Names that mean Warrior

Updated: June 5th, 2024
Names that mean Warrior

Baby names are so special because they represent a small moment in time when a parent or family is looking forward to the future with hope and joy. A baby name can be a reflection of a family’s culture, a special family member, or even a beloved pet. But what if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Consider looking into the rich tradition of names that feature the meaning of “warrior”.

These names often have origin stories steeped in mythology and have become a powerful way for parents to imbue their children with strength and courage.

With a wide variety of strong, powerful, and beautiful names to choose from, you can pick one that perfectly fits your little warrior. From classic names like Alexander, which means "defender of men," to modern names like Mason, which means "stonesmith," there's something for everyone. Have a look!

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Warrior, Defender of Men, Protect and Man, Manly
The Elements Wit Meaning Wide, Small Fighter, Fight, War
Peaceful, Love, Servant, Soldier
God's Gift, Son of the Mighty Warrior
The Brave, Warrior, Manly and Strong, Masculine
Blond Warrior / Hero, White, Fair-haired Courageous One, Sunbeam
Yahweh is Gracious, Born of Yew, Young Warrior, Right Handed
Royal, Noble, Patrician, Fighting Man's Estate
Fight, Loud, Struggle, Renowned Warrior
Bright Sea, Sea-Born
Descendant of Sluaghadhán, A Warrior
War, Famous, Battle, Renowned Warrior
Presumably Struggle, Eager for Battle, Army Warrior, Strong and Worthy
Powerful Warrior, To Govern and Loved, People of Power, Rule
Feller of Trees, Loggers, Powerful Ruler, Tree Cutter
Fight, Warrior, Famous in Battle, Fame and War
An Olive, Form of Oliver, Elf, Warrior
Warrior, Army, Fight
White Warrior
Manly, The Brave, Form of Andrea, Warrior
The Black, Swarthy, Darkskinned, Warrior and Assault
To Find, Love, A Meeting, Bitter
Descendant of Sluaghadhán, Warrior
Warrior, Virile, Protrude, Man
Warrior, Strong and Man, Army
Form of the Latin Marcellus, Young Warrior, Hammer, Warlike
Fighting Lord, Fight, Warrior, Struggle
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Thor's Stone, Valiant Fighter, Inspired By a Family Name, the Brave
Famous, Struggle, Feminine of Louis, Fight
Famous Warrior, Fame, Glory and Launches, Renowned Spearman
Young thunder
Variant of the Saint's Name Jerome, Yahwe Uplifts, Mighty Spearman, God Exalted
The Words Fionn Which Means White Fair, Small Blond Soldier, Fair-haired Courageous One
Feminine of Louis, Renowned in Battle, Famous Warrior
Manly or warrior
Beautiful lake
Brave, Hero, Warrior
Descendant of Ceallach, Warrior, Church, Bright Headed
Strong and Glory, Powerful Ruler or Warrior, Army-power, Heroic Leader
Brown(Haired) Warrior, Helmeted
Brilliant and Raven, Will, Shining Pledge, Bright Warrior
Warrior, Servant of Marduk, Queen Esther's Cousin who Advised her on Saving Jews, Little Man
Advice, Powerful Army, Queen, Form of Regina
Mighty with a Spear, Rule
Manly, Brave, Of a Man, Masculine
Protrude, Man, Virile, Warrior
Renowned in Battle, Born At Daybreak, Feminine of Louis, Pearl
Warrior, Valley, Staff of the God, Wood
Delighted, Grace, A Spirit Warrior, Quiet
German Religious Reformer Martin Luther, People, Army, Warrior
Crooked nose
Fierce, Name of a Saint, Fight, Battle
Protecting Army, Defending Warrior
Renowned Warrior, Fame and War, Fight, Light
Famous Elf, Renowned in Battle, Feminine of Louis, Illustrious and Fighter
Warrior, From the Land that was Burned, The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name
Oil Tree, Army, Warrior, Elf
Ship Island, Warrior, Brave
Fighter, New house
Warrior, From Germany, Sister, Brother
Great Warrior
The Hunteress, Brave, Summer, Place of Thracius
The Words Fionn Which Means White Fair, Fair-haired Courageous One, Small Blond Soldier
