150+ Baby Names Inspired by Animals

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Hello to all you expectant parents. We've sifted through the wonders of the animal kingdom to find baby names that are not just unique but incredibly meaningful.

From tried-and-true classics like "Hawk" and "Bear"—names that conjure images of strength and majesty—to more exotic monikers like "Gazelle" or "Cobra," we've got a broad spectrum for you to explore. But the fun doesn't stop there!

If you’re looking for names that are on the cutting edge of cool, consider something like "Storm" or "Blaze"—names that have a contemporary flair and make a bold statement. Are you a fan of folklore and legends? Well, we haven’t forgotten about you. Names like "Pegasus" or "Medusa" dive deep into mythological waters, offering a blend of story and significance.

And let’s not leave out those of you who want a name that works for either boys or girls. With versatile options like "Jordan" and "Avery," you can break free from traditional gender norms while choosing a name that’s close to nature. Intrigued? You should be! Keep scrolling, and let's go on this fascinating journey together.

Classic Names from the Animal World

These are names that have stood the test of time, just like the animals they're inspired by. Think of strong and timeless animals like hawks and bears. These names feel like they've been around forever and won't go out of style.

Boy Names

1. Arthur

Evoking the strength and courage of a bear, Arthur is a name with a royal flair.

2. Leo

Simple yet resonant, Leo conjures the king of the jungle, symbolizing bravery and leadership.

3. Jonah

A tranquil, almost meditative name, it draws its inspiration from the gentle dove.

4. Felix

Light-hearted and spry, the name captures the agile and independent nature of a cat.

5. Griffin

Merging the eagle and lion, Griffin is a name that exudes mythical grandeur.

6. Lionel

With its 'young lion' meaning, Lionel is spirited yet refined.

7. Philip

Harking back to Greek origins, it’s perfect for little ones you’d affectionately call 'horse lover.'

8. Caleb

Intriguingly, Caleb, with its Hebraic roots, refers to man's best friend—the dog.

9. Devin

With Gaelic heritage, Devin emulates the tender qualities of a fawn.

10. Bernard

Steeped in Germanic tradition, Bernard translates to 'brave bear,' exuding a robust spirit.

11. Oswald

A less common choice, this name's roots often link with an eagle as a symbol of divine power.

12. Raymond

Derived from Germanic elements, this name calls forth the protective nature of a bear.

13. Leon

Another nod to lions, but with a more international flair.

14. Ulysses

Although linked to human traits, the 'wolf-like' nature of this name gives it an animalistic edge.

15. Marvin

Rooted in Welsh, this maritime name conjures images of seahorses navigating coral landscapes.

Girl Names

16. Ariel

Not just a mermaid! In Hebrew tradition, this name means 'Lion of God.'

17. Ursula

With its Latin origins, it alludes to a 'little bear,' perfect for your little cuddle bug.

18. Tabitha

This Aramaic name that means gazelle has a sprightly yet elegant aura.

19. Robin

This melodic name mirrors the cheerful call of its bird namesake.

20. Rachel

Known for its Biblical roots, the name is associated with an 'ewe,' or female sheep.

21. Lark

This one is for the jovial spirits, named after a bird known for its song.

22. Wren

Exuding minimalist charm, Wren is as unique as the bird it's named for.

23. Dove

Embodying peace and gentleness, it’s an ideal choice for a serene little one.

24. Paloma

A romantic Spanish twist on 'dove,' it adds an exotic touch.

25. Leonora

Rooted in Italian, it's a name that conjures a unique blend of light and lion-like courage.

26. Rosalind

With Germanic roots, the name intriguingly means 'tender horse.'

27. Mavis

An old French name referring to a song thrush, it’s as melodic as it sounds.

28. Phoebe

Although its meaning is 'bright and pure,' Phoebe also has avian associations.

29. Aviana

A modern invention, it’s clearly inspired by the word 'avian,' connecting it to birds.

30. Marcella

Evoking both strength and femininity, it often finds association with horses in ancient folklore.

Exotic Animal Names

These names come from different parts of the world, adding a touch of mystery and adventure. They might remind you of unique animals like gazelles or cobras. If you're looking for something special and different, this is your go-to list.

