Roman baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Roman people follow a different pattern of nomenclature than those which are used by other cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

Roman baby names consist of given and family names, conventionally referred to as the tria nomina. Tria nomina is the combination of praenomen, nomen, and cognomen, these are considered as the basic elements of Roman baby names. In Roman naming system there is a use of both both personal names and regular surnames, which is its distinguishing feature. The praenomen is the personal name or given name which is chosen by child's parents. The second element is the nomen gentilicium, also known as gentile name, designated a Roman citizen as a member of a gens. The third element of tria nomina is cognomen which is an additional personal name.

Below is the list of 600 Roman baby names.

Olive Tree, Elf Army
Trustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
Man, Little and Womanly, Vigorous, Army
The Lion, Leo, Brave, Strong
Majestic, Exalted, Vehement Protector, Revered
Judge is God
The Moon, Moon
Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Wise Form of Sophia, Beautiful, Will, Wisdom
Rival, Rivaling, Imitating, Emily
Down-bearded Youth, Jove's Child, Julia, Soft Bearded
People, Expensive, Loving, Gracious
Praiseworthy, Priceless, Inestimable, Flower
Man from Rome, Citizen of Roman
Emulus, Imitating, Rivaling
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Victor Conqueror, Victorious, Victory, Conquer
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
My God is Yahweh, Shining
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Little Maximus, By the Great Stream, Greatest, A Short Form of Maxwell
Three, Forest, Wood Dweller, The Third
The Word Valens Which is of the Meaning Healthy Strong, Vigorous
God of Plenty, God's Promise
Exalted, Summer, August, Revered
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Flower Name, Renown, Rose Bush, The Words Hros Which Means Horse
God is Gracious, Soft Bearded, Down-bearded Youth, Descended from Jupiter (Jove)
Lucky, Name of a Saint, The Successful, Happy
Messenger, My Angel
Gift of Yahweh, Gift of God
Rivaling, Emulum, Rival, Imitating
The Light of India, Daylight Babies, Shining, Born At Daybreak
My God is Bountiful, God's Promise
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
Outcry, Dedicated to Mars, From the Celtic Name Tristan, Tumult
Blind One, Dim Sighted, Sixth
Healthy Strong
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum, Wetteifernde
Defence, The Roman God of War, Mars, Of the Sea
God has Healed, God Heals
Vital Force, Born in June, Sixth Month of the Year
Soft-haired, Youthful, Downy, Downy-bearded
Dedicated to the God Mars, Boundary, Horse, War-like
The Greatest
The Capital of the United Kingdom, From London
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Youthful, Jove's Child, Name of a Poem, Julia
Obscure, Flower, Bright, Variant of Xavier
God's Favour, Resurrection, Gracious, Clever
From Athens, From Attica
Sweet, Server, The Page, Young Servant
War-Like Dedicated to Mars, War-like, Warrior, Warring
Attendant for a Temple, Swiftness of Foot, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Born In the Eighth Month, Modeled on a Roman Sex
Born Eighth, Fortune, Famous, Possession
Good Fortune, Great Happiness, Happy, Luck
Free-born, Religious, He Who is with the Illustrious, Acolyte
Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory, Laurel, Of Laurentum, Man from Laurentium
Son of the Fire, Urine
The Laurel Tree, From Laurentum Stem End, Crowned with Laurels
One who has Made a Pilgrimage to Rome, Son of Tolmai, Of the Romans, Roman
Soft Bearded, Youthful, Variant of Julia, Illustrious Roman Family
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Belonging to Christ, The Anointed One, Christian
Jove's Child, Youthful, Down-bearded Youth, Dedicated to Jupiter
Master, Ruler, Far Sighted, The Element Kyrios Which Means Lord
