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Updated: April 10th, 2024

Here are 11448 indian girl names that starts with .

Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Grass, Immortal One, Happiness, Unfading flower
Purity, Pastime, Night, Lioness
Little Black One, Spear, Clear, Bright
Delicate, Meadow Pasture, Tired, Leah
Yahweh is Gracious, Love, Heart, God Gifted
The Black One, Goddess Kali, A Form of Durga, Blacknes
Origin, Variants, Blessing of God, Without a Superior
Happiness, Living, Wife of Prophet Muhammad, She is Life
Seedling, Elm Seed, Outlook, Result
Immortal, Strength
Dwelling, Abode
Garland maker
Jewel Names Became Popular in the 19th Century, Opal, The Earth, Gem
Shrub with Yellow Flowers, A Light, Fish, Blue Glass
Life, Lustre, The Word Hayya with the Meaning Alive Animal, Shadow
Pleasing to the Eyes, Younger Sister, Soft, To Admire God
Solicitude, Concern, Gift of Allah, Care
God has shown favour, Brilliance of stone, Goddess Durga, Mercy
God Gifted, Of a Noble Kind, Silk of Heaven
Lord Ganesh, Ruler Governor
Pure, Queen, Wise Guardian, Form of Regina
Understanding, Pious, Knowledge, Writing of the Aryans
Small One, Living, Prophet Mohammads Wife, Life
Little But Wise, Flower, Everyone Love her, Korean Kingdom
Princess, Lines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit, Goddess
Month in Tamil, The Good Earth
Goddess Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess Lakshmi
At the Beginning, First Power, Goddess Durga
Fragance, Meteor, Hill, Particularly Widespread In the United States
Flawless Woman, Raman's Wife Seetha in Hindu Epic Ramayanam, Goddess Sita, Furrow
Wave, Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Look, Praise, Splendor, Old
Light, High-born Girl, Precious Gem, Saintly Woman
Console, The Muslim Wife of Pharaoh, One who Tends to the Weak and Heals, Nurse
Amusement, Game, Goddess of Wealth, Play
The Pearl, Honest, True, Way of Life
Gods Gift, Beloved, Loving, As Well: the Lovers
Princess of the Sea, Bitter, T, Wished-for Child
Another Name of Durga, The Female Energy, Woman, Which Protective
Loveable, God Gift, First Ray of the Sun, Sweet
Tied, River, A Star, Joined
Fate, Deed, A Star, Fruit Garden
Grace, Without Guile, Graceful, He (God) Was Gracious
Divine law and order, Desire, Life
Loved One, Beloved, Loving to Everyone, Kind
The First Life Form All Knowledgeable and All Pure, To Arrive or to Inform
Fast like an Ostrich, Red rose, Consort of the sun, Little princess
A Ruler, Bitter, Industrious, Native of Magdala
Moon, Dark Blue
Even, Of a Peaceful Nature, Heaven, Similarity
From the Pepper Plant, Hot Spice
Beloved, Moon, A Plant Name
Delighted, Grace, A Spirit Warrior, Quiet
Form of Tea, One who is Young, Jayam, Taylor
Give, Son, Oak, Lord
Blessed and Victorious, Goddess Saraswati, Little Mare
Luck, Sweet Heart, Life
Angel, Small Child, Amorous
A Raga, Raaga or Patience
Irish Form of Cecilia Blind, Slang Term for Woman
Gift of God, First Rays of Sun
Deep Silence, Bliss, Blowing Out, Liberation
Contented, She who Gives Pleasures, Queen, Liberated from the Need
One who is Youthful, New, Laudable, Sweet
Unparalleled, Limitless Feeling, Goddess Parvati, Different from Others
One of Vishnus Name, Of Great Re-known, Wave
Feminine of Michael, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Bee, Who is Like God
Admirable, Dauntless
Victorious, Goddess Durga, Successful, Victory
Deft, Expert, Ingenious, Lively
Of Spirit, A Flower, Spiritual, Soul
Brilliance, Beauty, Sunrise, Joy
Dawn, Sunrise, Immortal, From the Little Ford
To Give Credit to Someone, Beautiful, Pratham, Excellent
Lichtvolle, Shining, Light, Brightness
Prayer, Blessing
Letter, Word, Unalterable, Letters
Date Palm
