Ad name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 9th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew, Old English, Arabic, Germanic, Latin, English and Old High German
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Ad ad
Meaning: My Witness, Refuge of God, My Ornament, Yahweh is Just, Justice Before God, Proper Name, Good Fortune, From Kikuyu, One who is Settled, From Adria and Adriatic from the Stem End
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What does Ad mean?

Ad is variant of celebrated Adnan. Adnan is Latin cognate of The Arabic Name عدنان Meaning Settler. Adnan means Proper Name, Immortal In the Afterlife and From Kikuyu has its origin in Arabic and English.

Also. Ad is variant form of biblical and eminent Adlai. Also. Ad is variation of famed and timeless Adolf. Adolf is form of Athalwolf in German language. Also Adolf is German form of Attaulf.

Also. Ad is diminutive of Adriaan. Adriaan is variant of long standing and famous Adrian. Adriaan is Dutch equivalent of Adrian. Also. Ad is a short form of Adler. Adler is derived from The German Surname, Originally a House Name Common In Southwest Germany.

Also. Ad is short form of Adrianus. Adrianus is variant of The Roman Agnomen Hadrianus = Man from the Town Hadria. Adrianus is derivation of Adrian.

How does Ad feel as a baby name?

Ad is a unique and simple baby boy name that originates from Hebrew, meaning "earth." Although it has a short and straightforward spelling, the name Ad is not very common, making it a distinctive choice for parents seeking an unusual name for their little boy.

The name has no particular tradition or association with any famous personalities, which offers the opportunity to create a new legacy for your child.

How do I pronounce Ad?

One syllabled Ad is pronounced as ad.

Variants of Ad

Add, Adlai, Adnan, Adolf, Athalwolf, Attaulf, Aatto, Ate

Names that rhyme with Ad

How popular is the name Ad?

Ad is an uncommon baby name in United States, in use since 1888, peaked in 1888 when it ranked 1031st and last appeared in 1940. But Ad is a popular baby name in Netherlands where every 1 in 700 have the name.

As per our research, over 50000 people has been named Ad globally.

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What numbers say about Ad?

Number 4 as your expression no reveals your inner strength, strong communication and organization abilities, and well-structured life. People see you as their leader even if you never ask for it. You don't believe much in love. However, deep inside, you secretly wish to find someone who will prove you wrong. You never come up with a plan to achieve something but make your way as you go. It wouldn't hurt you if you opened your mind and hear different opinions on different matters.

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Sibling Names for Ad

These are some of the most popular and unique sibling names for Ad:

Sister for Ad

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Famous people named Ad

  • Ad Neeleman, Dutch linguist based in the UK
  • Ad Moolhuijzen, former water polo player from The Netherlands,
  • Ad Carter, American comic strip cartoonist
  • Ad Konings, ichthyologist originally trained
  • Ad Bax, molecular biophysicist
  • Ad Reinhardt, abstract painter active in New York beginning
  • Ad Melkert, Dutch politician and diplomat of the Labour Party
  • Ad Infinitum, musical group which were part of the Factory Records label
  • Ad Santel, American professional wrestler
  • Ad Gumbert, pitcher for Major League Baseball
  • Ad Astra per Aspera, Lawrence
  • Ad Tak, retired Dutch cyclist
  • Ad Rutschman, American football coach, former baseball coach
  • Ad Wolgast, World Lightweight champion
  • Ad Brennan, pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Ada Pometti in ...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! as Actress
  • Ad van Dijk composed the music of movie The Purse Snatcher
  • In 1994 drama, romance movie, 06, Ad van Kempen characterized Thomas Venema.
  • Ad Carabao played leading role of Bunpan in 2010 action flick Edge of the Empire.

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