Giulia name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin and Hebrew
Usage: Italian and English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Giulia JOO-lee-ah
Meaning: Dedicated to Jupiter and Illustrious Roman Family
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What does Giulia mean?

Prevalent girl name Giulia is used in Italian and English has its roots in Latin and Hebrew, meaning of Giulia is "Dedicated to Jupiter or Illustrious Roman Family". Also Giulia is equivalent of Judith in Italian language.

Also Giulia is equivalent of Julia in Italian and English languages. The name is celebrated on April 8th.

How do I pronounce Giulia?

JOO-lee-ah is the most common way to pronounce one syllabled Giulia. The pronunciation choose to emphasis on first JOO syllable. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., gi(u)-lia or joo-lee-uh.

Variants of Giulia

Julia, Julius, Judith, Juliana, Giulianna, Giulietta, Juliamarie, Yehudit, Jutta, Ditte, Jitka

Middle Names for Giulia

Maie, view more middle names that goes with Giulia

How popular is the name Giulia?

a popular name in France having over 10313 recievers in 50 years of usage. Recently the name is rising, in 2015, 1197 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 49th position.

In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 50 baby names 2 times Also, Giulia was an extremely popular name in Italy. Over 169932 babies have been given the given name in 20 years.

When at its peak in 2003, 12246 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 1st position. However after 20 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but still performing better than most of the names.

In addition to that, the name has been in the top 5 baby names 20 times

Giulia is common in United States where over 2477 new-borns have been given the name since 1960.

At its zenith in 2017, 139 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 1564th position. Also, A common name in Switzerland having over 4061 recievers in 21 years of usage.

At its zenith in 2013, 282 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 12nd position. Additionally, the name has been in the top 50 baby names 21 times Also, Giulia used to be a common name in Belgium, first appeared in 1995 and over 2252 babies have been given the name in 24 years.

When at the peak of its usage in 2015,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 24 years but it is still going strong.

Giulia is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 700 names.

Recently in 2018, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 680 on girl names chart when 59 babies were named Giulia. There are over 635 babies that have been given the name Giulia in England and Wales.

Also, in Netherlands, in just 5 years, it has made it to the top 300 names. Recently in 2019, 55 babies were given Giulia and it reached its peak ranking, 248 on girl names chart.

There are over 214 babies that have been given the name Giulia in Netherlands.

Giulia is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, in use since 2002, peaked in 2018 when it ranked 436th.

Giulia is a common name in Brazil, Romania, Spain and England while somewhat familiar name in Germany, Canada, Australia, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Venezuela, Malta and South Africa. At least, 180000 people globally have carried Giulia as their given name according to our evaluation.

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Giulia in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Giulia?

Do what your heart tells you to do. Otherwise, you will end up unhappy. You are courageous but stubborn when convinced you are doing things the right way. To have letter A as your capstone reflects your consistency and credibility. The letter A as your capstone represents your high aspirations and unusual character. Use your cleverness, wisdom, and individuality to leave a mark in the world. Having the letter A as your capstone reveals your hard-working nature and persistence.

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Sibling Names for Giulia

Looking for the perfect sibling name to go with Giulia? Look no further! We've compiled a list of names that complement Giulia's Italian heritage, romantic sound, and unique flair. Whether you're expecting another girl or a boy, these names are sure to fit the bill.

Names for Giulia's sister

Names for Giulia's brother

Famous people named Giulia

  • Giulia Farnese, was mistress to Pope Alexander VI
  • Giulia Sani,
  • Giulia Lacedelli, Italian curler
  • Giulia Warwick, English opera and concert singer and professor of music
  • Giulia Siegel, German actress, presenter, DJ, model
  • Giulia de' Medici, illegitimate, possibly biracial
  • Giulia Grisi, Italian opera singer
  • Giulia Gam, Italian-born Brazilian actress
  • Giulia Gonzaga, Italian noblewoman of the Renaissance
  • Giulia Boverio, Italian actress who works for Disney Channel Italy
  • Giulia Lama, Italian painter, active in Venice
  • Giulia Rubini in David e Golia as Actress
  • Giulia Zangrillo in Cape Town, Rome as
  • Giuliana Marino in The Full Monte Carlo as
  • Giuliana Carullo in Omphalos as Actress
  • Giulia Corcos in Tuscan Safari as
  • Giulia Bertini in Cotti e mangiati as Actress
  • Giulia Gorietti in Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo as Actress
  • Giulia Pagano in Safe Haven as Actress
  • Giulia Bevilacqua in L'ora di punta as Actress
  • Actor Giulia Boschi, well-known for movie Notte italiana
  • Giulia Carmignani, from 1999 comedy film Come te nessuno mai, who characterized Valentina.
  • In 1918 film, Scugni, Giulia Cassini-Rizzotto played N.
  • In 1971 drama film, Fräulein von Stradonitz in memoriam, Giulia Follina portrayed Johanna von Stradonitz.
  • Giulia Fossà, from 1990 crime and drama flick Volevo i pantaloni, who portrayed the Annetta.
  • Giulia Salvatori played leading character of Rosy in 1983 comedy flick Occhei, occhei.
  • Giulia Frampolesi-Accoreti played central role of N in 1915 flick L'alcova muta.
  • Giulia Falcini, from 1922 flick La donna del mare, who portrayed N.
  • In 2014 drama flick, Incompresa, Giulia Salerno played Aria.


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