Miles name meaning

Updated: March 16th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old French, Latin, German and Hebrew
Usage: English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: m(i)-les
Meaning: Merciful, Servant, Peaceful, Soldier, Warrior and Love
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What does Miles mean?

Prominent and Ever lasting unisex name Miles means "Merciful, Servant, Peaceful, Soldier, Warrior or Love" and originated from Old French, Latin, Hebrew and German is used especially in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Miles is short version of Michael. Michael is derivative of Michel. Michael is form of Μιξαελ, a Greek Form the Hebrew Name מִיכָאֵל: in Latin language. Michael's meaning is Messenger of God and Who is Like God? is originated from Hebrew.

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How do I pronounce Miles?

The most common way to pronounce two syllabled Miles is m(i)-les.

Variants of Miles

Milas, Milie, Milia, Emily, Mila, Emilia, Kamilia

Nicknames for Miles

From ton of nicknames for the given name Miles, we love these names:

Names that rhyme with Miles

How popular is the name Miles?

Miles is a popular name in United States given to over 82182 babies in 166 years. Currently the name is hotter than ever, the moniker grabbed the 98th spot and 3964 baby boys were given the name.

In addition to that, the given name has been in the top 100 baby names 1 times A common name in England and Wales with over 6365 new-borns have been given the name since 1996.

Recently the name is rising, in 1998, the moniker grabbed the 130th spot and 356 baby boys were given the name.

Miles is a familiar baby name in Victoria, during its short term of usage, the name has been to the top 100 names.

Recently in 2019, 82 babies were given Miles and it reached its peak ranking, 100 on boy names chart. Miles is a unique baby name in Netherlands, during its short term of usage, the name has been to the top 400 names.

Recently in 2019, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 355 on boy names chart when 45 babies were named Miles. There are over 174 babies that have been given the name Miles in Netherlands.

Miles is an uncommon baby name in Ireland where it has been in use since 2003 and peaked in 2019 when it ranked 322nd. During its 29 years of usage in France, it had made up to just the top 2000 boy names.

Over 182 babies in France have been named Miles. During its 20 years of usage in Switzerland, it had made up to just the top 600 boy names. Over 126 babies in Switzerland have been named Miles.

It also recently appeared in Belgium baby boy names chart.

Miles is a rare baby name in Victoria still in use today. But Miles is a popular baby name in England where every 1 in 8000 have the name.

According to our evaluation, over 80000 babies have been named Miles globally.

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Miles in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numbers say about Miles?

You are a passionate lover. Don't live to work. Work to live. When you are having hardships, you feel like the world's falling apart when it's not. Remember that you are not the only person who's struggling with something. And you are not alone as you think. Learning new skills will make you feel so much better and boost your confidence more than you imagine. Nothing good comes without hard work and dedication.

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Middle names for Miles

There are many prevailing and newly-arrived middle names that are commonly paired with Miles.

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Famous people named Miles

  • Miles Sindercombe, leader of a group that tried to assassinate Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell during the period of the Protectorate
  • Miles Kington, British journalist, musician and broadcaster
  • Miles Vorkosigan, protagonist of a series of science fiction novels and short stories
  • Miles Macdonell, first governor of the Red River Colony
  • Miles Stewart, athlete from Australia, who competes in triathlon
  • Miles of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Hereford, was High Sheriff of Gloucester and Constable of England
  • Miles Copeland III, American music and entertainment executive and former manager of The Police
  • Miles J. Stanford, Christian author best
  • Miles Dewey Davis Jr., Miles Dewey Davis Jr
  • Miles Smith, was by inclination and talent, a scholar
  • Miles J. Breuer, American physician and science fiction writer
  • Miles Stapleton, KG was Lord of the Manor of Ingham, Norfolk and 'de jure' Baron Ingham of Ingham
  • Miles Crispin, wealthy Norman landowner
  • Miles Flint, former President of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB since June 2004
  • Miles Hewstone, leading social psychologist
  • Miles Orman, child actor
  • Miles Beevor, solicitor, pilot and businessman
  • Miles Burke, American flyweight boxer
  • Miles Gerald Keon, Irish Roman Catholic journalist, novelist
  • Miles Salley, late 15th-century Abbot of Eynsham Abbey and Abingdon Abbey and an early 16th-century Bishop of Llandaff
  • Miles Lewis, Australian academic serving as a Professor
  • Miles Okazaki, American guitarist and composer
  • Miles Franklin Yount, eventually came to head up one of the most successful
  • Miles Spencer, American angel investor
  • Miles White, top costume designer of Broadway musicals for 25 years
  • Miles Chapin, American actor and sales consultant
  • Miles Thomas, Miles Webster Thomas, Baron Thomas – 8 February 1980) was Managing Director of the Morris Motors, 1940–1947, Chairman of the British Overseas Airways Corporation
  • Miles Crowley, U.S. Representative from Texas
  • Miles de Angulo, Anglo-Irish knight and baron, fl
  • Miles Peter Andrews, 18th-century English playwright
  • Miles Reid, mathematician who works in algebraic geometry
  • Miles Davis, American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer
  • Miles Lampson, 1st Baron Killearn, British diplomat
  • Miles Malleson, English actor and dramatist
  • Miles Franklin, Australian writer and feminist
  • Miles Millar, British screenwriter and producer
  • Miles O'Keeffe, American television and movie actor
  • Miles Corbet, English politician
  • Miles Ryan, Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Miles Warren, New Zealand architect
  • Miles Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk, British Army general and peer
  • Miles Dempsey, senior British Army officer
  • Miles Joseph Berkeley, English cryptogamist and clergyman
  • Miles Hunt, English singer, songwriter and guitarist
  • Miles Ratledge, founding member of the band Napalm Death
  • Miles Simon, American former professional basketball player and current assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association
  • Miles Goodman, American composer for television and film
  • Miles O'Brien, independent American broadcast news journalist specializing
  • Miles Marshall Lewis, American pop culture critic, essayist
  • Miles D. White, American businessman
  • Miles Copeland Jr., Miles Axe Copeland Jr

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