Indian names meaning kind

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This is the list of indian names meaning kind or names that mean kind which also serves as indian baby names meaning kind to help you select a name for your child.
AaryanGirlOf Utmost Strength Kind Hearted Good to Others Illustrious
AatifBoy Kind Affectionate

AatikahGirlKind Affectionate
Abdur-RaufBoy Servant of the Most Kind (Allah) Slave of the Compassionate
AbishniGirl Very Cute Kindly Heart Love of Family
AbraBoy/GirlFire Cloud Lesson A Kind of Boat Example Father of a Multitude
AdaGirlNoble Kind Nobility The Oldest Daughter Happy Ornament Child of the Red Earth Brightness Prosperous Style
AdelaGirl Nobility Noble Kind Softer Small Winged One
AdelleGirl Noble Form of Adelaide Noble and of Kind Spirit
AdieBoy Noble Kind Adornment Jewel
AdilGirlSincere Just Fair Judicious Honest Righteous Negotiation Exchange Justice Upright Kindness Supreme Being
AdipaBoy Kindled Illuminating
AfzalBoy Most Excellent Grace Kindness Favour
AgilaGirlGlobe World Humankind
AgilaaGirlGlobe World Humankind
AhobalaraavGirl Kindness
AlecBoy Abbreviation of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Defending Men
AlekBoy Form of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Man's Defender
AlexBoyForm of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
AlexandarBoy Defender of Mankind
AlexanderBoyHelper and Defender of Mankind Protector of Mankind Warrior Defender of Men
AliGirlGod Excellent Noble Sublime Light Lofty To Ascend Exalted One Also Mohammad's Son-in-law Elevated Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AllaGirl Defender Nobility The Supreme Spirit Mother Noble Kind True to All
AlliGirlLong-tailed Duck Noble Nobility Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Diamond
AlmaGirlSoul With Dark Red Lips Nourishing Soul All Good Giving Nurture Kind
AltafBoy Kindness Graces More Gracious More Delicate
AmanaBoy Friendly Disposition Kindness Affection
AnavaBoy/GirlHumane Kind to Men It is the State of Consciousness of the Ego
AnaviGirlPeace Loving Kind to People
AnbarasiGirlA Kindful Girl
AnbaruviGirl Kind-hearted
AnbiniGirlKind and Sweet Lovable
AnbuBoy/GirlLove Kindness Lovely
AnbucheliyanBoyKind and Prosperous
AnbulamGirl Lovely Kind-hearted
AnbumadhiBoyKind and Intelligent
AnbumadiBoyKind and Intelligent

AnbumoliBoy/GirlWho Speaks Kind Words Lovable Language Lovable Words Who Speaks Kindly
AnbunambiBoyKind and Confident
AnbuvalliGirlKind Love
AnthahkaranBoySympathy Kindness
AnumitaGirlLove and Kindness
AnumithaGirlLove and Kindness
ApoorvBoy One of a Kind or Rare Unique
ArjanBoyThe Archer A Kind of Fir Tree A Kind of Mountain Almond One of the Pandavas From Hadria
AtishaGirl Peace Spiritual Enlightenment for Well-being of Mankind
AvneetGirlModest Kind Hearted
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