Indian baby names starting with

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Here are 28852 indian baby names that starts with .

Halo, Halo, Aureole, Moonlight, Corona
Successful, One who has Accomplished Goal, Shiv, White Mustard
True Image, Of Elegant, To Gaze, One who Brings Victory
Hindu Philosophy, King of All, The Scriptures
Meadow of the Hares, Victor, Absorbed in God
Success, Glory, Fame, Victory
Ambergris, Sky, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone
Dark, Harmony, Cristina, Affection
Beauty, Dearly Loved, Friend, Nectar
Exalted, One who can Hear, Wife of Ancaeus, Noble
Creation, The Sound of Universe
Companion, Gentleman, Master, The Lord
Honor, Light
Poem, Poetry in Motion, Very Good, A Poetic
One of Devi's Names
A Name of a Godess, Powerful and Complete
Another Name of River Narmada, Sweat Heart, A Star, One who Snares
The Cooing of a Bird, Jovial Lady
Kindness, Good Wishes, God's Mehar, Courtesy of God
Enemy Less
Star, King, Scented, Blessing from God
Foundation, Basic
Ultimate Bliss
Treasure, Goddess Laxmi, River
Incision, Form of Catherine, Beloved, Katharina
Distinguished, Eminent, Born on Saturday
Petition to God, Wish, Special Prayer
Love Interest, Clarity, Grandeur and Beauty, Dawn
Ascending, A Music Tune, Rising
The beautiful, Happiness
Young, Lord Shiva, Youthful, Tamil Music Director Yuvan
Name of Lord Ganesha, The First Vedas
Fullness of Mantra, Goddess Laxmi, Thousand Times, A New Beginning
One who is Always First and Best
Grace, Asia
Very True Boy, Tune, A Boat
Beautiful, Lovable, Assiduous, Capability
Excellent, Ever Fresh, Modernised Person, Role Model of World
Worthy of Devotion, Like a God, Worship, To Be Worshipped
Rich or from Hadria, Graceful, Beautiful, A Form of Ria
Large Eyes, Great, Antelope, Wild Cow
Parvati, Goddess Parvathi, Close to God
Whole, Entire, Complete, Prithvi
Firmament, Sky
Princess, Leader, Rose, Flower
Delighted, Prosperous, King, Blissful Person
Patience, Tranquility, State of Peace and Balance
Absorbed in Singing God's Praises, In the Name of God
Jehovah has been Gracious, Victory, Good Character, Has Shown Favor
Bringer of Victory, Useful, Of the Lord, Small
Warrior, Constant Movement, Entire, Large
River, The World, Great Earth, God of Victory
The Sun, Sun
Utmost Level, Lotus Flower, Loveable, The Element Kamala Which Means Light Red
Begetter, Sun, Beauty of the Stars
Moon at Full Glory
Lord Krishna's Devotee, Lord Krishnas Devotee
An Oak Tree, Near One, Following, Place Name
Beyond Transmigration, Incarnation, Not Bound by Birth or Death, Infinite
Bracelet, An Ornament
Falling Star, Meadow, Nuestra SeƱora De La Vega
Kindness, Good, Goddess, Mercy
Lord Krishna, Sight, Moonlight, Handsome
Saints Saying, Verse, Hymns of Lord
Indifferent to Wealth, Pure One, God of Love
A Star, Morning Star
Not Born, Unborn, High Priestess of Mecca, Fire
Caring Loving Good Hearted, Slender, Young Lady, The Brightened One
Founder, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden, Originator
The Queen of Water and Mountain, Lovely, Sacred Paint Brush
Sacred Serpent, Immortal
One who Not Sitting or Resting
The Champion, Daughter of Eineus, Divine, Day
Slayer of Keshi Demon, Lord Vishnu
Boy of Guru
The Element Tara Meaning Hill, Heaven, Thunder, Raft
Truth of Life, God, With Great Desire and Wish
To Make Complete, Hollow Reed, Stem
Nobleman, Noblewoman, Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Absorbed In God, Remembrance, Meditation, Beautiful
White Lotus
