Al name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old High German, Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Old Greek, Old English, Irish and Gaelic
Usage: Arabic, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Al al
Meaning: Description of a Lion, Name of the Prophet's Uncle, Help of God (Alalh), Noble, Honorable and Bright
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What does Al mean?

Persistent and Acclaimed Al substantially is used in Norwegian, Arabic, Finnish, Swedish, English and Danish is a gender insensitive name that came from Gaelic, Latin, Old High German, Irish, Germanic, Celtic, Old English and Old Greek, meaning of Al is "Description of a Lion, Name of the Prophet's Uncle, Help of God (Alalh), Noble, Honorable or Bright".

Al is form of recent Callister. Callister is form of Alexander in English language. Al is version of illustrous Ali. Ali is form of new-fangled Callister. Also Ali is form of Names Beginning with Al-.

Ali is diminutive of names with "Al". Also Ali is diminutive of Alf Or Alexander. Ali is Greenlandic equivalent of Ale. Commonly Accepted and Perpetual Ali has its origin in Arabic and Gaelic, Ali means "To Ascend and Whoever is Above".

Al is short form of Alvin. Alvin is version of Adalwin. Also Alvin is version of The Old Norse Name Alfvin. Alvin is also version of The Old High German Name Albwin.

Alvin is also version of The Old English Name Ælfwine. Alvin is also variant form of The Old High German Name Adalwin. Alvin is resulted from Allowin. Meaning of Alvin is Related to Elf and Elf is rooted from Old High German, German and Old English.

Al is form of Alla in Norwegian language.

How do I pronounce Al?

One syllabled Al is most commonly pronounced as al.

Variants of Al

Adalbert, Adalbrecht, Callister, Ali, Alexander, Ale, Aali, Eli, Amir Ali, Alla, Aila, Ala, Alli

How popular is the name Al?

A common name in United States with over 17247 new-borns have been given the name since 1880. Currently the name is rising, in 1910, 438 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 285th position.

In addition to that, the first name has been in Al is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 28 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 2000.

Over 245 people have been named Al in England and Wales.

But Al is a popular baby name in Indonesia where every 1 in 5000 have the name as well as in, Bangladesh, Canada, Philippines, Libya, Yemen, India, Nigeria, Iraq and Sudan.

As per our evaluation, over 370000 people has been named Al globally.

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Numerological aspects of Al

You have the ability to predict things before they happen thanks to your strong intuition. You solve problems systematically and diplomatically. Stick with your goals and don't give up until you become proud of yourself. Your attitude is expressive and energetic. Your life interests change as you change, constantly. When it comes to love, you can't stand a monogamous relationship. The letter A as your cornerstone reveals your ability to lead people and get them to do the stuff you want them to do.

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Sibling Names for Al

Are you searching for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy? Look no further than the name "Al"! Short and sweet, this name is easy to pronounce and has a timeless charm. To help you narrow down your options, here are some sibling names that pair well with "Al".

