Slavic baby names

In Slavic countries most of the given names are originated from the Slavic languages. These names are exotic but a little bit difficult to pronounce.

An important part in Slavic names is that each name of the child has its name day, which is celebrated as a second birthday of the child by his/her family members. During pre-Christian traditions, a "substitutional name" was given to a child below the age of 7–10 years. The reason for using this name is to protect the child from the curiosity of evil powers. This tradition is not used now, and parents are free to bestow any name they like to their child. After the conversion of Slavic nations to Christianity, baptismal names came into use. The traditional names persisted in everyday use while baptismal name is given for religious matters, which is why many Slavs used two names simultaneously. Like in most of the other culture, Slavic baby names also consists of a given name, followed by the patronymic, and then the family name or surname.

Below is the list of around 400 unique and beautiful Slavic baby names.

 AdamuBCreature, Man, A Prophets Name, Red Earth
 AjdinBEnlightened, Intelligent, Fire, Brilliant
 AjlaGHalo Circle of Light Moonlight, Smoother, Brighter, Beautiful
 AldinBDefender, Old Friend
 AleksandruBHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Defender of Men
 AlmedinaGHoly City of Saudi Arabia, In Medina Mohammad Began his Campaign to Establish Islam
 AmerBGreat Tree, Prince, One who Builds, Prosperous
 AndreiBThe Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
 AnnaGElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AsmirBGreater than the Sky
 BogdanBGift of God
 BogdanaGGod's Gift, Bog Meaning God
 BogdankaGGod's Gift, Bog Meaning God
 BogumilUGod, Gracious, Dear, Love
 BogumilaGGod, Gracious, Dear, Love
 BojanBScary, The Element Boi Meaning Battle, Bard
 BojanaGThe Word Boi Which is of the Meaning Battle, Boi
 BolekBGreat Glory
 BoleslavBThe Element Slav with the Meaning Fame Glory Slav, Great Glory
 BoleslavaGGreat Glory
 BoleslawaGPowerful Glory, Great Glory
 BorBFame, Fight, Glory, Slav
 BorislavBFamous, Fame, Slav, Struggle
 BorislawBSlav, Fame, Glory, Fight
 BornaUYouthful, Fight, Young
 BozenaGGod, God's Gift
 BozhidarBDivine, Gift
 BozhidaraGGift, Divine
 BozidarBDivine, Gift
 BozidaraGDivine, Gift
 BranislavBSlava, Bron, Glorious Protector
 BranislavaGSlava, Bron, Glorious Protector
 BrankaUSlava, Fighting, Bron, Glory
 BratislavBBrat, Slava
 BratislavaGBrat, Slava
 BronislavBSlava, Glorious Protector, Bron
 ByelobogBWhite God
 ChernobogBBlack God
 DagmarGFamous Day, Joy of the Danes, Maid, Dorogo
 DaliborBDal, Borit
 DaliboraGBorit, Faraway Fight, Dal
 DamirBMan, Heart, Humanity
 DaniceGFeminine Variant of Daniel, Morning Star, God is Mu Judge
 DavorBLoved By God
 DazbogBGiver of Fortune
 DazhdbogBGiver of Fortune
 DesislavBSearch for Glory
 DesislavaGFinding Glory
 DjordjeBWorker of the Earth, Farmer Earthworker
 DjuraBWorker of the Earth, Farmer Earthworker
 DmitreiBDedicated to Demeter
 DobrilaGThe Good
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