Dor name meaning

Updated: February 15th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Dor dor
Meaning: A Generation a Home
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What does Dor mean?

Dor's meaning is A Generation a Home used for both boys and girls is originated from Hebrew.

Does Dor sound like a good baby name?

Dor is a short, catchy baby boy name from Hebrew roots. Unlike many names, Dor's unique melody stands out hinting at legacy and continuation. Dor is perfect for parents seeking a name that reflects values and traditions passed on to future generations.

Simple to spell and say, it's great for daily use. In short, Dor is a suitable option for parents wanting a culturally significant, yet simple name.

How do I pronounce Dor?

The one syllabled name Dor is pronounced, dor.

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Numerological analysis of Dor

Your only mistake is that you are trying to prove others you can do it, instead of proving yourself. You don't even try to explain yourself, except to the people that matter. Number 4 as your expression no reveals your inner strength, strong communication and organization abilities, and well-structured life. Having letter D as your cornerstone reveals your realistic attitude toward life. You love your family but never show it.

Other names similar to Dor

  •  Mathy - Meaning of Mathy is Gift of God has its origin in Hebrew used in Tamil is a boy name
  •  Gjon - Gjon's meaning is Yahweh is Gracious is used majorly in Albanian aimed at boys is of Hebrew origin
  •  Michale - Used particulary in English celebrated, Michale means "Brook and Who is Like God". Its origin is in Hebrew is used for both sexes. Michale is derivation of Michal.
  •  Hyllel - The boy name Hyllel means "To Praise" is originated from Hebrew language. Hyllel is derived from Hillel.
  •  Emmanuella - The queer girl name Emmanuella means "God with Us" is of Hebrew origin
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Middle names for Dor

There are plenty of flying high and familiar middle names that fit after "Dor". Have a look at them:

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Sibling Names for Dor

If you're searching for a unique and meaningful name for your little one, consider the name "Dor". This name has Hebrew origins and means "generation" or "dweller". Here are some sibling names that pair well with Dor, ranging from classic to modern choices.

Sister for Dor

Brother to Dor

Famous people named Dor

  • Dorothy Wilson in Flipper's Bank Account as Actress
  • Dorothy McGowan in Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? as Actress
  • Dorothy Keville in Fish and Chips as Producer
  • Dor Florentin is renowned for her acting in short The Flood
  • Dor Zweigenboim characterized the central character of Arale in 1987 drama, romance movie Blues Lahofesh Hagadol.

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