Names that mean Faithful

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Bold, Messenger, Whole Hearted, Faith
Confidence, Charity, One of the Virtues, Trust
Trusted, The Truthful, Who is Confident and Enjoys the Divine Safeguard, Honest
Trustworthy, Belief, Faithful
Delight, Pious, Joyful, Cheerful
Faithful, True
Faithful, True
Long Life, Luck, One who Prays 5 Times and Fasts, Faithful
Faith, Faithful, Belief
Of Delos, Visible, Delightful, Faithful
Great, Faithful Worker, Obscure, Sure
Trusted Man, Loyal One, Honest
The Truthful, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Custodian, Trustworthy
Consecrated to God, Unique, Cheerful, Pious
Dark Haired Beauty, Loyal, Faithful, Handsome
Delight, Joy, Faithful, Happiness
Trust Safety, Protection, Hero, Comfort
Trustworthy, Who is confident and enjoys the divine safeguard, Peaceful
Faith, The Faithful, Honest, Trustworthy
Pure, Faithful
Delight, Honest, Joyous, Happiness
Messenger, Devotion, Faith, Bold
Very Intelligent, Firm, The Polar Star, Constant
Honest, Peaceful, Trustworthy, Faithful
Faithful to Believe, Trust, The Gift
Faithful, Loyal
Faithful, Truly Believing, Female Version of Mumin, Believer (in Islam)
Joy, Cheerful, Faithful, Happiness
Word name meaning a time that is to come
Throws and Faithful, Spear Hunter, Power, Force
Lofty, Famous, Greatest, Big
Successful, Intact, Aveline, Holy
Faithful, Pious, Writing of the Aryans
Faithful, Pious
Confidence, Belief, Loyalty, Trust
Sure, Fair, Faithful, Honest
Pure, Faithful
Joyful, Joyous, Joy, Delight
Faithful, All, Affection, Fidelity
Whole Hearted, Brave, Messenger, Devotion
Honest, Joyous, Faithful, Delight
Courageous, Devotion, Messenger, Faith
Born on the Island of Delos, Faithful, Visible, Heart
Truth, Faithful
Faithful, True
Honest, Sure, Faithful
Whole Hearted, Faith, Messenger, Devotion
Faith, Messenger, Faithful Dog, Devotion
Worshipper, Faithful
Unique, Friend, Boundless, Limitless
The Truthful, Rival, Eager, Faithful
Correct, Faithful Servant, Righteous
Faithful, Loving, Son of the Waves, Loyal
Honest, Cheerful, Delight, Pious
Shy, Stem End of the Meadow, Trustworthy, Inspired By a Place Name
Name of a Khalifah, To God, Honest and Modest, Adhering to Faith
Sacred, Shining, Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed, Happiness
Immortal, Forever, Long Life, Persevering
Faithful, True
Faithful Dog, Faith, Bold, Brave
Of Delos, Visible, Delightful, Faithful
Believer, Believers, Faithful
Perfect, Faithful, Trustworthy, Complete
Truthful, Faith, Honest, Trustworthy
Hope, Charity, Trust, Belief
A Faithful Man
Believer, Faithful, Believers
Loving, Love, Son of the Sea, Faithful
Confidence, Charity, One of the Virtues, Trust
Protection, Comfort, Safety, Honest
Who has Faith, Belief, Faithful
Faithful Dog, Whole Hearted, Devotion, Brave
Faithful, Visible, Delightful, People-bold
Of Delos, Visible, Delightful, Faithful
Delight, Faithful, Joyous, Joyful
Faithful Dog, Whole Hearted, Messenger, Faith
Faithful, The Trustworthy, Truthful, Trustworthy, Peaceful, Trust
Devotion, Whole Hearted, Courageous, Bold
Whole Hearted, Faithful Dog, Faith, Messenger
Faithful, Pure
Devotion, Whole Hearted, Dog, Courageous
Trustworthy, Faithful
Faith In Allah, Honest, Faithful, Truthful
Hope, Wished-for Child, Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean
Faithful, True
One who Keeps his Word, Faithful to His Commitments, Resolute
Faithful, Trustworthy
Always Faithful to Its Commitments, Loyal
Of Delos, Visible, Delightful, Faithful
Partner, Bright, Shining, Chaste Woman
Loyal, Faithful
Shy, Faith, Summer, Confidence
Pious, Faithful, Devoted, An Honored Woman
Shy, Victory, Summer, Confidence
Playful, Faithful, Goddess Durga, Play
Character from the Shahnameh, Faithful, Young Father
Lord Shiva, To Spread In Different Directions, Vinanth, Faithful Ask
Sacred, Intact, From the Island of Linden Trees, Family Name
I Am Faithful
Faithful Friend, Sincere
Honest, The Faithful, Trustworthy
Of Delos, From Délos, Faithful, Visible
Loyal, Faithful
Faithful, Loyal
Truth, Confidence, Faithful, Shy
One who Brings Victory, Summer, Trustworthy, Truth
Trustworthiness, The Word Fidelis Which is of the Meaning Faithful, Honesty
Sense of Smell, Faithful
Frank, Pure-hearted, Faithful, Sincere
Partner, Faithful, Bright, Chaste Woman
Credible, Faithful, Believe, Trust
Moonlight, Shy, To Be Present In Latent, Bright One
Spear Hunter, Force, Beloved Warrior, Throws and Faithful
Faithful, Truthful, Honest
Victory Bringer, Confidence, Faithful, Truth
Sincere, Suggested, Faithful, Advised
The Faithful
Trustworthy, Faith, The Element Fidelis Which Means Faithful, Honest
Son of My People, Charming, The Hidden One, Great
Victory Bringer, Confidence, Faithful, Summer
Faithful, Joy, Happiness, Pious
Woman of Magdala, One who Brings Victory, Shining, The Torch
Trustworthiness, The Word Fidelis Which is of the Meaning Faithful, Honesty
Sincere, Faithful
Saint, Luck, Sacred, Blessed
Victory, Confidence, Trustworthy, Shy
Joyful, Pious, Cheerful, Honest
Woman of Magdala, One who Brings Victory, Shining, The Torch
Faithful, Made of Gold, Golden Yellow
Faithful, True
Throws and Faithful, Spear Hunter, Power, Force
I Am Faithful
Honest, Feminine of Mamoon, Faithful, Trustworthy
Faithful, Of Delos, People-bold, From Délos
Faithful, Pure
Faithful Dog, Whole Hearted, Messenger, Faith
Hope, Faithful
Truth, One who Brings Victory, Moonlight, True Image
A Faithful Protector
Church Faithful
From the Beloved One's Farm, Faithful Ones Homestead, Power
Luck, Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed, Happiness, Saint
Woman of Magdala, Shining, Sun-ray and Moonlight, The Torch
Spear Hunter, Power, Beloved Warrior, Force
Lord Mahadev's Wife Name, Bright, Shining, Partner
True Image, One who Brings Victory, Faithful, Confidence
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