Felix name meaning

Updated: March 16th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Latin
Usage: English, English, German, Romanian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavic, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Felix fee-liks
Meaning: Fortunate, Happy and Name of a Saint
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What does Felix mean?

Meaning of Felix is Fortunate, Happy or Name of a Saint has its origin in Latin aimed at both sexes is used predominantly in English, Romanian, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Scandinavian, Icelandic, Polish, Greenlandic, Dutch, Swedish, German, Finnish and Slavic.

The name is celebrated on February 12th.

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How do I pronounce Felix?

fee-liks is the most common way to pronounce two syllabled Felix.

Variants of Felix

Felicianus, Bodog, Fee, Felicitas, Fe, Felician, Felicius, Felisitas, Zita, Felicia, Felicity, Faith

Names that rhyme with Felix

How popular is the name Felix?

a popular name in United States having over 70673 recievers in 214 years of usage. Recently at its peak, the moniker grabbed the 137th spot and 1638 baby boys were given the name.

In addition to that, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names a whooping 139 times Also, Felix is a popular name in England and Wales given to over 9877 babies in 27 years.

Currently at its peak, the moniker grabbed the 91st spot and 689 baby boys were given the name. Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 100 baby names 6 times Also, Felix is a popular name in Sweden given to over 7586 babies in 20 years.

At its zenith in 2006, 508 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 27th position. Additionally, the name has been in the top 50 baby names 13 times

In France, Felix was once a common name since emerging in 2010 it has been given to over 769 babies.

When at the peak of its usage in 2010,. However after 9 years, the name is on free fall on the charts. Also, In Switzerland, Felix was once a common name since emerging in 1998 it has been given to over 1692 babies.

When at the peak of its usage in 2015,. However after 21 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but it is still going strong. Also, Felix is a common name in Netherlands given to over 619 babies in 5 years.

Currently the name is rising, in 2019, 165 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 100th position. Also, Felix is common in Denmark where over 2679 new-borns have been given the name since 2010.

At the peak of its usage in 2017, the moniker grabbed the 16th spot and 336 baby boys were given the name. Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 50 baby names 10 times Also, A common name in Belgium with over 2011 new-borns have been given the name since 1995.

At its zenith in 2018, the moniker grabbed the 48th spot and 167 baby boys were given the name. Also, Felix was a common name in New South Wales. Over 725 babies have been named Felix since 2013.

At the peak of its usage in 2016,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 6 years. Also, A common name in Victoria with over 641 new-borns have been given the name since 2012.

At present the name is rising, in 2019, 109 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 69th position.

Felix is a familiar baby name in Queensland, during its short term of usage, the name has been to the top 100 names.

Recently in 2019, 76 babies were given Felix and it reached its peak ranking, 90 on boy names chart. Over 142 babies in Queensland have been named Felix. The first name is a unique baby name in Ireland, it has been in use since 1964 and was able to reach the top 200 names.

In 1967, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 156 on boy names chart when 32 babies were named Felix. Over 384 babies in Ireland have been named Felix.

Felix is a rare baby name in Queensland still in use today.

There are over 142 babies that have been given the name Felix in Queensland. However things change on global perspective, Felix is extremely popular in Mexico where every 1 in 700 have the name as well as in, Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya and Peru.

Also the baby name is popular in DR Congo, Ghana, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Ecuador, Cameroon, Germany, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Chad, Burundi, Angola, Guatemala, Brazil, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Benin, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Indonesia, Chile, Haiti, El Salvador, Panama, Madagascar, Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Austria, Ethiopia, Canada, Costa Rica, Togo, Malaysia and England.

At least, 2270000 people globally have carried Felix as their given name according to our evaluation.

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What numbers say about Felix?

You are an easy-going person who gets along with everyone. You predict things before they happen. You need to travel more because you work all the time. You are deeply related to the 5 senses. You desire to change constantly and you get easily bored. Not everyone will be there to help you when you need a hand, just like you are there for everyone. Freedom is what's most important for you. Find yourself a new hobby, bring freshness in your life.

