Hungarian baby names

A typical Hungarian baby name consists of a surname and a given name. In Hungarian language, whether written or spoken these baby names follows the "Eastern name order" i.e. a family name is followed by a given name.

The Hungarian language is one of the few national languages among Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and some Basque nationalists in Europe which follows Eastern name order. In older Hungarian orthography letter 'c' is often written as 'cz' but modern Hungarian orthography is slightly simpler than that of the older one. Hungarian surnames are derived from trade, profession, and ethnicity, for example, Szabo (for tailer), Kovács (for smith) and Halász (for fisher). Hungarian baby names are closely associated to the religious and dynastic history of the country.

Here is the list below of 300 Hungarian baby names.

 AdaGElegance, The Oldest Daughter, Kind, Decorated
 AdelaidaGNoble and Fight, Lust, Small Winged One, Nobility
 AdriennFrom Hadria, Woman from Hadria
 ÁgostonBThe August, The Dignified
 AlbertBHonorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
 AlbertaGAll and Illustrious, Noble Famous, Majestic Wolf, Form of Albert
 AlexandraUFeminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
 AliszGNoble Sort, Nobility
 AmbrusBImmortal, Ever-living, Undying
 AndrisBManly, Masculine, Warrior, Of a Man
 AngyalGMessenger from God, Angel
 AngyalkaGAngelic, Daughter of a Great Father, Like An Angel, Heavenly Messenger
 AnkicaGFavor, Grace
 AnnaGElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AnnuskaGGrain Like No Other, Grace, Favour, Apricot from Nara
 AntalBHelmet of War
 ArankaGGold, Gold Made
 ArisztidBAristos Which Means Best Excellent
 BalasBLisping, A Flame, Lisp, Stammerer
 BálintBThe Healthy, The Strong
 BandiBSlave, Warrior, Man, Servant
 BarnaYoung, Son of Exhortation, Youth, Speak Prophetically
 BartalBSon of Tolmai, From the Barley Farm, Furrow, Hill
 BartosBHill, Furrow
 BeatrixGThe Words Viator Meaning Traveller Pilgrim, Happy, Auspicious
 BenedekBThe Blessed
 BernadettGBear, Brave, Hardy
 BertaGBrilliant, Noble, Shining, Bright Ruler
 BertókBBright Raven, Wise Person
 BoldizsárBScharra, Baal
 BorbálaGThe Foreign
 CiliGBlind One, Dim Sighted, Sixth
 CsillaGStar, Dazzling
 DacsoBGod is My Judge
 DometerBDedicated to Demeter, Follower of Demeter
 DominikBLord, Child Born on Sunday
 DomonkosBBelonging to the Lord
 DomotorBFollower of Demeter, Dedicated to Demeter
 DorikaGKind, Woman of the Sea, Gift from God, From Doris
 DorjenBA Dark Man
 DorjinBA Dark Man
 DorjunBA Dark Man
 DorjynBA Dark Man
 DorkaGGift of God
 DorottyaGGift of God
 DuciGJoyous, Prosperous in War, Prosperity, Battle
 DzseniferGSmooth, White, Fair, Shining
 DzsesszikaGHe (God) Beholds
 EdeGBattle, Prosperity, Royal, Happy
 EdinaGWealthy, The Capital City of Scotland, Ardent, Prosperous Friend
 EditGJoyous, Strife for Wealth, Fight, Battle
 EdvinBPossession, Rich Friend
 ElekBEliane, The Defender, Peaceful Ruler, Protector
 EmilBEmulating, Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex, Imitating, Rivaling
 ErikaGHeather, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler
 ErvinBForm of Irving, Honored Friend, Place Name, Warrior
 ErzsébetGMy God has Sworn, My God is Abundance
 ErzsiGMy God is Abundance
 EtelGAedel, Noble
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