Marisela name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 3rd, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Spanish, Latin and Italian
Usage: Spanish and English
Pronunciation: m(a)-rise-la
Meaning: María and Celia
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What does Marisela mean?

Marisela means María or Celia has its origin in Latin, Spanish and Italian given to both boys and girls is used principally in Spanish and English. Marisela is English and Spanish equivalent of Maricela.

Also Marisela is English equivalent of Maris. Also Marisela is English and Spanish equivalent of Marisa.

How is Marisela regarded as a baby name?

Marisela is regarded as an adorable and unique baby girl name. It has Latin origins and means 'Star of the sea'. It evokes a sense of adventure, serenity and beauty, making it a popular name for many girls around the world.

Parents who choose this name for their daughter typically envision her having success, independence and unique style. The versatility of the name allows parents to associate it with any context they wish, making it even more special to them.

Marisela is associated with femininity and confidence, qualities which are highly desirable in modern society.

How do I pronounce Marisela?

m(a)-rise-la is the most common way to pronounce two syllabled Marisela. The name can also be pronounced as mar(i)-sela.

Variants of Marisela

Maricela, Maris, Marisa, Marcella, Mary, Maricel, Mario, Marius, Marice, Marise, Adamaris, Maria, Mareesa, Marita

Names that rhyme with Marisela

How popular is the name Marisela?

Marisela used to be a common name in United States, first appeared in 1945 and over 10079 babies have been given the name in 77 years. At the peak of its usage in 1985,.

However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 77 years. Moreover, the name has been to But Marisela is a popular baby name in Mexico where every 1 in 2000 have the name as well as in, Venezuela, Cuba and Colombia.

According to our findings, over 160000 babies have been named Marisela globally.

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Numerological aspects of Marisela

People respect you for always serving the ugly truth instead of lies. You have the ability to predict things before they happen thanks to your strong intuition. If you want to play with the big players, act like one. Reveal your pain and let people who've hurt you know how you feel. You live for the things that matter like friendship, kindness, cruelty-free world, and dreams. You are a born leader who likes to be in charge of things.

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Middle names for Marisela

These are the familiar and attractive middle names that we love for the name Marisela.

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Famous people named Marisela

  • Marisela, American singer
  • Marisela Berti in Doña Bárbara as Actress
  • Marisela Buitriago in Gata salvaje as Actress
  • Marisela González in Gran lanzamiento as Actress
  • Marisela Gonzales in Dangerous Minds as Actress
  • Marisela Zumbado in The DUFF as Actress
  • Marisela Morales Ibáñez was born on March 1, 1970 in Ciudad de Mé xico. She is a lawyer graduated in law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a master's degree in criminal sciences from the National Institute of Penal Sciences.
  • Marisela Esqueda is noted for her acting in TV series Villa Alegre
  • Marisela Puicón portrayed the key role of Meche in 2014 drama film Climas.

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