Strong Army Warrior, Advice, Power, Ancient Personal Name
Defender of Mankind, A Word, Protector, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
Nobleman, Freeman, The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name, Young Warrior
Mighty Warrior, Stream, Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Bright, Illustrious Warrior, Ruler, Armed and Shining
Form of Irving, Honored Friend, Place Name, Warrior
Yew Wood was Used for Bows, Archer, Born Army, Composition
Renowned in Battle, Pearl, Light, Famous Warrior
Chief, Nobleman, Noble, Freeman
Warrior, Servant of Marduk, Queen Esther's Cousin who Advised her on Saving Jews, Little Man
Warlike, Form of Martin, Like Mars, Lady
White, Yew, Marine Friend, Warrior
Brotherly, Sister, Warrior, Diminutive of Mary
Big, Rival, Light, Immense
Heros, Lady, Mistress, Period of Time, Army
Churches, Fight, Bright-headed, Farm by the Spring
Form of Kelly, Farm by the Spring, Laurel, Warrior Woman
Pebbly place
Senior, Warrior, Bigger, Greater
Female Version of Evan, Young Fighter, Right Handed
Warrior, Constant Movement, Entire, Large
The Words Fionn Which Means White Fair, Fair-haired Courageous One, Small Blond Soldier
Bow Army, Archer-Soldier Bowman, Yew Wood, Composition
Soldier, Armored Warrior, Noble
Warrior, Elf, Army
Man, The Brave, Manly, Masculine
Bright, Dweller of the Sea, Sea-Born
A Warrior of Life
A Warrior
Guardian of the Youth, Warrior
A Warrior Or Baron, Nobleman, Freeman, The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name
Form of Patrick, Royal, Warrior's Town, Fighting Man's Estate
Warrior, Bright, Army
The greatest
Sister, From the same blood, Germane, Song
Vigorous, The Strong, Power, Mighty Warrior
Army, Form of Irving, Place Name, Beautiful
Army, Warrior, Advice, Frog
Cenel's Island, Warrior, Brave, Ship
Variant of Walter Rules, To Govern and Loved, Warrior, Rule
Little Dark, Darkskinned, Small and Dark-skinned, Swarthy
Warrior, Army, Frog, Advice
Warrior, Lord, Deity
Husband, Pure, Vigorous, Female Version of Charles Manly
Young Warrior, Right Handed, God is Merciful, Born of Yew
Struggle, Fight, Gray, Thank You
Attendant Warrior, Land Holder
Strong and Man, Warrior, Army
The Fighter's Settlement, Warrior, Protector, Defender
Hero of the Battle, The Brave Warrior, Winner
Warrior, Bright, Army
Wealthy, Guardian of the Property, Edith, Rich Battle
Gift of gab, Persuasive, Once God has written
Victor, Stream, Gem, Flower Name for Poppy
Worrier Whose Strength is Equal to a Small Army, Warrior, Fighter, Soldier
Young Fighter, Luck, Happiness, Winner
Strong in War, Fight, Powerful Warrior, Might
Brave King, The Hero of the Land, Kingdoms Warrior
A Strong Warrior
Warrior, From the God Mars, War-like, Warring
Prince, Fierce Warrior, Lord, Strong Chief
Lord, A Fox, Hooked Nose, Mythological Beast
Praise, Renowned Warrior, Fame and Fight, War
Place of worship, lord's house and cape
Army, Alone, Lone Warrior, One
Elder Brother, All, He (God) Was Gracious, Name of a King
A Warrior
White Warrior
Throws and Faithful, Spear Hunter, Power, Force
Fighter, Warrior, Summer, Warlike
Of Shea and gift
White Warrior, Small Blond Soldier, Fair-haired Courageous One
God of the Underworld
Warrior, Brave
Hammer, Consecrated to the God Mars, Young Warrior, Warlike
White Warrior
Talented, Light, A Warrior, Instrument
Handsome, Son of Kenneth and fire-born
From the Same Blood, Rich, Powerful, Everything and King
Senior, Pure, Warrior, Keeper of the Keys
Pure, Bigger, Stream, Greater
Reclusive, Loud, Brotherly, Fame and Fight
Warrior with Tenacity, One who Struggles
White Champion, Small Blond Soldier, Fair-haired Courageous One, Fair Warrior
Lord, Deity, Warrior
Stream, Bigger, Keeper of the Keys, Senior
Apricot from Nara, Happy, Favour, Delighted
Chief, Prince, Lord, Fierce Warrior
A Strong Warrior
Consolation, War, Warrior, Comfort
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