Turkish baby names

Turkey forms the boundary between Europe and Asia; hence it brings the naming tradition that fuses the influences of both Europe and Asia.

A Turkish baby name consists of a given name which is known as an ad or an isim and a surname which is known as a soyadı or soyisim. The first name i.e an ad may be more than one but there is only one surname i.e. soyadı. Turkish babies’ first names are usually derived from Turkish words that hold specific meanings. In 1934, the Surname Law was introduced and according to this law a Turkish baby was required to adopt an official surname. Married women can carry both their maiden as well as their spouse’s surname. Turkish parents also use the Arabic words like ‘bin’, meaning ‘son of’ and ‘bint’, meaning ‘daughter of’ with the given names of their child.

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 AbdullahBServant of Allah, One who Serves the God, God's Servants
 AcarBFierce, Courageous, Bright
 AdemBOf the Earth, Man, Molded from Earthman
 AdnanBLion, The Word Adana with the Meaning to Settle Down, From Kikuyu, Name of God
 AhmedBMuch Praised, Gift of Allah, Praiseworthy, Most Rented
 AhmetBMore Commendable, Most Rented, Price and Lobeswürdigste
 AkareBFlowing Running, Form, Shape
 AkgülBWhite Rose
 AlpBIntrepid, Brave
 AlparslanGirlBrave, Lion Courageous, Hero
 AlperenBBrave, Saint, Hero
 ArdaBWarm, Burning with Enthusiasm, Eagle, Bronze
 ArifeGKnower, Knowing, Eve
 ArslanBIn Turkish, Lion
 ArzuGCraving, Wish, Love, Desire
 AsimBReward, Guardian, Limitless Shank, Defender
 AslanBLion, Leo
 AsumanULord Krishna, Lord of Vital Breaths
 AyazBRespected and Enduring, Night Breeze, A Sincere Slave of Mahmood the King Once Upon a Time, Frost
 AygunGMoon, Sun
 AykhanBMoon King
 AylinGSun-Like, Moonlight, Moon
 AylineGMoonlight, Sun-Like
 AyselGMoon Stream, Moon-Like
 AyselaGMoon Stream, Moon-Like
 AyseleGMoon-Like, Moon Stream
 AysellGMoon-Like, Moon Stream
 AysellaGMoon-Like, Moon Stream
 AysenurGAisha, Nur, Ayse
 AysunGFather of Jason in Greek Mythology
 AzadBIndependence, Freedom
 AzatBIndependence, Free, Freedom
 AzraGPious, Young, Woman, Virgin
 BabirBLion, King of Jungle
 BaborBKing of Jungle, Lion
 BahaBBeautiful, Magnificent Splendor, Price, Shining
 BahadirBrave, Heroic
 BaharGBlossom, Spring Season, Prime of Life
 BajramBThe Festival, The Element Bayram Meaning Festival
 BakirBEarly, Rich In Good and Science
 BasearBAuspicious, Bringer of Glad Tidings, Intelligent, One who Sees
 BedirBWakeful, Alert, Enlightened, Attentive
 BedirhanBFull Moon
 BehramBMars, Planet
 BeratBAuthorization Letter, Letters Patent
 BercBFirm, Solid, Where Birches Grow, Place Name
 BerkBSolid, Lightning, From the Birch Tree Meadow, Firm
 BerkantBSolid Oath
 BerkayBStrong As the Moon
 BerkerBStrong Personality
 BhasheerBVision, Knowledgeable, Propitious, One who Sees
 BoraUBrave, Hurricane, Snow, Excellent
 BünyaminBSon of the Right Hand
 BurakBHorse Like Animal That Carried the Prophet During Mehraj and Will Carry Those That Are Selected on Resurrection Day, Lightning
 CahealBYoung Inexperienced Naive, Inexperienced
 CaheelBYoung Inexperienced Naive, Inexperienced
 CaheilBYoung Inexperienced Naive, Inexperienced
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