Bulgarian baby names

Bulgarian baby's naming trends have lots of similarities with that of European naming systems and with the Russian naming system, although it has certain unique features.

Bulgarian baby names consist of a given name, which is the first name; a patronymic name, which is the middle name and a family name, which is the last name. The middle name i.e. a patronymic name is usually omitted when referring to the person. The Bulgarian baby's first name traditionally either of Slavic origin or from Greek, Latin, or Hebrew. Many Bulgarian first names have a diminutive or short form, for example for the given name Aleksandur, the shorter version is Sasho or Aleks. The middle or the patronymic names of Bulgarians are based on his/her father's given name and the last names or surnames are based on baby's father's family name and generally ends with "–ov(a)" or "–ev(a)". Some common Bulgarian baby boy names are Ivan and Georgi and common baby girl names are Maria and Ivanka.

Below is the list of 290 Bulgarian baby names, just have a look.

 AlbenaGFriend of the Elves, White Man
 AleksandarBHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Protect and Man, Manly
 AleksandraGHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Protector
 AleksandrinaGForm of Alexander, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Protector
 AnaGGod's Favour, Resurrection, Gracious, Clever
 AnastasGRisen One
 AnastasiyBRisen One, Resurrection
 AnastasiyaGSurrender, Resurrection, Risen One
 AndonBPriceless, Invaluable, Spanish Form of Anthony, Highly Praiseworthy
 AndreiBThe Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
 AndreyBMan, The Brave, Manly, Masculine
 AngelUPari, Messenger of God Angel
 AnkaGThe Legendary Phoenix Will-O-The-Wisp, Favour, Grain, He (God) Was Gracious
 AnnaUElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AntonBPriceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
 AsenBBeauty, Pure
 BogdanBGift of God
 BogdanaGGod's Gift, Bog Meaning God
 BorisBFamous, Struggle, Wolf, Fighter
 BorislavBFamous, Fame, Slav, Struggle
 BorislavaGFamous Battle Battle Glory
 BoyanaGBoi, The Word Boi Which is of the Meaning Battle
 BozhidarBDivine, Gift
 BozhidaraGGift, Divine
 BranimirBPeaceful Protector, Bron Which Means Protection Armor
 DamyanBSubdue, Fertility, Conqueror, Tamer
 DanailBMy Judge is the Lord
 DarinaGFruitful, Mighty, The Word Dar Meaning Gift, Fertile
 DenicaGCombination of Deana and Dina, Vindicated, Avenged
 DesislavBSearch for Glory
 DesislavaGFinding Glory
 DessislavaGFinding Glory
 DeyanBThe Element Deja Which Means to Act
 DianaGLight, Divine, Daylight, Deity
 DimitarBDedicated to Demeter
 DonkaUBelonging to the Lord
 DraganBExpensive, Dorogo, The Element Dorog Meaning Dear Precious, Peace
 DragomirBDorogo, Meri, Peaceful, Peace
 EkaterinaGThe Pure
 ElenaGSun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
 EleonoraGShining Light, Sun, Variant of Helen, Foreign
 ElisavetaGMy God has Sworn, My God is Abundance
 EmilBEmulating, Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex, Imitating, Rivaling
 EmiliyaGIndustrious, Rivaling, Eager, Emulating
 EvaVariant of Eve, Alive, Life, Life-giving
 EvgeniBThe Elements Eugenes Meaning Well Born Noble, Well-born
 EvgeniyaGSweet Spoken, Noble, Well-Born
 FilipBFriend of Horses, Horse Lover
 GabrielaGGod is Strong
 GalenaGCalm, Small Intelligent One, Festive Party, Healer
 GalinaGThe Calm, Shining, Serene, Peace
 GavrilBWorships God
 GeorgiBEarthworker, Farmer
 GerganaGFarmer, Earthworker
 GrigorBVigilant Watchman, Alert, Watchful
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