Boys' Names

31. Simba

Straight from the African savanna, this Swahili name means 'lion,' evoking courage and nobility.

32. Tarek

While it translates to 'morning star,' it calls to mind the brilliance of celestial animals.

33. Orinoco

Named after the South American river, it's associated with the unique species of river dolphins found there.

34. Akela

Borrowed from Rudyard Kipling’s jungle, Akela, the lone wolf, signifies leadership.

35. Draco

Derived from Latin and Greek, this name has us soaring with dragons.

36. Puma

With Native American origins, Puma captures the sleekness and power of this predatory cat.

37. Lynx

Short yet striking, this name conjures images of the elusive wildcat.

38. Coburn

While its meaning centers on 'wild bird,' the name itself exudes rugged sophistication.

39. Zephyr

Not merely a wind, but one that carries the free spirit of flying birds.

40. Tigris

This intense name alludes to the mighty Tigris River, as well as the ferocious animal it shares its name with.

41. Onyx

A sleek and stylish name that reflects the dark, lustrous beauty of the black panther.

42. Basil

While it means 'royal,' it can be associated with the king cobra, known for its majestic presence.

43. Reno

French in origin but universally cool, it often appears in literature alongside lions.

44. Peregrine

Latin for 'traveler,' the name also belongs to a falcon known for its incredible speed.

45. Indra

A Vedic god who's often depicted riding a magnificent white elephant, symbolizing both power and wisdom.

Girls' Names

Child on horse in Alps Mountain

46. Deryn

Of Welsh origin, this enchanting name means 'bird,' making it a less common avian pick.

47. Leocadia

With Greek roots, this unique name is one for the lion-hearted ladies.

48. Zara

While it means 'princess,' the name also finds kinship with a lesser-known bird species.

49. Ascella

Borrowed from astronomy, this name takes its cue from a star in the centaur constellation.

50. Astra

Going beyond our planet, it's a heavenly name that points to the celestial constellation of animals.

51. Fenella

Scottish in origin, it charmingly means 'white shoulders,' reminiscent of certain bird species.

52. Seraphina

Rooted in Hebrew, the name evokes fiery, celestial serpents.

53. Yara

With Brazilian roots, this delicate name means 'small butterfly.'

54. Tora

A fierce pick for girls, this Japanese name means 'tiger.'

55. Ziba

Of Persian lineage, this elegant name means 'gazelle,' symbolizing grace.

56. Naia

With Basque origins, this one is for your little mermaid; it translates to 'dolphin.'

57. Cyra

Persian for 'like the sun,' this name evokes the splendor of sunbirds.

58. Nalini

Stemming from Sanskrit, it means 'lotus,' a flower often accompanied by fish in artistic depictions.

59. Shiri

In Hebrew, this poetic name means 'my song,' akin to the melodious tunes of a bird.

60. Varuna

A divine Hindu name, Varuna is the god of oceans and rides mythical sea creatures.

Nature and Animal Mix

Here, the beauty of nature meets the animal kingdom. These names could be inspired by birds like sparrows or elements of nature that animals call home. They make you think of green forests, blue skies, and the animals that live in them.


61. Hawk

This monosyllabic name instantly conjures an image of keen vision and predatory skill, emblematic of the raptor from which it takes its name.

62. Falcon

Evoking a sense of majesty and grace, Falcon is derived from the Latin word 'falco,' a bird renowned for its hunting prowess.

63. Wolf

A straightforward name that echoes primal instincts and pack loyalty, borrowed directly from the wild canines that roam forests and mountains.

64. Fox

Crafty and quick, Fox is a zippy name that carries an air of mischief and intelligence, just like its animal counterpart.

65. Colt

Signifying youth and vitality, this name mirrors the qualities of a young horse, embodying unbridled energy.

66. Talon

With French origins meaning 'heel,' this name subtly but sharply alludes to the large claws of birds of prey.

67. Jay

Not only a letter in the alphabet, but this short and snappy name also refers to a vibrant, intelligent bird.

68. Raven

A symbol of wisdom and mystery in various cultures, Raven exudes a sense of enigmatic allure.

69. Bear

Earthy and raw, this name encapsulates the essence of untamed wilderness and brute strength.

