Helge name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 21st, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Old Norse and Nordic
Usage: German, Scandinavian, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: he(l)-ge
Meaning: Holy and Blessed
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What does Helge mean?

Uncommon unisex name Helge is of Old Norse and Nordic origin, chiefly used in German, Norwegian, Swedish, Scandinavian, Danish, Greenlandic and Finnish languages, meaning of Helge is "Holy or Blessed". Helge is Swedish form of Helgi.

How do I pronounce Helge?

The proper pronunciation of two syllabled Helge is he(l)-ge.

Variants of Helge

Helg, Helga, Helgi, *Hailaga, Helgar, Olina, Olga

How popular is the name Helge?

Helge is an uncommon baby name in United States and may not be used now. But Helge is a popular baby name in Norway where every 1 in 300 have the name as well as in, Germany and Denmark.

As per our evaluation, over 40000 babies have been bestowed Helge around the globe.

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Numerological aspects of Helge

You are inspiring and have a strong charisma. You are always open to new adventures. Partnerships are exclusively important to you. Nothing escapes your eye, your sense of smell is highly developed, such as your sense of touch. You take good care of your body and overall health. Expressing your emotions is what you are good at. Love is most important in your life. You are a loner. Your expression number reveals what you are best at and that would be successful businessmen, self-made millionaire, influencer, weird artist, or politician.

Other names similar to Helge

  •  Anora - Used in Norwegian, English and Finnish unheard-of, Anora came from Latin and Hebrew, Anora means "Honor or Light" is used for girls
  •  Hill - Meaning of Hill is To Praise is used as a gender insensitive name has its roots in Old English and English is dominantly used in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. Hill is short version of Hillel.
  •  Arthfael - The boy name Arthfael is of Welsh origin, Arthfael means "Bear King" is used majorly in Welsh and English
  •  Puck - Meaning of Puck is Mischievous or Mischievous Fairy, Probably from Pouke = Devil, Evil Spirit, from Old English Puca, Pucel = Goblin used for both genders and of English and Old English origin is predominantly used in Finnish, Swedish and English
  •  Winfried - Anomalous Winfried came from Germanic and Old High German is used specifically in Norwegian and German, meaning of Winfried is "Safety or Friend" is bestowed upon boys

Sibling Names for Helge

If you're considering naming your baby boy Helge, you might be looking for sibling names that complement it nicely. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect names to pair with Helge. From classic and timeless choices to modern and unique picks, these names are sure to inspire you as you prepare to welcome your newest addition.

Sister to Helge

Brother to Helge

Famous people named Helge

  • Helge Rosvaenge, Danish operatic tenor whose career was centred on Germany and Austria
  • Helge Sander, Danish politician
  • Helge Skoog, Swedish actor
  • Helge Tverberg, Norwegian mathematician
  • Helge Rognlien, Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Helge Seip, Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party and later the Liberal People's Party
  • Helge Sivertsen, Norwegian school administrator and elected official
  • Helge Thiis, Norwegian architect
  • Helge Rykkja, Norwegian author, poet, teacher and politician
  • Helge Brendryen, Norwegian former ski jumper
  • Helge Rode, Danish writer and critic
  • Helge Lindberg, Finnish opera singer
  • Helge Svensen, Norwegian luger who competed in the mid-1970s
  • Helge Jordal, Norwegian actor
  • Helge Jakobsen, Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party and later the Liberal People's Party
  • Helge Larsson, Swedish sprint canoeist
  • Helge von Koch, Swedish mathematician
  • Helge Ingstad, Norwegian explorer
  • Helge Boes, operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Helge Løvland, Norwegian track and field athlete
  • Helge Lund, Norwegian businessman
  • Helge Schneider, German comedian, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist
  • Helge Auleb, general
  • Helge Palmcrantz, Swedish inventor and industrialist, was
  • Helge Jung, Swedish Army general
  • Helge Haugen, Norwegian footballer
  • Helge Bronée, Danish footballer
  • Helge Fossmo, pentecostal pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for solicitation of the Knutby murder in Sweden
  • Helge Bäckander, Swedish gymnast
  • Helge Gustafsson, Swedish gymnast
  • Helge Ekroth, Swedish football and bandy player
  • Helge Bostrom, Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Helge Gerull in Puncture as Cinematographer
  • Helge Herala in Hallin Janne as Actor
  • Helge Krog was a journalist, essayist, literary critic, playwright and Norwegian translator.
  • Helge Hesse in short Neue Schuhe as Director
  • In 1939 drama flick, Midnattssolens son, Helge Karlsson played Parish constable in Kiruna.
  • In 1935, Helge Roswaenge characterized the role of Fritz Niehusen - Kammersänger in film Verlieb Dich nicht am Bodensee.

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