Other names liked by would be moms that are similar to Felix

  •  François-Régis has its origin in Latin, François-Régis means "King"
  •  Bettina - Bettina's meaning is My God is Abundance, My God has Sworn or My God is Perfect is used specifically in Greenlandic, German and Swedish that came from Latin and Hebrew is given to baby girls
  •  Yula - Uncustomary Yula commonly is used in English, Slavic and Gaelic used for girls, meaning of Yula is "July" is of English, Latin and Irish origin. Yula is derived from July.
  •  Inès - Cherished Inès is originated from Latin and Old Greek, Inès means "The Chaste or The Pure", used particulary in Finnish and French is given to baby girls
  •  Illario - Illario's meaning is Cheerful or Happy that came from Latin is used notably in Italian
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Sibling Names for Felix

Looking for the perfect companion name for your little Felix? Look no further! We've compiled a list of some great sibling names that pair perfectly with this classic and timeless moniker. From traditional to trendy, there's something here for everyone. Check out our top picks and find the perfect name to complete your family.

Names for Felix's sister

Brother to Felix

Famous people named Felix

  • Felix Mendelssohn, German composer, pianist
  • Felix Calonder, Swiss politician
  • Felix de Weldon, Austrian-born American sculptor
  • Felix von Luckner, German nobleman, naval officer, author, and sailor
  • Felix Wakefield, English colonist
  • Felix Manz, Anabaptist
  • Felix Hoffmann, German chemist notable for re-synthesizing diamorphine
  • Felix Schlag, German born American sculptor
  • Felix Unger, heart specialist and a president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and Alma Mater Europaea
  • Felix Slade, English lawyer and collector of glass
  • Felix Arndt, American pianist and composer of popular music
  • Felix Draeseke, composer of the "New German School" admiring Liszt and Richard Wagner
  • Felix Santschi, Swiss entomologist
  • Felix Borowski, British/American composer and teacher
  • Felix Iversen, Finnish mathematician and a pacifist
  • Felix Weingartner, Austrian conductor, composer and pianist
  • Felix Salzer, Austrian-American music theorist
  • Felix Kersten, was before and during World War II the personal physical therapist of Heinrich Himmler
  • Felix Tikotin, architect, art collector
  • Felix Walker, Democratic-Republican U.S. Congressman
  • Felix Karrer, Austrian geologist
  • Felix Mottl, Austrian conductor and composer
  • Felix Fabri, Swiss Dominican theologian
  • Felix Allfarth,
  • Felix Timmermans, much translated author of Flanders
  • Felix Huston, lawyer, soldier
  • Felix Neff, Swiss Protestant divine and philanthropist
  • Felix Laband, electronic music artist
  • Felix of Nola, Christian presbyter at Nola near Naples in Italy
  • Felix Hamrin, Swedish politician
  • Felix D. Arroyo, current Register of Probate for Suffolk County
  • Felix Werder, German-born Australian composer of classical and electronic music
  • Felix Plater, Swiss physician, professor
  • Felix of Cantalice, O.F.M. Cap
  • Felix and Regula, and are the patron saints of Zürich
  • Felix Holtmann, Canadian former politician
  • Felix Linnemann, fourth president of the German Football Association
  • Felix Eugen Fritsch, British biologist
  • Felix Partz, Canadian artist and cofounder of the artistic collective General Idea with Jorge Zontal and AA Bronson
  • Felix Berezin, Soviet Russian mathematician and physicist
  • Felix Gottwald, Austrian Nordic combined athlete
  • Felix Bloch, Swiss-American physicist and Nobel physics laureate
  • Felix Hausdorff, German mathematician who is considered to be one of the founders of modern topology and
  • Felix Klein, German mathematician and mathematics educator,
  • Felix von Hartmann, German prelate
  • Felix Andries Vening Meinesz, Dutch geophysicist and geodesist
  • Felix S. Cohen, American lawyer and scholar
  • Felix Hoppe-Seyler, German physiologist and chemist
  • Felix von Luschan, Austrian doctor, anthropologist, explorer
  • Felix Bernstein, German Jewish mathematician
  • Felix Wankel, German mechanical engineer and inventor after whom the Wankel engine was named
  • Felix Dzerzhinsky, Bolshevik revolutionary, leader and statesman
  • Felix Yusupov, Russian aristocrat
  • Felix Pappalardi, Felix A. Pappalardi Jr
  • Felix Frankfurter, Austrian-American lawyer, professor
  • Felix Dennis, English publisher, poet
  • Felix Carrasco, Mexican-Austrian conductor
  • Felix Salten, Austrian author and critic in Vienna
  • Felix Grundy, congressman and senator

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