Names that mean Rose

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aal  Girl Adler, Eagle Ruler, Prevail, Rose
Aale  Boy/Girl Rule, Adler, Rose Blossom, Eagle Ruler
Aaliyahrose  Girl Renown, A Variety of Flower, Towering, Horse
Aalu  Girl Powerful as an Eagle, Rose Blossom, Adler, Prevail
Abal  Arabic Girl Wild Rose

Abeera  Arabic Girl Strong, Brave
Abeera  Girl Strong, Brave
Abeerah  Arabic Girl Sandal Saffron Mixed Together in a Fragrance, Rose
Abeeran  Tamil Boy Brave, Strong
Abla  Arabic Girl Perfectly Formed, A Wild Rose, Full Figured, Sign of Good Health and Beauty
Aðalrós  Girl Red Haired, Cape, Surname, Nobel
Affie  Girl Ruler of the House, Short Form of Henrietta, Generous, Female Version of Henry, Moon, Fame, News, Ethiopian, One who is Famous, Welcoming, Hospitable, Power of Zeus, Belonging to Zeus, Guest, Stranger, Woman, Beautiful Ornament, Theresa, Harvest, Seeker, Virgin, Patron of Housewives and Servants, Flower Name, Little Hope, Small Girl, Little Rose
Akgül  Turkish Boy White Rose
Alexisrose  Girl The Defender, A Variety of Flower, Rose Bush, Horse
Álfrós  Girl Joyful Thought, Headland, Red, Wood
Altansarnai   Mongolian Girl Golden Rose
Alyssarose  Girl Sweet Angel, Horse, Noble and Fighting, Joy
Amandarose  Girl A Variety of Flower, Rose, Gracious, The Words Hros Which Means Horse
Ameliarose  Girl Rose Bush, Efficient, Work of the Lord, Strain
Amsden  Boy From Ambrose's Valley
Angelrose  Girl Pari, Messenger, Rose, Horse
Ariarose  Girl Brings Rain, A Variety of Flower, Aria, Horse
Ashleyrose  Girl Ash Wood, Flower Name, Renown, Rose Bush
Ásrós  Girl Red, Rose, Surname, Headland
Ástrós  Girl Wood, Surname, Rose, Joyful Thought
Aubreerose  Girl Rose, Horse, Blond Ruler, A Variety of Flower
Audreyrose  Girl High and Royal, The Noble Strong, A Variety of Flower, Rose Bush
Autumnrose  Girl Flower Name, Horse, Autumn, Rose Bush
Avarose  Girl Renown, The Word Avis with the Meaning Bird, Voice, Flower Name
Aygul   Azerbaijani Uyghur Girl Moon Rose
Aygül  Girl Moon, Rose
Aysegül  Turkish Girl Rose
Basilio   Italian Spanish Boy Monarch, Rose, Kingly, Noble
Basilio   Italian Spanish Boy Monarch, Rose, Kingly, Noble
Bellarose  Girl God Protects My House, Beautiful, Renown, Rose
Bergrós  Girl Rose, Surname, Joyful Thought, Red Haired
Briallen   Welsh Girl Primrose
Brina  Celtic Girl From Cyprus, Inhabitants of Sabine, White Rose, Princess
Cabrina  Girl Name of the River Severn, Passion, Thorn, Endurance
Calirose  Girl Rose Bush, A Variety of Flower, Horse, Renown

Campu  Sanskrit Boy An Elaborate and Literary Form of Presenting a Story in Verse and Prose
Carlyrose  Girl Rose Bush, Renown, Strong, Flower Name
Cassandr  Girl Combination of Rose and Anna, Favour, Praiseworthy, Peaceful, Daughter of Kind Dasarath
Chalina  Girl Rose Bush, The Words Hros Which Means Horse, Renown, Flower Name
Charlotterose  Girl Rose, Strong, Vigorous, Man
Coal  Boy Prince of Red Roses, Darkly Complexioned, Young Creature, The Black
Col   Medieval English Boy Young Creature, Prince of Red Roses, The Black, Darkly Complexioned
Cole  Old English Boy Darkly Complexioned, Coal, Prince of Red Roses, The Black
Colee  Girl Renowned Mariner, Swarthy Black-Haired, Prince of Red Roses, Dark Haired
Coleigh  Girl Swarthy Black-Haired, The Black, Darkly Complexioned, Coal
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