Fatima name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Fatima fah-tih-mah
Meaning: The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter and Weaning
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What does Fatima mean?

Used specifically in Malayalam, Danish, Finnish, Tamil, Gujarati, Swedish, Kannada, Marathi, Arabic, Hindi, Norwegian and Telugu preeminent, Fatima means "The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter or Weaning" used as a gender insensitive name is rooted from Arabic.

Fatima is Latin form of The Arabic Name فاطمة Meaning to Wain, to Abstain.

How do I pronounce Fatima?

The proper pronunciation of three syllabled Fatima is fah-tih-mah. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., fah-tee-mah or f(a)-ti-ma.

Variants of Fatima

Fahimah, Fahima, Fatma

How popular is the name Fatima?

Fatima was a popular name in United States. Over 32534 babies have been given the name in 101 years. When at the peak of its usage in 2001, it ranked 227th when 1515 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls.

However after 101 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but still performing better than most of the names. In addition to that, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names 21 times Also, Fatima was a popular name in England and Wales.

Over 8094 babies have been given the first name in 23 years. At its zenith in 2014, it ranked 102nd when 562 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 23 years but still dominating the charts.

In addition to that, the first name has been in the top 500 baby names 23 times Also, a popular name in France having over 27536 recievers in 88 years of usage.

The moniker is Recently ascending on the charts, in 1971, the moniker grabbed the 88th spot and 699 baby girls were given the name. Moreover, the name has been to the top 100 baby names 10 times Also, Fatima is a popular in Spain where over 5063 new-borns have been given the name since 2002.

When at the peak of its usage in 2002, 543 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 77th position. In addition to that, the first name has been in the top 100 baby names 12 times

A common name in Belgium with over 1814 new-borns have been given the name since 1995.

Presently the moniker is on a rise, in 2018, the moniker grabbed the 80th spot and 112 baby girls were given the name. Fatima is a familiar baby name in Netherlands, during its short term of usage, the name has been to the top 200 names.

In 2015, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 194 on girl names chart when 73 babies were given the name Fatima. Over 291 babies in Netherlands have been named Fatima.

Fatima is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, even after 27 years of use, it could not make it big. Over 283 babies in Ireland have been named Fatima. Also, it is among the top 400 girl names in Switzerland.

Over 332 babies in Switzerland have been named Fatima. However things change on global perspective, Fatima is extremely popular in Nigeria where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Brazil, Yemen, Sudan, Oman, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Syria, India, Jordan and Mozambique.

Also the baby name is popular in Lebanon, Philippines, Russia, Palestine, Niger, Angola, Mexico, Tunisia, Kuwait, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Libya, Malawi, Nicaragua, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Eritrea, Bahrain, Paraguay, Tajikistan, Comoros, Turkey, Benin, England, Argentina, Ghana, Gambia, Somalia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, East Timor, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Honduras, Burkina Faso, Canada, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mali.

As per our research, over 8430000 babies have been bestowed Fatima around the globe.

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Fatima in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numbers say about Fatima?

Although you can't stand in one place for too long, if something catches your attention, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done perfectly. You hang around with different people, so you can widen your life perspective and expand your knowledge. You respond to occurrences in an unusual, impulsive but also creative way. When it comes to romance, you prefer to stay single and don't obsess over stupid things such as cheating, jealousy, lack of freedom and all those relationship stuff.

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Middle names for Fatima

Complement Fatima with any of the charming and familiar middle names assembled below.

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Sibling Names for Fatima

Fatima is a beautiful baby name that has its origins in Arabic literature and culture. If you're looking to name your newborn after Fatima, why not consider some sibling names that complement it perfectly? Here are some suggestions for names that pair well with Fatima.

For a sister

Brother for Fatima

Famous people named Fatima

  • Fatima Meer, South African writer, academic, screenwriter
  • Fatima Hajaig, South African politician
  • Fatima Gallaire, Franco-Algerian playwright and author of short stories
  • Fatima Faloye,
  • Fatima Soltan, sovereign 'khanbika' and last ruler of Qasim Khanate
  • Fatima Tabaamrant, Moroccan Berber-Amazigh singer
  • Fatima Tlisova, Russian journalist of Circassian origin currently living
  • Fatima Whitbread, British former javelin thrower
  • Fatima Bhutto, Pakistani writer
  • Fatima Zohra Karadja, Vice-President for the African Union's Economic
  • Fatima Jinnah, Pakistani dental surgeon, biographer, stateswoman
  • Fatima Moreira de Melo, former Dutch field hockey player of Portuguese descent
  • Fatima Yusuf, retired Nigerian athlete
  • Fatima Rainey, Swedish pop singer
  • Fatima Robinson, music video director and choreographer
  • Fatima Surayya Bajia, Urdu novelist
  • Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, , Sudanese writer
  • Fatima Houda-Pepin, Quebec politician and a former member of the National Assembly of Quebec
  • Fatima Grate in Genius in Heels as Actress
  • Fatima Alvir in Sinungaling mong puso as Actress
  • Fatima Abdulrahim in Living in Limbo as Cinematographer
  • Fatima Sheikh in Mother as Actress
  • Fatima Pimienta in Bullets, Fangs and Dinner at 8 as Actress
  • Fatima Robinson is a music video director and choreographer who has worked with several renowned artists like Dr. Dre, Rihanna etc.
  • Fatima Mernissi Fatema Mernissi - in Arabic, Ù Ø§Ø · Ù ... Ø © Ù ... Ø ± Ù † يسي Fà tima MarnÄ «sÄ«, sometimes also transcribed as Fátima Mernissiâ € "was a Moroccan writer
  • Fatima Bint Ali in movie Island of Allah as Actress
  • In 2004 drama flick, Père, Fatima Belhadj characterized N.
  • In 1968, Fatima Ekman characterized the role of N in comedy film Lådan.
  • In 1932, Fatima Gilyazova portrayed the role of N in drama flick Plotina.
  • In 2004, Fatima Loukili characterized the role of N in drama flick Mémoire en détention.
  • Fatima Moustaid, from 1995 comedy flick À la recherche du mari de ma femme, who portrayed Tamo.
  • In 2016 action and biography film, Dangal, Fatima Sana Shaikh portrayed Geeta Phogat.
  • In 1980 family film, Zavtra vyydesh?, Fatima Redzhametova characterized N.
  • In 2000, Fatima Biriski characterized the role of Kay in drama flick Nemesis.
  • Fatima Ibragimkevoa played leading character of Jayran in 2004 drama film Broken Bridges.


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