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Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you hunting for a name that emanates warmth, loyalty, and the beauty of friendship? How about names that mean 'friend'? We've lovingly assembled a list of baby names that mean 'friend'. Names like Amity, a Latin name that signifies 'friendly', or David, a Hebrew name that translates to 'beloved friend', could pique your interest.

Doesn't a name meaning 'friend' radiate warmth, loyalty, and affection?

Feel free to explore our list of baby names that mean 'friend'. A name signifying the beauty of friendship for your little one could be just a few scrolls away.

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Well-Born, Born of Yew, The Lord is Gracious, Youth
God's Spear, Deity, Lover of Deer, Ase
Companion, Son of Cadán, Friend, Gentle
Son of Cadán, Friend
Compassionate Friend, Friendship, Girlfriend, Refreshment
Charming, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Honourable Comrade, Good Friend
Blessed Friend, Valued, Possession
Announcer, Granting Victory, Protector, Assister
Farmstead Or Village of Wine, Pleasant Stone, Homestead, Friend
Handsome Friend, Good-looking Companion
Warlike, Loves Horses, Horse Lover
Happiness, First Born Daughter, Blessed Peace, Diminutive of Winston
Friend, Praise be to God, Udder, Heart
Darling, Feminine Form of David, Friend, Little
Emir, Friend, To Command, Prince
Female Version of Philip, God Would Multiply, Pferdefreundin
Victor, Noble Friend, Hairless, Conqueror
Old Friend, Defender
Great, Famous and Friend, Sea Lover, Eminent Marrow
Pleasant Community, Enchanting, A Chame, Cool Breeze
Related to Elf, Everything and Friend, A City on a White Hill
Frewi, Holy, Peace Friend, Fair Reconciliation
Dear, The Element Cara Meaning Friend, Expensive, Beloved
Friend of Horses, Horse Lover
Protector, Polished Chief, Sword Friend, Mill Worker
Praise be to God, Friend, Heart, Udder
Horse Lover, Friend of Horses
Companion, Girlfriend, Compassionate Friend, Form of Anna
Plant, Narrow Water, Keel Friend
Friendliness, Happiness, Friendliness, Affection, Indestructible
Dear Friend
Friend, Lover, Beloved
Untroubled, Pure, Best Friend, Safiya
Soft, Fair Bow, Fence, White and Smooth
Ploughman, Protector, Watchman, Farmer
Female Version of Philip, Friend and Horse and Horse Lover
Old Friend
Trust Worthy Friend, Bustard Fledgling, Servant of God
All Knowing, Alvin, Noble Friend, Elwin
White, Fair, Light Blonde, Friend
The river that swallows all rivers
From the Biblical David, Beloved, Friend, Darling
Little springs
Bright, Lord Hanuman, New Achievement, A Desire for Something
Armed and Sweet, Noble Friend, Elfin, Magical
Friend, Messenger, Herald
The Mogra, Queen, Owner, Necklace
The Black, Small Mistress, Little Friend
Perfectly Healthy, Safe, Peaceful, High
Well Measured, A Good Friend
Swami, God, The Loved One, Everywhere
Pleasantness, To Rest, Sweet Friend, Beautiful
Erwin, Friend of People, Experiment, Trial
Ella's Town, Old City
Inspiration, Wealth and Friend, Wealthy Defender, The Inspired
Friend of God
Beloved of Yahweh, The Hand
Green River, Boar Friend, Handsome and Fair, Army
God is Gracious
Form of Irving, Honored Friend, Place Name, Warrior
Loved One, Powerful, Strongly Beloved, Friend of Strength
Beloved, Very Honored, Dear One, Friendship
Kind Flower, Girlfriend, Gentle, Lion's Share
White, Yew, Marine Friend, Warrior
Beauty, Dearly Loved, Friend, Nectar
Companion, Gentleman, Master, The Lord
Moonlight, ul
Old Friend, Noble Strength
Lively, Troop, "Spear" and "Guardian", White
Comrade, Mighty, Gorgeous, Powerful
Heart, Friend, Beautiful, Inner Self
God Inspired Peace of Mind, Devout, Comfort, Peaceful
Blessed Reconciliation, Holy, Joy and Peace, Fair
From the Sacred Hill, Old, Ella's Mound
Friend of God, All-Governing, Lord, Governor
Friend of God
People's Friend
Elf Friend, Protector, Deep, Guard
Dazzling, Glorious, Girlfriend, Plough
A Friend of Muhammad, Bustard Fledgling
Manor-friend, Good Friend
Comrade, Loving Friend Older Brother, Emre
Beloved, Friend, Sweetheart, Dense Forest
Female Version of Philip, Consecrated to God, God's Promise
Army, Form of Irving, Place Name, Beautiful
Sea Lover, Famous Friend, Form of Marvin, Marrow
Companion, Friend, Little Battle
A Friend of Prophet Muhammad, Wooden
Exalted, His Highness, Elf, Elfe
Friend, Dear, Attached, Beloved
Close, Variant of Anne or Agnes, Continuous, Pure
Joyful Stone, Wine Which Means Friend, From the Friend's Town, Homestead
Friend, Suitable, Worthy
Adornment, Paradise, Delightful, Luxuriant
Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Friend, Beloved, Darling
Safiya, Best Friend
Noble Friend, Diminutive of Alvin
Old and Wise Protector, Older
Fame, Friend, Girlfriend
Noble and Guardian, Elfin, Bright, Good Elf
God is gracious
The Lord is Gracious, Born of Yew, Help from Allah, Rich and Friend
Praiseworthy, Friend, Who Praises God, Allah
Little Battle, Friend, Companion
Bosom Friend, Honourable Comrade
Close Friend, Greatest, Lord Shiva, Smart One
Nightly Entertainers, Cool Breeze, Pleasant Community, One who Reconciles
Bright Friend
Friend, Complexion, White, Handsome
Famous in battle
Possession, Rich Friend
Friendly, Affectionate, Of Good Company, Close
Friend of God
Friend of Horses, Horse Lover
Madman, Wealth and Friend, Head God in Norse Mythology, Inspiration
Friend of God, Deity
Lofty, Famous, Greatest, Big
Blessed Peace, Holy, Frewi, Fair Reconciliation
Elf Wise Friend, Fair Bow
Cure, Truthful, Quantity, Healing
Kind Heart, Precious Friend, Companion
Companion, Friend, Little Battle
A Million
All and universal
An uplifting dong or hymn of praise or glory
Polished Chief, Short Form of Melanie Melissa or Melvin, Prince, Sword Friend
Mercy, Grace, Filled with Goods, Friendly
Bosom Friend, Honourable Comrade
Familiar, Close Friend, Nice
Disorder and confusion
Friendship, Refreshment, Friend, Companion
Companion, Little Battle, Friend
Crown, Wealth, Bosom Friend
Friend, Leader, Relation, One who Bridgesth Gap
Friend of the Heart, Friend
Rescued, Who Escapes Danger, Survivor, Saved
Friend, The Element Wine Meaning Friend
Friendly, The Sun, Friend
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