60+ Best Names for October Babies

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October, with its cool breezes and vibrant foliage, is a month of wonder. Parents-to-be often find inspiration in this month when choosing a name for their newborns. Names like "Opal", "Alice", and "Octavius" reflect the beauty and spirit of this time of year.

Whether you're drawn to the mystery of "Raven" or the elegance of "Annabelle", this list offers a name that will resonate with your October baby.

Girl Names

The beauty of October is unmatched. For your baby girl arriving this month, we've gathered names that reflect the charm and tradition of the season.

1. Charlotte

A feminine form of Charles, Charlotte is of French origin and means "free man".

2. Blair

Of Scottish origin, Blair refers to "a field or plain".

3. Opal

A gemstone name, Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word 'upala', meaning 'precious stone'. It's the birthstone for October, symbolizing hope and purity.

4. Sabrina

Rooted in Celtic mythology, Sabrina is the name of a river goddess.

5. Aurea

A name of Latin origin, Aurea translates to "golden".

6. Alaska

Derived from the Aleut word "alaxsxaq", Alaska means "great land".

7. Bela

Of Slavic origin, Bela means "white".

8. Ottavia

An Italian twist on Octavia, it carries the same meaning of "eighth".

9. Elvira

A name of Spanish origin, Elvira means "all true".

10. Dixie

Of French origin, Dixie translates to "tenth".

11. Faustina

Derived from Latin, Faustina means "fortunate".

12. Camilla

Of Latin origin, Camilla signifies a "young ceremonial attendant".

13. Decima

Latin in origin, Decima refers to "one-tenth" or the "tenth child".

14. Octavia

A Latin name, Octavia means "eighth", often associated with someone born in the eighth month.

15. Flavia

A Latin name, Flavia means "golden" or "blonde".

16. Annona

Of Latin roots, Annona is the goddess of the annual harvest.

17. Gwen

A Welsh name, Gwen means "white" or "fair".

18. Esme

A name of French origin, Esme means "esteemed" or "loved".

19. Winona

Of Native American origin, Winona translates to "firstborn daughter" in the Dakota language.

20. Raven

Evoking the mysterious black bird, Raven is of English origin and symbolizes thought and memory.

21. Goldie

Of English origin, Goldie symbolizes the precious metal, gold.

22. Denali

An indigenous name, Denali means "the great one" referring to a mountain.

23. Belva

A unique name, Belva is of American origin and means "beautiful view".

24. Tavia

A shortened form of Octavia, Tavia retains the essence of being "eighth".

25. Eleanor

Of Greek origin, Eleanor means "shining light".

26. Annabelle

A combination of "Anna" and "Belle", it means "loving" and "beautiful".

27. Alice

A classic name of German origin, Alice means "noble".

28. Ada

With a Hebrew origin, Ada translates to "adornment".

29. Autumn

Representing the fall season, Autumn is of Latin origin.

30. Blanche

A French name, Blanche means "white" or "fair".

Boy Names

Baby Boy Crawling in Costume

The leaves turn golden, and the air feels fresh. If you're expecting a baby boy this month, here's a collection of names inspired by the season.

31. Arthur

A name of Celtic origin, Arthur means "bear".

32. Andrew

Of Greek origin, Andrew means "manly" or "brave".

33. Octavius

A Latin name, Octavius means "eighth", often linked to someone born in the eighth month.

34. Francis

A Latin name, Francis means "free man".

35. Kipp

Of English origin, Kipp means "from the pointed hill".

36. Carson

An Irish name, Carson means "son of the marsh-dwellers".

37. Cosmo

A name of Greek origin, Cosmo means "order" or "beauty".

38. Ezra

Of Hebrew origin, Ezra means "help".

39. Cullen

Of Irish origin, Cullen means "holly tree".

40. Bruno

Of German origin, Bruno means "brown".

41. Tyso

A modern twist on Tyson, it means "firebrand".

42. Walter

Of German origin, Walter means "army ruler".

43. Crispin

Of Latin origin, Crispin means "curly-haired".

44. Jimmy

A diminutive of James, Jimmy is of Hebrew origin and means "supplanter".

45. Casper

Of Persian origin, Casper means "treasurer".

46. Hakan

Of Scandinavian origin, Hakan means "high son".

47. Damon

A Greek name, Damon means "to tame".

48. Odis

A variant of Otis, Odis is of English origin and means "wealthy".

49. Bram

A short form of Abraham, Bram is of Hebrew origin and means "father of many".

50. Vance

An English name, Vance means "someone who lives near the marshland".

51. Gordon

Scottish in origin, Gordon refers to "spacious fort".

52. Desmond

An Irish name, Desmond refers to "a man from South Munster".

53. Baldwin

Of German origin, Baldwin means "brave friend".

54. Alfred

Of English origin, Alfred means "wise counselor".

55. Warner

Of German origin, Warner means "army guard".

56. Freddy

A diminutive of Frederick, Freddy means "peaceful ruler".

57. Campbell

Scottish in origin, Campbell means "crooked mouth".

58. Bonnie

Of Scottish origin, Bonnie means "pretty" or "good".

Gender-Neutral Names

October offers a variety of names that celebrate love and acceptance for all.

59. Aki

Of Japanese origin, Aki means "autumn".

60. Reese

Of Welsh origin, Reese means "enthusiasm".

61. Chandler

An English name, Chandler means "candle maker".

62. Lynn

Of Welsh origin, Lynn means "lake".

63. Calendula

Representing the marigold flower.

64. Blaze

Of English origin, Blaze means "flame".

65. October

Representing the tenth month of the year.

Wrap Up

If your little one is set to arrive in October, this list offers names that capture the month's beauty. From the strength of "Walter" to the grace of "Camilla" or the versatility of "Reese", each name holds a special connection to October.

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