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Dortha name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Dortha d(o)-rtha
Meaning: Gift of God and Variant of the Greek Dorothy
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What does Dortha mean?

Oldie and Preeminent Dortha mainly is used in English aimed at baby girls, meaning of Dortha is "Gift of God or Variant of the Greek Dorothy" has its origin in Old Greek. Dortha is form of biblical and customary Dorothy. Dorothy is variation of biblical and well-liked Dorothea. Dorothy is English cognate of Dorothea. Originated from Old Greek, Popular and Classy Dorothy, Dorothy means "Gift of God, Gift and God and Gift".

Does Dortha sound like a good baby name?

Dortha is a unique and feminine name for baby girls that exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. It has a Greek origin, meaning "gift of God," which adds to its charm and spiritual significance. One of the key features of Dortha as a name is its rarity, making it stand out from the common names in use today. It also has a timeless quality that will appeal to parents who want their child to have a classic name that will never go out of style. Additionally, Dortha has a pleasant sound with soft vowel sounds that roll off the tongue easily, making it easy for people to pronounce and remember. Overall, Dortha is an excellent choice for parents looking for a unique and meaningful name for their baby girl.

How do I pronounce Dortha?

d(o)-rtha is the most common way to pronounce two syllabled Dortha. dor-tha is another way(s) to say the name.

Variants of Dortha

Dorothy, Dorotheos, Dorothea, Darthy, Doll, Dorine, Dorathea, Doris, Dorotheus, Darrthy, Dolly, Doriene, Dora

Names that rhyme with Dortha

How popular is the name Dortha?

Dortha used to be a common name in United States, first appeared in 1889 and over 6811 babies have been given the name in 88 years. When at its peak in 1921,. After 88 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. Additionally, the given name has been in Also, Dortha is a familiar name in Indonesia. At least, 6000 people globally have been given the name as per our estimate.

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Numerological aspects of Dortha

You need to be in charge of your emotions otherwise, your emotions will control your mind and life in general, you believe. You can stare at a wall and not feel bored because of your busy mind. Although you play tough all the time, deep inside, there's a sensitive soul capable of love. Having letter A as your capstone reveals your greediness and ambition. Waking up at the same time every day, five times a week, makes you feel nervous and steals your energy away.

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Sibling Names for Dortha

Are you looking for sibling names to pair with the charming and vintage name "Dortha"? Look no further! Below is a list of names that perfectly complement Dortha's timeless appeal. From classic to unique, these names will help you find the perfect match for your new bundle of joy.

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Famous people named Dortha

  • Dortha Duckworth in Murphy's Romance as Actress

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