Most Important, Beginning, The First, Adornment
Gift of Love
Servant of God, Divine, Another Name for Indra, The Poet
Pleasing, The Most Handsome, Lovely, Lord Shiva
Ruler of the Heart, Hearts King
Lively, Most Beautiful, Singing Lark
Independent, Shining Sea
Companion of Prophet Muhammad, Jewel or Ornament, The First, Go-Getter
No One Like Him, Lord Ganpati, Non-duality, Non Duality
Star, Queen, Pleiades, Become Rich
Crystal Clear, Lord Krishna
The Sun of Valour, Prowess, Praiseworthy, Strength
Medical God, Star, Trust, Win
Princess, Unique, Peaceful
Devotion, One who is Beyond Measure, Boundless, Magnanimous
Earth, Unique, World
Age, Time, Generation
A Friend of Muhammad, Bustard Fledgling
King, God is Gracious, Heart, A Form of Keon
Part of Veda, Part of Veda's
Precious Stone, Descent from the Matsya Avatar, Power, Starling
Name of a Holy Man, Prophet of Islam (Joshua)
Shiva's Ansh, Part of God Shiv, Lord Shiva
Female Version of John, Brings Good News, Van Ki Devi, God is Gracious
Continuous or Ongoing, Strong, One who Fights for Peace, Brave
Lucky, Luster, Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful
Life, Soul
Poem, A Wise Person, Poet, Beauty
Heart, Desired or Longed For, Fame, Inner Beauty
Gazelle, White Antelope, Goddess Durga, Sukh
Blessing, Resembling a Goddess, Eye of God
The Name of Flower in the Heaven, Flower of Jannat Paradise
Goddess Durga
Protector, Sponsor, Radha, Patron
Favor, Thanks, Wonder, Present
Introduced into Britain During the Norman Conquest
One with High Purpose
Supreme Spirit, Vehicle of God Agni, Lord Rama, Male Sheep
Royal, King-queen, Paradise, Hope
Happiness, Pleasure, Smile
Lord Shiva
Long Life, Handsome
Beauty, Goddess Lakshmi, Splendor, Indira
Smart, Gold, Fire, Son of Lord Brahma
Lord Vishnu
Sea, Vast, Wave, Endless Ocean
Close, Variant of Anne or Agnes, Continuous, Pure
Modest, Father is a Light, Kind Hearted
God's Gift, Morning
Feminine of Ryan, From Adria, Love, Happiness and Luck
Very Intelligent, Firm, The Polar Star, Constant
Different, Blessed by God
Sunlight, Feminine Form of Mihir, The Sun
Pleasure, Desire
Love, Blessing, Man, One with Long Life
Radha's Husband, Another Name of Lord Ganesh
Descendant of Raghu, Lord Rama
Blue colour, Enchanting moon
Artist, Special Knowledge
Gods Love, Gift of Love
Dawn, Reddish-Brown-Haired, Lovely, Red
Heart, Beloved, Lover, Pleasing, Favourable, Delighting One
As Hard as Earth, Strong, Charismatic Personality, Lives in a Group
Special, Lovely Flower
Glow, Power, Appearance, Physical Strength
Musical Notes, Self Shining, Tune, Tones
Giant, Brilliant, Massive, Good Looking
Old, Home, Homeland, Achievement
Parvati, Goddess Parvati
Gift from God, Purity, One who Protects, Night Prayer
Brilliance, Sharpness, Lustre, Brightness
Divine, Miracle, Magic, God-Like
Cute, Goddess, Lord
Wakeful, Magician, Lord Shiva
Humble, Nirmal
The Moon, Restless, Derived from Muslim Name
Destruction, Intelligent, Sacred Wood Apple Tree, White
Head, Feature, The Moon
Favor, Gift, Miracle
Water or Boat
Song, Queen, That is Enough for Little, Free from Need
Another Name for Lakshmi, Power, Sacred Cave, Warm
Eyes, Love, Name of a Goddess, Beautiful Eyed
Pleasant, Pure, Bright Ray of the Sun
Hero of the Battle, The Brave Warrior, Winner
Lord Shiva, Steadfast
Fun Loving
Brave, Hurricane, Snow, Excellent
God is My Judge, Feminine Variant of Daniel
The World, Word, Universe
Gods Chosen One, Destroyer of Enemies, Morning, Lord Vishnu
Moon, The Moon
Offering, Gift