Names that mean Generous

Updated: June 5th, 2024

In the quest for a name that embodies an open heart and a giving spirit? What about a name that means 'generous'? You're in the right spot! Welcome to our selection of baby names that mean 'generous'. These names exude the benevolent spirit of giving.

Consider 'Kareem', an Arabic name that means 'noble, generous', or 'Adelaide', a German name which implies 'noble and kind'. Can you feel the spirit of generosity in these names? Ready to discover more such big-hearted names? Let's explore!

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Gaelic, My Father is Joyful, Blessed, White
Kind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguished
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
From Kikuyu, God Saves, The Messiah, God's Promise
Gift, Present
Force for Good, Destroyer of Evil, Prophets Grandfather, Generous
Deed, Generous, Magnanimity, Noble Nature
Young Animal, Illustrious, Generous and Brilliant, Bright
Generous, Excellent, More Generous-noble, Honourable
Another Name for God, Open-handed, Ample, Munificent
Earth and flower-like
Clement, Full of Mansuude, Affectionate, Merciful Origin Islamic
Wise, Nabil, Posh, Another Name for God
Generous, Solid, Galvanized Stone, Old Arabic Name
Generous, Nobler, River of Paradise, Travel by Night
Son of Jack
Able, Generous, Skilled, Talented
Goodness, Loyal, Generous
Hope, First, Black, The Beginning
Noble shield
Lotte, Liese, One who is Generous
The Element Hajara Meaning to Emigrate, Wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Generous, Flight
Hope, Generous, Caller
Noble, High-born, Generous, Magnanimous
Force for Good, Destroyer of Evil, Prophets Grandfather, Generous
Companion of Prophet Muhammad, One who Crushes Or Smashes, Generous, Bountiful
Rich, Generous, Starting, Ocean
Life and girl
Red Coloured Girl, Name of Ummulmoominin Hazrat Aaishah, A Generous Woman
Generous, Diminutive of Nasiba, Intelligent, Noble
Affectionate, Kind, Merciful Origin Islamic, Another Name of Allah
Beneficent, King, Noble, Generous
The Generous, Another Name of Ali, Satisfied
Happy, Fertile Land, Flower, Healthy
The Generous One, Old Arabic Name, Long Life, Command
Authority, Strength, A Big Mountain, Generous
Desire, Wish, Magnanimous, Indulgent
Noble and Generous, A Friend, Precious, Beneficent
Nobel, A Generous One, Giver
Benefactor, Generous, One who does Good
Veneration, Honour, Generous, Honor
Together, Generous, United, Joined
Regard with respect or warm approval
Foreigner, My Father Rejoices, Fair, About 500 Bc Before Our Era
Generous, Tolerant
Joy Love Beauty, Generous, Wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Distinguished
Ruler, Judge, King, Generous
Friendly, Forbearing, Gentle, Patient
Announcer, Beginning, Tender, Delicate
Generous, One who Does Good, Charitable
Benevolent, Variant of Corey Hill Hollow, Generous, Cheery
Honorable, Exquisite, Outstanding, Superior
Justice, Generous, Decider, Judge
Generous, Friend, Liberal
Generous, A Friend
Hope, Caller, Generous, Eternal Salvation
Sweet, Good, Generous, Kind
Reborn, Announcer, First, Black
Good, Generous, Tender
Pleasant, Good, Kind, Gentle
Merciful, Very Generous, Kingly, Royal
Generous, Humane, Kind, Beneficent
The Gaels, Stranger, Happy, Gael is a Term for Descendants of the Ancient Celts in Scotland
Clear, Generous, Flower, Virgin
Bestower of Food In Great Quantity, Goddess Parvati
Affectionate, Worthy, Generous, God
Generous, Good-tempered, Pure, Sweet
Melodious song and Lover of music
Movement, Of Truth, Bronze, One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz)
Mother of Romulus and Remus
Variant of Hisham, Handsome, Noble, Beneficence
Gracious, Excellent, Virtuous, Good Looking
Extremely Generous, Kind, Gracious
Beautiful and Good, Generous
Generous, Perfect, Precious, Noble
Caller, Delicate, Hope, Moist
Most Noble Most Generous
Gracious, Folk, Glory and Generous, People
Generous and Brilliant, Young Animal, Illustrious, Shiny
Manly, My Brother, Generous
Beloved, Attractive, Mistress, Kind
Large-Hearted, Kind Hearted, Gift, Very Generous
Generous, Short Form of Henrietta
Old Arabic Name of the Sea, Generous
Noble, Generous, The Merciful Being, Beneficent, Kind
Beneficent, The Merciful Being, Generous, Form of Kareem
Person who is Very Kind and Generous
Generous, Clement, Benevolent
Vast, Spacious, Generous, A Piece of Garden in the Heaven
Very Generous, Liberal, Bountiful, Merciful
Better, More Charitable, Best
Energetic, Generosity, Generous
Ruler, Generous
Sweet, Kind, Generous, Handsome
Intelligent, Generous, Kind Affectionate, Innocent
Servant of the Generous One, Servant of the Noble
Generosity, Generous
Heard of God, Generous, Sun Child, Which is Exalted
Noble, Generous
Hope, The Beginning, Generous, Delicate
Dear, Loving, People, Glory and Generous
Generous, Sweet
Servant of the Genius
Friendly, Generosity, Generous, Prophets Grandfather
Servant of the Noble One, Servant of the Noble and Generous
Excellent, Good, Generous
Generous, Happy and Generous
Pious, Form of Barretta, Another Name for God, Innocent
Giver, Generous Donor
Generous, Hearty, Benevolent, Good Hearted
Generous, Liberal
Bright White, Foreigner, Stranger, Who Invaded the British Isles and Settled In Wales
The Beginning, Announcer, Moist, Caller
People, Folk, Dear, Loving
Noble, Generous, Gallant
Approachable, Generous
Generous, Plump, Happy, Fatty
The Beginning, Caller, First, Tender
Noble, Generous, Excellent
Benefactor, Affluent, Generous
One who is Generous, All
Generous, Thrive, Who is Proud
Another Name for the God, Donor, The Giver, Munificent
Generous, Happy and Generous
More Generous-noble, Another Name for God, Generous, Great
Noble, Generous
Compassionate, Another Name for God, Generous, Affectionate
Generous, Noble
Handsome, Generous, Tall
Lord and Generous
Shiny, Generous and Brilliant, Bright, Young Bear
Intelligent, Noble, Distinguished, Excellent
Noble, Generous
Honorable, Tender, Generous
Noble, Generous, Excellent
Benevolent, Generous
The Generous
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