Adi name meaning

Updated: March 18th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Sanskrit, Arabic, Old High German, Hebrew and Latin
Usage: Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Malay, Hungarian, Yiddish, English, Hebrew, Indian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya and Tamil
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Adi a-di
Meaning: More, Extra, Companion of Prophet Muhammad, Jewel, Myth Name, The First, Primeval, Daughter of Earth, My Ornament, My Witness, Brave, Go-Getter, Noble and Most Important
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What does Adi mean?

Adi means More, Extra, Companion of Prophet Muhammad, Beginning, Myth Name, The First, Primeval, Daughter of Earth, My Ornament, My Witness, Brave, Go-Getter, Noble or Most Important is used in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, English, Malayalam, Malay, Telugu, Bengali, Hebrew, Finnish, Oriya, Indian, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Kannada, Yiddish, Tamil, Norwegian and Arabic is came from Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Old High German and Sanskrit is usually used for both boys and girls.

Adi is variant form of biblical and persistent Ada. Ada is version of Adiel. Also Ada is version of Names Containing the Name Element Adal. Ada is also form of vintage Agda.

Ada is short form of names with "nobility". Infrequent Ada's origin is Hebrew, German and Germanic, meaning of Ada is "Ornament, Special Things that Matter and Pure".

How do I pronounce Adi?

Two syllabled Adi is most commonly pronounced as a-di.

Variants of Adi

Ada, Adah, Adiel, Agda, Adabella, Adda, Adalinda, Addah, Adil, Agatha, Adelheid

Names that rhyme with Adi

How popular is the name Adi?

Adi is a unique baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1971 and was able to reach the top 4000 names. In 2006, it ranked 3079th when 38 boys were named Adi.

Over 1384 people have been named Adi in United States. Adi is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, although it has been in use since 1996 but could not make beyond the top 2000.

Over 230 people have been named Adi in England and Wales.

However things change on global perspective, Adi is extremely popular in Indonesia where every 1 in 700 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in India, Romania, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. At least, 480000 people globally have been given the name as per our evaluation.

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Adi in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Adi

You get easily depressed from time to time because of how people live and the ugly things they're capable of. If you have the letter I as your capstone it reveals your emotional side. You have this perfect life everyone admires. However, your life is far from perfect, and so are you. It's time you focus on your career. You believe that art won't make you money, so you tend to focus on things that make a sure profit. Give art a chance.

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Sibling Names for Adi

Welcome to the list of sibling names for baby Adi. We have put together a collection of great ideas for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern, we have a name that will fit your family perfectly. Come explore these options and find the perfect sibling name for Adi.

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Brother for Adi

Famous people named Adi

  • Adi Barkan, Israeli model agent and activist
  • Adi Ophir, Israeli philosopher
  • Adi Dick, singer/songwriter/producer
  • Adi Shamir, Israeli cryptographer
  • Adi Bulsara, scientist in the area nonlinear dynamics
  • Adi Shankara, early 8th century Indian philosopher and theologian
  • Adi Da, American spiritual teacher, writer and artist
  • Adi Godrej, Indian billionaire industrialist and businessman
  • Adi Roche, Irish activist, anti-nuclear advocate
  • Adi Granov, British comic book artist and conceptual designer
  • Adi Nes, Israeli photographer
  • Adi Bitar, judge
  • Adi Rocha, Brazilian footballer
  • Adi Braun, Canadian jazz and cabaret vocalist and composer
  • Adia Bell in D.A.M.E. as Actress
  • Adi Globus in Louder Than Bombs as Actress
  • Adi ibn Zayd AdÄ «bin Zayd was a pre-Islamic Arab poet.
  • Adi Arbel in tvMiniSeries Life as a Rumor as Writer
  • Adi Stein portrayed the role of N in comedy movie April Come She Will.
  • Adi Bing Slamet, from 1981 comedy flick Tomboy, who characterized the Tommy.
  • In 2010, Adi Eisenman characterized the role of N in drama, romance film Turbulence.

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