Meral name meaning

Updated: March 17th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Celtic, Hebrew, Old French, Egyptian and Latin
Usage: Persian
Pronunciation: m(e)-ral
Meaning: Reh
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What does Meral mean?

Used prevalently in Persian new-fangled and uncommon, Meral is used normally as a baby girl name, Meral means "Reh" has origin in Hebrew, Latin, Celtic, Old French and Egyptian. Meral is version of dominant and perpetual Meryl.

Meryl is variant of well-known and durable Mary. Also Meryl is variant of persistent and famous Merle. New-fangled and Rare Meryl is used largely in English and Welsh, Meryl means "Shining Sea, A Bird and Sea-bright" is of Hebrew and Old French origin.

How do I pronounce Meral?

The proper pronunciation of two syllabled Meral is m(e)-ral.

Variants of Meral

Meryl, Mary, Merle, Maral, Maryl, Maaria, Marielle, Mai, Mara, Marea, Adamary, Marigrace, Maria, Mariam, Mariamne, Mirjam, Maryla, Merrill, Maralan

Names that rhyme with Meral

How popular is the name Meral?

Meral is an uncommon baby name in United States, its highest ever rank is 5273 (2018) in its 11 years run on United States naming chart. There are over 144 babies that have been given the name Meral in United States.

Also, it appeared first time in 1997 on baby girl names list of England and Wales. Also, it is among the top 2000 girl names in France. There are over 262 babies that have been given the name Meral in France.

But an extremely popular name in Turkey where every 1 in 700 have the name. As per our findings, over 120000 babies have been bestowed Meral around the globe.

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Meral in Nordic countries

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What numerology tells about Meral?

You always get things done faster than agreed and show great progress when it comes to your career. To have letter M as the first in your name means you are a prideful, hard-to-love-and-understand person. Your mood changes constantly because you are so fragile and sensitive. You should understand not everyone has the same expectations and wishes out of life and themselves. You have the ability to see inside people's soul and find out what they want.

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Famous people named Meral

  • Meral Okay in Muhtesem Yüzyil as Writer
  • Meral Küçükerol in Fantoma Istanbul'da bulusalim as Actress
  • Meral Çetinkaya in Mutluluk as Actress
  • Meral Zeren in Köyden indim sehire as Actress
  • Actor Meral Deniz, notable for movie Baraj
  • In 1979 drama film, Derya gülü, Meral Orhonsay played Meryem.
  • In 2004, Meral Perin portrayed the role of Dilek in comedy and crime flick Süperseks.
  • Meral Sayin, from 1966 drama, romance flick Burçak tarlasi, who characterized N.
  • Meral Oguz, from 1989 drama flick Filim Bitti, who played the N.
  • Meral Körmükçü portrayed central role of N in 1961 drama film Zeyno.
  • Meral Boduroglu portrayed leading role of N in 1985 drama flick Gözlerden Kalbe.
  • In 2016 comedy movie, Yola Geldik, Meral Kaplan portrayed N.

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