Eloi name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 16th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin and Hebrew
Usage: French and Portuguese
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Eloi EE-loy
Meaning: Eligere and Choice
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What does Eloi mean?

Rarefied and Fresh boy name Eloi is used notably in Portuguese and French which came from Hebrew and Latin, meaning of Eloi is "Eligere or Choice". Eloi is variation of biblical and long standing Eli.

Eli is version of cherished Ali. Also Eli is version of predominant and conifer Ellis. Eli is abridged form of Elias. Also Eli is short form of Eliezer. Eli is also short of Elijah.

Eli is also short form of Elisha. Eli is effeminate form of Eli M. Eli is equivalent of Names Containing the Hebrew Name Element Eli in Hebrew and Latin languages. Creative and adventurous and Modern Eli came from Hebrew, English and Hungarian languages, meaning of Eli is "Defender of Mankind, My God and Uplifted".

Eloi is version of sacred Eligius. Meaning of Eligius is The Element Eligere Meaning to Choose, Chosen One and Eligere is originated from Latin and German is especially used in German.

It is celebrated on 1st December.

How do I pronounce Eloi?

The most common pronunciation of two syllabled Eloi is EE-loy. There should be emphasis on first EE syllable while speaking.

Variants of Eloi

Eligius, Eli, Ali, Ellis, Ele, Elliot, Elia, Eligiusz, Loy, Aali, Al, Amir Ali, Callister, Ale, Elias, Elijah, Elisa, Elis, Alice, Elea, Eleanor, Ella, Elio, Eliah, Loi, Floyd, Loyal

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How popular is the name Eloi?

In France, Eloi was once a common name since emerging in 1900 it has been given to over 9338 babies. When at its peak in 1904,. However after 126 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts.

Eloi is an uncommon baby name in United States still in use today. In Switzerland, it has been in use since 1998 and achieved its top ranking of 641 in 2009.

In Belgium, it has been in use since 2002 and peaked in 2018 when it ranked 800th.

Eloi is a rare baby name in England and Wales however it is still in use.

But Eloi is a popular baby name in Brazil where every 1 in 9000 have the name. According to our research, at least 50000 people have been bestowed Eloi around the globe.



Eloi in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Eloi

You often get involved with people who have a hard time to express how they actually feel. You are a creative thinker who always comes with the best solutions. You often get carried away by your emotions and taken as crazy because of your excessive reactions to injustice. Your first instinct about someone as a person is the one you should listen. Remember that childhood dream you had? Focus on realizing it and fulfill your heart with happiness.

Other names similar to Eloi

  •  Justinia - Curious girl name Justinia is mainly used in Swedish and Finnish, Justinia means "Reasonable or Fair" has its origin in Latin
  •  Kajícek - Originated from Latin, Kajícek is chiefly used in Czech, Kajícek means "Katharina and The Element Gaudere Which Means to Rejoice" is aimed at boys. Kajícek is diminutive of Kai.
  •  Tully came from Irish, Gaelic and Latin is used in Finnish, Swedish and English is given to both genders. Tully is English equivalent of Tullio
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Sibling Names for Eloi

Introducing a list of sibling names to complement the unique and charming name "Eloi." Whether you're looking for names with similar meanings, styles, or just something that flows well together, this list offers a range of options to inspire your decision.

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Famous people named Eloi

  • Eloise Cobby-Smith in Potter as Actress
  • Eloise Edwards in Indigo as Actress
  • Eloise Cupido in Doomsday as Actress
  • Eloise Rakic-Platt in Forest of the Dead as Actress
  • Eloise Taylor in Ragtime as Actress
  • Eloise Estevez in The Shunning as Actress
  • Eloise Kazan in Split as Costume Designer
  • Eloise Barnes in Ways to Live Forever as Actress
  • Eloi Amagat Arimany, sporty known as Eloi is a Spanish footballer.
  • Eloi González is noted for his acting in short Plat�n y yo

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