Indian names meaning noble

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This is the list of indian names meaning noble or names that mean noble which also serves as indian baby names meaning noble to help you select a name for your child.
AaryaaGirlA Noble Lady
AaryavBoy Noble Person

AbhijanaBoy Of Noble Descent Ornament of the Family
AbhijatGirlNoble Wise Conquest Complete Victory
AdaGirlNoble Kind Nobility The Oldest Daughter Happy Ornament Child of the Red Earth Brightness Prosperous Style
AdaraGirlVirgin Beauty Fire Noble
AdelBoy/GirlRighteous Upright Sincere Justice Noble Equal Alike God is Eternal High-born Brave Nobility
AdelaGirl Nobility Noble Kind Softer Small Winged One
AdelleGirl Noble Form of Adelaide Noble and of Kind Spirit
AdieBoy Noble Kind Adornment Jewel
AdinaGirlNoble Minded Decoration Friday Beautiful Gorgeous Delicate Slender Refined Gentle
AidaGirlVisiting Noble Nobility Reward Present Helper Rest Peace Comfort Distinguished Returning Visitor Returning (a Guest or Someone who is to Return)
AjahniBoy He who Wins the Struggle in African Speaking Countries Of Noble Birth
AjaniGirlHe Fights for What is his Of Noble Birth
AkramBoyExcellent More Generous-noble Generous Another Name for God
AlaBoyNobility Excellence Superior All and Rich Power Rule Truthful Noble Exalted Defending Men
AlbertBoy Noble and Bright Highborn Brilliant Noble Noble Famous Bright through Nobility Bright
AldaGirlRich Old Wise Noble
AldisBoy From the Old House Old Tired Battle Season Noble
AleeshaGirlNoble Nobility Noble Sort Variant of Alice
AliGirlGod Excellent Noble Sublime Light Lofty To Ascend Exalted One Also Mohammad's Son-in-law Elevated Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AlinGirlFair Handsome Both a Diminutive of Albert Noble Rock Comely To Soothe Bearer of the Light Scorpion The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
AlindaBoy/GirlNoble Shield Balcony
AllaGirl Defender Nobility The Supreme Spirit Mother Noble Kind True to All
AlliGirlLong-tailed Duck Noble Nobility Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Diamond
AlvinBoy Noble Friend A City on a White Hill
AmjadBoyGreat Noble More Gratifying Most Excellent More Illustrious
AmritanshBoy Noble Partition
ArianaGirl Man Pledge Land of Arians Noble Pure Very Holy Woman Like Silver
ArjumandGirl Beloved Noble Honourable Excellent
ArteBoy Noble Bear Man
ArthurBoy Noble Bear Rock Noble Strength Stone
AryaGirlTo Get the Most Important Powerful Noble Great Truthful Honoured Goddess Parvati Noble in Sanskrit Melody or Air in Italian Lioness in Hebrew
AryaditaBoy Friend The Noble Conqueror
AryakaBoy/GirlThe Noble The Truthful
AryakumaraBoy Noble Prince
AryamikBoy Noble Virtuous
AryanBoyNoble Old Civilisation Related From a High Race Son of Arya That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength Belonging to the Aryans

AseelahGirlFrom Noble Family One Belonging to a Great Heritage and Family
AsharBoy Noble One of God
AshfaqueBoy Noble Prince
AzadehGirl Dry Earth Detached Free of Material Things Noble Freedom Princess
BaranBoy Noble Man
BaruBoyBrave Noble
BashaBoyStranger King Emperor Noble Daughter of God
BhadrasvaBoy Noble Horse Owner of Good Horses
BhadresaBoy Lord of Nobles Husband of Noble Family
BhadrikaBoy/GirlNoble King Pareekshit's Wife
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