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Alli name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Germanic, Old Greek and Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Old Norse and Old DanishOld SwedishNorwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Alli a(l)-li
Meaning: Long-tailed Duck, Noble and Nobility
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What does Alli mean?

Meaning of Alli is Long-tailed Duck, Noble or Nobility is used as a gender insensitive name. It is rooted from Arabic, Old Greek and Germanic is particulary used in Swedish, Norwegian, Old DanishOld SwedishNorwegian, Icelandic, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Old Norse, English, Arabic, Danish and Finnish. Alli is variant of widespread and perpetual Alla. Alla is variant of renowned Aila. Also Alla is variant of Names Containing the Name Element Adal. Alla is resulted from Alice. Alla is a diminutive of names with "Al". Also Alla is a diminutive of Names Beginning with Al-. Alla is Finnish cognate of Names Beginning with Al-. Also Alla is form of Ala in Norse language. Anomalous Alla came from Germanic and Old Greek, meaning of Alla is "Noble Kind, Mother and Defender". Alli is version of dominant and unfading Alexandra. Alexandra is an effeminate variation of Alexander. Infrequent Alexandra's origin is Old Greek, meaning of Alexandra is "He Who Wards Off (Other) Men and To Help". Alli is variant form of customary Ali. Ali is a variant form of fresh Callister. Also Ali is a variant form of Names Beginning with Al-. Ali is short form of names with "Al". Also Ali is short form of Alf Or Alexander. Ali is form of Ale in Greenlandic language. Anomalous Ali came from Gaelic and Arabic, meaning of Ali is "Bee and Lofty". Alli is version of durable and dominant Alberta. Alberta is variation of side Adel Berta. Also Alberta is version of Adalberta. Alberta's meaning is Of Noble Lineage, Nobly Famous and Honorable came from Old High German and Germanic. Alli is form of celebrated and hot fashinable Alison. Alison is variation of timeless and darling Alice. Alison is diminutive of Alice. Alison is English and French equivalent of Alice. Curious Alison has its origin in Old French, Germanic and German, Alison means "Son of the Highborn, Noble Sort and Of a Noble Kind". Alli is a shortened form of Alice. Alice is diminutive of Adelheid. Alice is English and French equivalent of Aliz. Anomalous Germanic and Old High German Alice, meaning of Alice is "Of Noble Figure, Noble and Fighting and Nobility". Alli is abridged form of Adelheid. Adelheid is variant form of imperishable and noteworthy Adela. Also Adelheid is variation of famed and ever lasting Adelaide. Adelheid is German cognate of Adalhaid. Origin of Anomalous Adelheid is in Germanic and Old High German, meaning of Adelheid is "Noble and Fight and Of a Noble Kind".

How do I pronounce Alli?

The proper pronunciation of two syllabled Alli is a(l)-li.

Variants of Alli

Aelli, Alberta, Alexandra, Ali, Alison, Alla, Adalbert, Adalbrecht, Adalberta, Alba, Alandra, Lexia, Aleka, Axelia, Callister, Ale, Aali, Al, Eli, Amir Ali, Alice, Alicen, Aila, Ala

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How popular is the name Alli?

In United States, Alli was once a common name since emerging in 1916 it has been given to over 3584 babies. At its zenith in 2011,. However after 38 years, the name is on free fall on the charts. Alli is a rare baby name in England and Wales and may not be used now. And also in France. But Alli is a popular baby name in Ethiopia where every 1 in 6000 have the name as well as in, India, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria. As per our estimate, over 70000 babies have been bestowed Alli around the globe.

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What numerology tells about Alli?

You need to practice listening. You have a sharp mind and focus. You want to help others and leave an impression. You are mentally strong, self-confident but lack understanding for people's feelings. You have a clear opinion of things Not everyone will be there to help you when you need a hand, just like you are there for everyone. You need to communicate with people in order to expand your knowledge and widen your perspective.

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Sibling Names for Alli

Alli is a charming name for a baby girl, and if you're looking for sibling names that are just as lovely, we've got you covered. Whether you want names with similar sounds or completely different ones, here are some great options to consider.

Names for Alli's sister

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Famous people named Alli

  • Alliyah Sky in The New Behind the Green Door as Actress
  • Allison Farrance in Candiland as Actress
  • Alli Parrish in The Last Recollection as Actress
  • Allison Bosma in A Live Show Walks Into a Bar as Writer
  • Allison McDonell in Another World as Actress
  • Allison Gobuzzi in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser as Actress
  • Actor Alli Kinzel, notable for video Demonic Toys: Personal Demons
  • In 1929, Alli Riks played the role of Glafira in drama, romance film Mustalaishurmaaja.
  • In 2000, Alli Steinberg characterized the role of Julie in comedy, romance film Fairytale of New York.
  • In 2018 drama movie, Wach, Alli Neumann played Nike.

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