingdom
Cloud, Acquirer, Like a Horn, Thanks
Dawn, Sun's First Light, Morning, New Beginning
God Gifted, Of a Noble Kind, Silk of Heaven
The Sun, One who Bestows Wealth, Invisible Power, Lord Shiva
Eternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
Admirable, Dauntless
Lord Ganesh, Ruler Governor
Pure, Queen, Wise Guardian, Form of Regina
Understanding, Pious, Knowledge, Writing of the Aryans
Small One, Living, Prophet Mohammads Wife, Life
Princess, Lines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit, Goddess
Month in Tamil, The Good Earth
Goddess Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess Lakshmi
At the Beginning, First Power, Goddess Durga
Fragance, Meteor, Hill, Particularly Widespread In the United States
Brave, Hero, Warrior
Flawless Woman, Raman's Wife Seetha in Hindu Epic Ramayanam, Goddess Sita, Furrow
Wave, Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Name of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh
Pleasure, Sage, Ray of Light, Love
Look, Praise, Splendor, Old
Victory, Conqueror, Flower, A Kind of Flute
Long Life, Luck, One who Prays 5 Times and Fasts, Faithful
A Star, Immovable, Firm, Stable
Laughter, Good Looking, Handsome, Lord Chandra
Gift of God, Bright, Speed
Light, High-born Girl, Precious Gem, Saintly Woman
Console, The Muslim Wife of Pharaoh, One who Tends to the Weak and Heals, Nurse
Amusement, Game, Goddess of Wealth, Play
The Pearl, Honest, True, Way of Life
Dark Forest, Jungle
Gods Gift, Beloved, Loving, As Well: the Lovers
Shortform of God Krishna, Super Hero, Black, Knowledge
Give, Son, Oak, Lord
Fate, Deed, A Star, Fruit Garden
Princess of the Sea, Bitter, T, Wished-for Child
Another Name of Durga, The Female Energy, Woman, Which Protective
Supervisor, Blooming, Warner, Dedicated to God
Loveable, God Gift, First Ray of the Sun, Sweet
Tied, River, A Star, Joined
Divine law and order, Desire, Life
Grace, Without Guile, Graceful, He (God) Was Gracious
Loved One, Beloved, Loving to Everyone, Kind
From Kashmir, Heaven, A Pleasant and a Cold Place Full of Snow
A Part of Sun, Lord Vishnu, Vishnus Ansh
A Ruler, Bitter, Industrious, Native of Magdala
The First Life Form All Knowledgeable and All Pure, To Arrive or to Inform
Name of a Sage, Mountain Thrower
Crowned, Jewel, Crown, The Taaj Mahal
Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiv Combined
Fast like an Ostrich, Red rose, Consort of the sun, Little princess
Royal, Kings, Terror
From the Pepper Plant, Hot Spice
Moon, Dark Blue
Even, Of a Peaceful Nature, Heaven, Similarity
Aspiration, Army Man, French Form of Herman, Soldier
Resplendent, Splendour, Intelligent, The Sun or the King
Beloved, Moon, A Plant Name
The Roarer, Lord Shiva, Rudraksha, Sun
Sacred Knowledge
Delighted, Grace, A Spirit Warrior, Quiet
Feminine of Michael, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Bee, Who is Like God
Form of Tea, One who is Young, Jayam, Taylor
Lord Vishnu's Name, Not Having Any Imperfection
King of Wisdom
Lord Shiva's Part or Factor, A Portion of Lord Shiv
Beam of Light, Divine, The Element Kirana Meaning Thread Dust, Sun Rays
The Sun, Lord Surya (Sun), Powerful Boy, Smart
Lichtvolle, Shining, Light, Brightness
God, Bard, Immortal, Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
Faith, Religion, Place Name, Belief
Swan, Yahweh is Gracious
Blessed and Victorious, Goddess Saraswati, Little Mare
Luck, Sweet Heart, Life
Conversations at Night, Fruit from Heaven, Outcome, Accompanied by the Eternal Gods
Early Rays of the Sun, Sunshine
Tranquillity, Peace, Saint
Angel, Small Child, Amorous
A Raga, Raaga or Patience
Deep Silence, Bliss, Blowing Out, Liberation
Heir Apparent, Prince
One of Vishnus Name, Of Great Re-known, Wave
Irish Form of Cecilia Blind, Slang Term for Woman
Gift of God, First Rays of Sun
Great Warrior
Contented, She who Gives Pleasures, Queen, Liberated from the Need
Unconquered, Unconquerable, God, Invincible
Protector of Dharma
A Star, Horse Rider
One who is Youthful, New, Laudable, Sweet
Unparalleled, Limitless Feeling, Goddess Parvati, Different from Others
A Kind of Fir, From Hadria, The Archer, Tree
Famous, God is Merciful, Peaceful, Pride
The First Ray of Light
Swami, God, The Loved One, Everywhere
Victorious, Goddess Durga, Successful, Victory
Deft, Expert, Ingenious, Lively
Severe, Lion, Looking Austere, Stern
Of Spirit, A Flower, Spiritual, Soul
Brilliance, Beauty, Sunrise, Joy
King, A star
Always Pure, Lord Shiva, Lucky, Auspicious
Forceful, Strong
Prayer, Blessing
Dawn, Sunrise, Immortal, From the Little Ford
To Give Credit to Someone, Beautiful, Pratham, Excellent
Champion, Horn, Treasure, Indigo
A Little Part of Things, Portion, Honesty
Tawny, Lord Siva, Fire, The Moon
Lord Shiva, Good Human Being, Spirituality
Letter, Word, Unalterable, Letters
Brave, Valor, Bravery
The Sun, Lord Shiva
Date Palm
Homage, Offring with Both Hands, Offering, An Angel
Conciliatory, Ocean, Sweet, River Bank
Shining One, Path, Roadway, Lives by the Lane
Brilliant, Exalted, Harmony, Moment
Son of Aditi, Goddess Parvati, Thesun, Newly Risen Sun
Sweet, Beautiful
Holy, Unique, Pure
The Enlightened, Protector, A Prophets Name, Blessed
Glorifying, Aware, Praising Allah, Holy
United, Oneness, One by God
Boundless, Guest, The Earth, Mother of Gods
Mother, Shortest Name for Goddess Parvathy, Reputation, Flax
Triumph, Prosperity, Victorious, Conqueror
Trust Safety, Protection, Hero, Comfort
Name of a King, The Earth, My Stone
Gold, Form of Golda, Golden, Gilded
Beautiful, Beautiful, Impressive, The Handsome, Well-bred
The Mystic Syllable Om, Bellow, King, Lord Vishnu
Degree, Circumstance, Period of Life, Condition
Part of God, Eternal Part of God
Courage, Morale, Patience
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