Homage, Offring with Both Hands, Offering, An Angel
Shining One, Path, Roadway, Lives by the Lane
Brilliant, Exalted, Harmony, Moment
Sweet, Beautiful
Holy, Unique, Pure
Boundless, Guest, The Earth, Mother of Gods
Mother, Shortest Name for Goddess Parvathy, Reputation, Flax
Name of a King, The Earth, My Stone
Gold, Form of Golda, Golden, Gilded
Degree, Circumstance, Period of Life, Condition
Courage, Morale, Patience
Halo, Halo, Aureole, Moonlight, Corona
Meadow of the Hares, Victor, Absorbed in God
Ambergris, Sky, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone
Exalted, One who can Hear, Wife of Ancaeus, Noble
Honor, Light
Poem, Poetry in Motion, Very Good, A Poetic
One of Devi's Names
A Name of a Godess, Powerful and Complete
Another Name of River Narmada, Sweat Heart, A Star, One who Snares
Wise, Awakens, Enlightenment, Awakened
The Cooing of a Bird, Jovial Lady
Treasure, Goddess Laxmi, River
Incision, Form of Catherine, Beloved, Katharina
Distinguished, Eminent, Born on Saturday
Kindness, Good Wishes, God's Mehar, Courtesy of God
Petition to God, Wish, Special Prayer
Ascending, A Music Tune, Rising
The beautiful, Happiness
Fullness of Mantra, Goddess Laxmi, Thousand Times, A New Beginning
One who is Always First and Best
Grace, Asia
Very True Boy, Tune, A Boat
True Image, Of Elegant, To Gaze, One who Brings Victory
Beautiful, Lovable, Assiduous, Capability
Worthy of Devotion, Like a God, Worship, To Be Worshipped
Large Eyes, Great, Antelope, Wild Cow
Parvati, Goddess Parvathi, Close to God
Princess, Leader, Rose, Flower
Beauty, Dearly Loved, Friend, Nectar
Love Interest, Clarity, Grandeur and Beauty, Dawn
Enemy Less
Absorbed in Singing God's Praises, In the Name of God
Jehovah has been Gracious, Victory, Good Character, Has Shown Favor
Bringer of Victory, Useful, Of the Lord, Small
Warrior, Constant Movement, Entire, Large
Lord Krishna's Devotee, Lord Krishnas Devotee
An Oak Tree, Near One, Following, Place Name
Beyond Transmigration, Incarnation, Not Bound by Birth or Death, Infinite
River, The World, Great Earth, God of Victory
A Star, Morning Star
Not Born, Unborn, High Priestess of Mecca, Fire
Kindness, Good, Goddess, Mercy
Caring Loving Good Hearted, Slender, Young Lady, The Brightened One
Founder, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden, Originator
The Queen of Water and Mountain, Lovely, Sacred Paint Brush
Truth of Life, God, With Great Desire and Wish
To Make Complete, Hollow Reed, Stem
Nobleman, Noblewoman, Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Absorbed In God, Remembrance, Meditation, Beautiful
The Champion, Daughter of Eineus, Divine, Day
Gift of Love
Lively, Most Beautiful, Singing Lark
Independent, Shining Sea
Star, Queen, Pleiades, Become Rich
Devotion, One who is Beyond Measure, Boundless, Magnanimous
Earth, Unique, World
Protector of Dharma
Precious Stone, Descent from the Matsya Avatar, Power, Starling
Female Version of John, Brings Good News, Van Ki Devi, God is Gracious
Lucky, Luster, Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful
Heart, Desired or Longed For, Fame, Inner Beauty
Gazelle, White Antelope, Goddess Durga, Sukh
Blessing, Resembling a Goddess, Eye of God
The Name of Flower in the Heaven, Flower of Jannat Paradise
Goddess Durga
Favor, Thanks, Wonder, Present
Introduced into Britain During the Norman Conquest
My Father, The Sun and Air, Honest
One with High Purpose
Happiness, Pleasure, Smile
Falling Star, Meadow, Nuestra SeƱora De La Vega
Lord Shiva
Beauty, Goddess Lakshmi, Splendor, Indira
Close, Variant of Anne or Agnes, Continuous, Pure
Modest, Father is a Light, Kind Hearted
Feminine of Ryan, From Adria, Love, Happiness and Luck
Different, Blessed by God
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