Ditte name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek, Old English, German, Hebrew, Latin and Persian
Usage: Scandinavian, Danish, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian
Meaning: Prosperous in War, Joyous, Prosperity, Battle, Gift of God, Praise, Praised, Jewish, Admired, A Women from Judea, Woman from Jehud, The Blessed, People, To be Clever, Knowledge, Wisdom and Merciful
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What does Ditte mean?

Cherished Ditte is originated from Old English and Old Greek bestowed upon girls is used largely in Greenlandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Danish and Finnish. Ditte is version of dominant, biblical and imperishable Judith.

Judith is Latin equivalent of Jutta. Cherished Judith is originated from Hebrew, Judith means "Jewish, Woman from Jehud and Praised". Also. Ditte is variant of biblical Benedikte. Benedikte is form of commonly accepted, ceaseless and biblical Benedict.

Also Benedikte is variant of biblical Benedicta. Also. Ditte is version of eternal and predominant Edith. Edith is English form of Eadgyð. Also. Ditte is variant form of perpetual, biblical and acclaimed Dorotea.

Dorotea is derivation of Dorothy. Dorotea is Nordic form of Dorothea.

Variants of Ditte

Deette, Edith, Dorotea, Judith, Benedikte, Eadgyth, Otgunde, Eadgyð, Edeline, Ita, Dorotheos, Dorothea, Yehudit, Jutta, Jitka, Benedictus, Benedict, Benedicta, Benedichte, Benny, Dieta, Dietta

How popular is the name Ditte?

Ditte was a common name in Denmark. Over 2453 babies have been named Ditte since 1985. When at the peak of its usage in 1985,. After 10 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 50 baby names 10 times Ditte is an uncommon baby name in Belgium, its highest ever rank is 710 (2008) in its 11 years run on Belgium naming chart.

Also, Ditte is a familiar name in Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. At least, 9000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our estimate.


Ditte in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Ditte?

You believe that your body is a temple that needs to be taken good care of. And so does the soul. If you have number 8 as your personality no, it reveals your competitive spirit, good nature, and lucky one. You are not selfish but you are not naive as well. The law of attraction is something you admire and use when it comes to achieving your goals. You are easy to talk to but hard to understand.

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Famous people named Ditte

We could not find any notable namesake.


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