70. Gull

Derived from Old Norse, Gull implies a sense of freedom and unboundedness, akin to a seagull soaring over oceans.

71. Pike

A freshwater game fish known for its aggressiveness, this name offers an unusual but striking aquatic flair.

72. Finch

Named after the small, colorful bird, Finch evokes a sense of light-hearted buoyancy.

73. Cormorant

Originating from Latin and French, this unique name references a bird well-adapted for diving and fishing.

74. Moose

With Native American roots, this name is an homage to the majestic creature that roams the northern forests.

75. Badger

Old English in origin, Badger is synonymous with tenacity and determination, mirroring the attributes of its animal namesake.

Little Girl with puppy


76. Phoenix

Rooted in Greek mythology, this name is emblematic of renewal and immortality, a fitting moniker for a resilient spirit.

77. Sparrow

Simple yet melodious, Sparrow brings to mind the small, chirpy bird known for its social nature.

78. Swan

Synonymous with elegance and grace, Swan is as straightforward as it is expressive.

79. Kitty

Often considered a diminutive of Katherine, this name holds a universal charm that evokes the playfulness and affection of domestic cats.

80. Gazelle

Originating from Arabic, this name signifies grace and beauty, perfectly mirroring the agile creature it represents.

81. Fawn

Derived from Old French, Fawn conjures images of innocence and gentleness, akin to a young deer.

82. Starling

With Old English roots, Starling is as captivating as the bird it's named for, known for their social and vocal skills.

83. Petrel

A rare name with an aura of mystery, Petrel is inspired by a bird that gracefully skims over the ocean's surface.

84. Sable

French in origin, Sable alludes to the dark hue of the sable antelope, offering a unique color-based animal inspiration.

85. Osprey

With Old French and Latin roots, this name derives from a bird of prey known for its fishing skill, exuding a strong and independent vibe.

86. Heron

With uncertain etymology, Heron mirrors the regality of the long-legged bird known for its patience and precision.

87. Kestrel

Named after a small falcon, Kestrel implies agility and keen observation, embodying the qualities of the bird it's inspired by.

88. Quail

Originating from Middle English, Quail is a soft, evocative name that calls to mind the modest, ground-dwelling bird.

89. Puffin

With Old English origins, Puffin is a quirky and delightful name that pays tribute to the adorable seabirds of the Northern Hemisphere.

Animal Names from Myths and Legends

These are not your everyday animal names. They come from old stories and myths, featuring creatures like dragons and mermaids. If you like tales of adventures and magical beings, these names could be the perfect fit.

Baby Boy Names

90. Cerberus

With its Greek origin, Cerberus symbolizes guardianship and loyalty, the same qualities you’d expect from a three-headed dog guarding the underworld.

91. Fenrir

Rooted in Norse mythology, this name implies a fierce and untamed essence, akin to the giant wolf it represents.

92. Pegasus

Borrowed from Greek myth, Pegasus denotes majesty and freedom, evoking the winged horse known for its soaring leaps.

93. Gryphon

Derived from ancient texts, Gryphon (or Griffin) combines the royal nature of a lion with the keen instinct of an eagle, embodying strength and wisdom.

94. Roc

An Arabic legendary bird, Roc symbolizes grandeur and untold might, a fitting name for a boy you foresee as powerful and indomitable.

95. Basilisk

Latin in origin, this name signifies the 'king of serpents,' carrying an aura of mystique and commanding respect.

96. Wyvern

With Old French roots, Wyvern channels the majesty and ferocity of a dragon, albeit with a more streamlined form.

97. Chiron

A centaur renowned for his wisdom in Greek mythology, Chiron strikes a balance between the primal and the intellectual.

98. Orion

Although commonly associated with the celestial, Orion is often depicted with animals in his role as a hunter, adding a layered meaning to the name.

99. Manticore

Originating from Persian myth, this name echoes danger and intrigue, much like the mythical lion with a scorpion tail it represents.

100. Hippogriff

An amalgamation of eagle and horse, Hippogriff is a harmonious blend that signifies grace and courage.

101. Gorgon

Greek in origin, Gorgon instills a sense of dread and awe, reflecting its mythological roots as a creature with snake hair.

102. Ladon

Another serpentine name from Greek mythology, Ladon conjures images of protection and guardianship, as it guarded the golden apples in the Garden of Hesperides.