Sister to Al

Brother for Al

Famous people named Al

  • Al McCoy, American broadcaster and announcer
  • Al Neuharth, American businessman, author, and columnist
  • Al Albert, sportscaster,
  • Al Lohman, personality and comedian with a long career
  • Al Duerr, Canadian former politician
  • Al Dvorin, American bandleader and talent agent
  • Al LeConey, American athlete
  • Al Bennett, record company executive who worked at Dot Records
  • Al Cleveland, American songwriter for the Motown label
  • Al Eugster, American animator, writer, and film director
  • Al Ham, American composer and jingle writer
  • Al Jefferson, American professional basketball player for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association
  • Al Veys, took office as the 39th mayor of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Al Primo, television news executive
  • Al Trautwig, sports commentator with the MSG Network, ABC, NBC
  • Al Young, American poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter
  • Al Carmines, Alvin Allison "Al" Carmines, Jr
  • Al Aronowitz, American rock journalist best
  • Al Buell, American painter of pin-up art
  • Al Bernstein, American sportscaster, writer, stage performer
  • Al Kavelin, was considered a highly influential bandleader of the 1930s
  • Al C. Kalmbach, founder of Kalmbach Publishing
  • Al and Ann Stohlman, pioneer
  • Al Minns, prominent American Lindy Hop and jazz dancer
  • Al Copley, blues pianist
  • Al Kerth, St
  • Al Berard, Cajun musician, recording artist
  • Al Hodge, American actor best
  • Al Holbert, five-time champion of the IMSA Camel GT series
  • Al Zampa, United States bridge worker
  • Al Kasha, American songwriter
  • Al Voecks, newsman for the 'Gerry House and the House Foundation' morning show on WSIX-FM
  • Al Runte, environmental historian and former college educator
  • Al Lee, Boston-born American actor
  • Al Goodman, Graduate of the Baltimore City College and the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore
  • Al Herpin, American known as the "Man Who Never Slept"
  • Al Hayman, business partner of the better-known Charles Frohman
  • Al Hodge, guitarist and songwriter,
  • Al Parker, American artist and illustrator
  • Al Simmons, Canadian children's performer from Anola, Manitoba
  • Al Pittman, poet and playwright from Newfoundland
  • Al Jennings, attorney in Oklahoma Territory
  • Al Lichtman, businessman working in the motion picture industry
  • Al Richardson, British Trotskyist historian and activist
  • Al Fitch, American athlete
  • Al Gromer Khan, German-born sitar player and composer whose music spans the multiple genres of ambient
  • Al Miller, American racecar driver active
  • Al Lovejoy, South African writer
  • Al Gordon, American racecar driver
  • Alliyah Sky in The New Behind the Green Door as Actress
  • Allison Farrance in Candiland as Actress
  • Alli Parrish in The Last Recollection as Actress
  • Al Adamson was a prolific film director and producer of American nationality, specializing in the making of horror films of series B in the years 1960 and 1970.
  • Al Pacino in movie Serpico as Actor
  • Al Avalon characterized pivotal character of Tony Banford in 1962 adventure, drama movie Brushfire.
  • In 2011 drama, musical movie, Go for It!, Al Bandiero characterized Frank Martin.
  • Al Bano played the leading role of Prof. Marco Allegri in 1984 comedy, romance film Champagne in paradiso.
  • Al Blair, from 1986 drama movie Hard Traveling, who portrayed Jim Baldwin.
  • In 1990, Al Peter Bruno portrayed the role of Door Man in action and comedy movie Arrive Alive.
  • Al Campbell, from 1977 documentary flick A Right to Live, who characterized the Narrator.
  • In 1974, Al Cliver portrayed the role of Servant in drama, romance flick Il saprofita.
  • In 2005 crime movie, The Dead Guy's Son, Al Dilorenzo played Sheriff Lou Butterfield.
  • In 1945, Al Eben characterized the role of Hans Kroegert in adventure, comedy movie White Pongo.
  • In 1924, Al Ferguson played the role of Richard Dunbar in drama movie Shackles of Fear.
  • In 1916 drama movie, The Bruiser, Al Fordyce played Munsey.
  • In 1928, Al Ernest Garcia played the role of The Circus Proprietor and Ring Master in comedy, romance movie The Circus.
  • Al K. Hall, from 1922 drama movie Insinuation, who played 'Spike' Henderson.
  • Al Hallett, from 1924 romance, western flick The Passing of Wolf MacLean, who played the Parson Dan Williams.
  • In 1918 drama flick, The Power and the Glory, Al Hart played Pros Passmore.
  • Al Michaels, from 1996 adventure and comedy movie Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, who characterized Sparky Michaels.
  • Al Nasir, from 1957 romance flick Mera Salaam, who characterized N.
  • Al No'mani characterized leading role of Brando in 2009 comedy flick Baghdad Texas.
  • Al Pearce, from 1946 comedy and crime flick One Exciting Week, who portrayed the Dan Flannery.
  • In 1987 action and comedy film, Eat the Rich, Al Pillay portrayed Alex.
  • In 1937, Al Ritz played the role of Al Ritz in comedy and music film Life Begins in College.
  • In 2012, Al Shearer played the role of Al Shearer in comedy film Al Shearer: The Other Black Guy Running for President in 2012.
  • In 1942 action and adventure movie, Billy the Kid Trapped, Al St. John portrayed Fuzzy Jones.
  • Al Stewart, from 1921 film The Girl from Nowhere, who portrayed Steve La Marche.
  • Al Taylor, from 1926 western movie The Dangerous Dub, who played 'Scar-face' Hanan.
  • Al Valletta, from 1982 action and comedy movie Runaway Nightmare, who portrayed Jason.
  • Al Ward, from 1970 drama, romance flick Gabriella, Gabriella, who portrayed Frank Hildebrandt.
  • Al Wilson, from 1928 drama movie The Air Patrol, who portrayed Al Langdon.
  • In 2009 drama film, Motherland, Al Bowen characterized Immigration Agent.


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