Names that mean Affection

✍  Updated on: July 26th, 2023

Searching for a name that expresses the overwhelming love and affection you feel for your little one? How about considering names that mean 'affection'? We've compiled an inspiring list of baby names that signify 'affection'.

Names like Amity, an English name that translates to 'friendship and harmony', often associated with affection, or Carwyn, a Welsh name meaning 'blessed love', could be ideal.

Doesn't an affectionate name express the boundless love you have for your baby? It's more than just a moniker, it's a reflection of the deep bond you share, isn't it?

So why not take a moment to browse our list of baby names that mean 'affection'? You might find that perfect name that captures the profound affection you feel for your precious one.

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