103. Pan

Rooted in Greek myth, Pan embodies the untamed aspects of nature, reflected in his half-goat, half-man form.

104. Selkie

Originating from Orkney folklore, Selkie bridges the gap between the terrestrial and aquatic worlds, reflecting its seal shape-shifting abilities.

Baby Girl Names

105. Harpy

Inspired by Greek myths, Harpy embodies a mix of allure and terror, fitting for the bird-woman known to torment humans.

106. Siren

While charming in sound, Siren is rooted in Greek myths as bird-women who lured sailors to their doom, capturing both beauty and danger.

107. Lamia

Greek in origin, Lamia evokes a sensual yet menacing aura, mirroring its mythological roots as a serpent-woman.

108. Naga

With Hindu and Buddhist roots, Naga is both mystical and majestic, drawing from its serpent-like attributes.

109. Merle

Rooted in Old French, Merle denotes the blackbird, offering a simple yet evocative animal association.

110. Chimera

Greek in origin, Chimera signifies complexity and intrigue, much like the multi-headed creature it’s named after.

111. Hydra

Another multi-headed monster from Greek myth, Hydra represents resilience and adaptability.

112. Valkyrie

Rooted in Norse mythology, Valkyrie embodies strength and dignity, often accompanied by a raven, the chooser of the slain.

113. Medusa

Both revered and feared, Medusa is a complex character from Greek mythology, capturing the dichotomy of beauty and horror with her serpent locks.

114. Echidna

As the mother of monsters in Greek myths, Echidna embodies a blend of allure and terror, given her half-woman, half-snake form.

115. Arachne

Greek in origin, Arachne resonates with creativity and a touch of hubris, reflecting the talented weaver who was transformed into a spider.

116. Selene

Often depicted with a crescent moon and bulls, this Greek goddess embodies the celestial and the earthly, offering a rich tapestry of symbolism.

117. Nyx

Greek for ‘night,’ Nyx is often portrayed with an owl, adding another layer of animal symbolism to its mysterious allure.

118. Hippolyta

With its etymology linked to horses, Hippolyta offers a sturdy, yet regal, aura reminiscent of the Amazonian queen it’s named after.

119. Banshee

Rooted in Irish folklore, Banshee (meaning 'woman of the fairy mound') is sometimes accompanied by a crow or raven, adding a darker, more mystical layer to the name.

Trendy and Modern Animal Names

These names are new, cool, and very now. Think of fast and sleek animals like sharks or trendy concepts like storms. They're perfect if you're looking for something current yet inspired by the animal world.

Kid playing leopard in theater

Names for Baby Boys

120. Tiger

A name that immediately conjures images of stealth and power, Tiger is evocative of the majestic feline found in jungles.

121. Jett

Inspired by the jet-black hue of a panther, Jett presents a sleek and modern choice, portraying agility and mystery.

122. Blaze

This name is redolent of both fire and the blazing speed of a cheetah, offering a dynamic option for a lively boy.

123. Storm

Borrowing from the storm petrel bird, this name carries an aura of unpredictability and raw power, like the forces of nature.

124. Thunder

This name invokes the legendary Thunderbird of Native American lore, symbolizing strength and untamed energy.

125. Raptor

A moniker that resonates with keen eyesight and predatory prowess, inspired by birds of prey like hawks and eagles.

126. Shark

Sleek, swift, and astute, Shark is a name imbued with aquatic mystique and an undertow of ferocity.

127. Buzz

Simulating the sound a hawk makes, Buzz is both vibrant and succinct, encapsulating the energetic and vigilant nature of the bird.

128. Larkspur

A mellifluous blend of flora and fauna, Larkspur ties together the spirited lark bird with the grace of a flowering plant.

129. Quill

This name draws from the delicate feather of a bird, implying a sense of fragility yet essential functionality, like the pen that transcribes wisdom.

130. Viper

Potent and slightly ominous, Viper hints at the mesmerizing allure of danger, echoing the snake’s beguiling traits.

131. Cobalt

Drawing on the vivid blue of a bluebird, Cobalt offers a name teeming with vibrancy and depth.

