Dorika meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek, Old Norse and English
Meaning: Kind, A Gift, Given by God, Gift, From Doris, Name of a Place, The Dorian Woman, God's Gift and Bountiful
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Girl name Dorika is originated from Old Greek. Dorika is form of customary, conifer and biblical Dorothy. Dorothy is a variant form of perennial and biblical Dorothea. Dorothy is form of Dorothea in English language. Dorothy's origin is Old Greek, meaning of Dorothy is "Gift of God and Gift and God". Also. Dorika is variation of loved, long standing and biblical Dora. Dora is version of Old Norse Names Ending with -Dóra / -Dora. Also Dora is version of Greek Names Beginning with Dor- Or Ending with -Dor / -Dora: Greek Δωρον = Gift. Dora is short form of Dorothea. Also Dora is shortened form of Dorothy. Dora is also abridged form of Isidora. Dora is also diminutive of Theodora. Also. Dorika is variant of popular and ceaseless Doris. Doris is variation of frequently used and persistent Dorothea. Doris is short version of Dorothea.

Variants of Dorika

Dora, Doris, Dorothy, Theodoros, Theodorus, Doralia, Doria, Dorothea, Dorianne, Dorislee, Dorotheos, Darthy, Doll, Dorine

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Popularity of Dorika

Dorika is a common baby name in DR Congo, Tanzania and Zimbabwe while it is somewhat familiar in Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, India, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. As per our evaluation, over 8000 people has been named Dorika globally.


What numerology tells about Dorika?

Being unconstrained will help you grow spiritually. You deliver your promises. This is why people trust you with their life. Make people feel responsible for their actions so they wouldn't hurt someone else the same way again. Our advice to you "Fake it until you make it." You are hard to read but once someone gets close to you, you allow the person to manipulate you on purpose in order to see how he or she will treat you thinking they have power over you.

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