Names for Baby Girls

132. Skye

Alluding to the expansive sky where birds soar, Skye offers an ethereal and uplifting option.

133. Misty

Conjuring visions of early morning meadows inhabited by a variety of animals, Misty adds a layer of enigmatic charm.

134. Luna

Inspired by the Lunar Moth, Luna imbues the mysterious allure of nighttime, capturing the magic of dusk and dawn.

135. Jade

Evoking the greenish hues of a snake’s scales, Jade presents a rich and complex palette of natural elegance.

136. Coral

This name takes its inspiration from the sea, alluding to the vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life.

137. Tawny

Named after the Tawny owl, this moniker imparts a warm, earthy feel, reminiscent of woodlands.

138. Sunny

Inspired by the radiant sunbird, Sunny exudes a bright and cheerful persona, symbolizing happiness and vitality.

139. Zephyra

Borrowing from the west wind, this name brings to mind images of birds riding the air currents, encapsulating grace and freedom.

140. Feather

Soft yet crucial for flight, Feather symbolizes the delicate balance between fragility and function.

141. Ebony

Drawing inspiration from the dark wood, this name echoes the raven or blackbird, resonating with depth and mystery.

142. Stormy

Much like its masculine counterpart, Stormy embodies a blend of unpredictability and raw, natural power, just like the storm petrel.

143. Calypso

Named after a sea nymph often accompanied by dolphins, Calypso brings a melodic and aquatic flair to the table.

144. Topaz

Reminiscent of the kingfisher’s colorful plumage, Topaz is a jewel of a name, radiating a spectrum of bright, lively hues.

145. Rain

Conjuring the lush environments of rainforests, home to a plethora of animals, Rain offers a name as refreshing as it is vitalizing.

Unisex Animal Names

These names work for everyone, no matter their gender. They're inspired by diverse elements of nature and different animals, like rivers and lions. They offer a wide range of options that don't box you into traditional boy or girl choices.

146. Avery

While originally meaning "ruler of elves," Avery also connotes a species of bird. The name offers an intriguing duality: fantastical leadership and avian grace.

147. Jordan

Literally meaning "down-flowing," it subtly hints at riverine habitats that teem with life, from fish to amphibians.

148. Taylor

Typically associated with cutting cloth, Taylor also harks back to the taylorbird. It's a nuanced name that sews together craftsmanship and nature.

149. Casey

With a meaning rooted in bravery, Casey resonates with the courage often attributed to lions, blending the rugged and the regal.

150. Rowan

This name invokes the rowan tree, a sanctuary for numerous bird species. It's a moniker brimming with both arboreal and avian symbolism.

151. Sage

Directly translating to wisdom, Sage evokes the age-old perception of the owl as a wise creature. It's an erudite and nature-infused option.

152. Morgan

Originating as "sea circle," Morgan calls forth images of dolphins gracefully arcing through ocean waves. It has a maritime allure that's as deep as it is wide.

153. Reed

Borrowing from the reed bird, this name portrays a sense of adaptability and survival, echoing the bird's natural habitat in marshlands.

154. Skyler

Drawing from the sky itself, Skyler embodies an infinite canvas on which birds and other winged creatures dance.

155. Riley

Meaning "valiant," Riley brings to mind the courageousness often associated with lions.

156. Dakota

An indigenous term for "friend," Dakota often appears in totemic animal representations.

157. Shannon

Named after an "old river," Shannon evokes habitats where a plethora of animals converge for sustenance and shelter.

158. Kelly

With roots in the term "warrior," Kelly resonates with the same formidable strength we often attribute to lions.

Wrap Up

Alright, we've ventured through forests, soared through skies, and even dabbled in mythology to bring you this extensive list of animal-inspired baby names.

Whether you've been drawn to the courage evoked by a name like "Raptor," the grace signified by "Swan," or the enchanting, mythical air of a name like "Fenrir," our wish is that you’ve discovered the perfect name that speaks to both your heart and your imagination.

After all, a name isn't just a label—it's a gift that lasts a lifetime. It's an identity your child will carry, a word that will define them in ways both big and small. So why settle for ordinary when you can choose a name that’s as extraordinary as the child who will bear it?

We hope this carefully curated list will guide you toward a choice that’s as special as your soon-to-be little one.

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