Seagull, Laurel, Native of Larissa, Bright
Son of Law or Lawrence, Son of Lawrence
Title, Honored, New Testament Character, Giant
Goddess of the Moon, Similar to Celia or Selena, A French Pirate Name is Celine Le Beak, Heaven
Quiet, Cheerful, The Word Serenus Which is of the Meaning Serene Clear Bright, Joy
Variant of Caesar, Cut, Long Haired, Hirsute
Golden, Golden-Haired, Gold Made
Servant, Famous Roman Family of the 1St Century
Born at Day Break, Bright, Daylight Babies, Shining
The White, Glossy
Inspired By the Same Vine, Julia, Emulum
Judge, Just, Justice
Rush, Kindness, Little Rose, Truthful
Apollinaria, The Element Apollymi Meaning to Destroy
Lively, Vibrant, Life, Alive
Song, Garden Orchard, Bright Red, Son of
Empty, Vain
The Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
A Biblical Name-title Applied to the Messiah, Variant of Hebrew Name Immanuel, God is with us
The Fifth Month of the Year, May, Beloved, Kinswomen
Fifth, Derived from Roman Clan Name, Like a Queen, Cuinchy
Revered, Great, Worthy of Respect, Majestic
Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Belonging to the Lord, Offered to the Lord
Mattea, Weapon, Domain of Maccius
Born Again
Wealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
Black Beauty, Companion of the Night, Wine, Nocturnal
To Flow, Singer, Earth, The Elements Res
Forest, Wood
Dedicated to Jupiter
Blooming, Flower, Form of Florence, Blossom
Form of the Latin Marcellus, Young Warrior, Hammer, Warlike
The Virgin, Maiden, Pure
Warrior, Strong and Man, Army
Form of Regina, Queen
Light, Deity, Resisting, Daylight
The Words Viator Meaning Traveller Pilgrim, Happy, Auspicious
Man of the People, Folk
Freedom, Independence, Liberty
Time-Honored, Ancient, Antique, Primitive
Consecrated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars
Famous Land Owner, Fame, Domain, Homeland
Youthful, Julia, Illustrious Roman Family, Jove's Child
Descended from Jupiter (Jove), Youth, Soft Bearded, Jove's Child
Roman, Son of Tolmai, Pilgrim to Rome, Of the Romans
A Butcher, Whole, Healthy, Safe
Great, Large
Blue, Envious, Life, Illustrious Roman Family
God Protects My House
That Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
One Who Overcomes, Victor, The Winning
Fruitful Land, Bright Red, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Garden
Undying, The Element Ambrosios Which Means Immortal Divine, Ever-living
Friend of Horses, Horse Lover
Little Hammer, God of War Mars Ordained
Form of Natalie, A Flower, Rebirth-from Anastasia, Born on Christmas
Dedicated to Mars, God of War Mars Ordained
Emperor, To Cut, Long Haired, Hairy
Lime-Wood Shield, Linden, Fame, Lime
Army, Husband, Vigorous, Strong
Limping, Lame, Disabled, Persevering
Praise be to God, Friend, Heart, Udder
Jewel of the Sea, Little Hearts, Heart, Cordus
Good Man
Vain, Empty
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy, Soft
The Aura, Wind, Or, Breeze
The Lord is Gracious, Derived from Jananam - Birth, Man, Born Bravery
Muir Meaning Sea, The Moor, Moorish, Dark-skinned
Yahweh is Gracious
Gift of Yahweh
Fame, Lime, Linden, Lime-Wood Shield
Protect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
The Greatest
Traveler, Son of Harry, Dweller by the Pear Tree, Traveller
Young, June
Dedicated to Mars, Warlike, Female Version of Marcellus, Warring
Honor, Dignity, Integrity, Esteem
Down-bearded Youth, Girl, Youthful, Jove's Child
God is Merciful, Light, Youth, Deity
The Word Ge with the Meaning Earth
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Noble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
From the House of Tatius, King of the Sabines
Bright, Light, Luminous, Clear
The Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
Adriatic Sea, Woman from Hadria
Emulating, Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex, Imitating, Rivaling
The Word Valentia Which Means Power, Valentia
Happy, Lord, Rejoice, Similar to Gaius which is a More Common Form of the Name in Britain
Daylight, Light, Father, Deity
Lady, Dedicated, From the God Mars
The Chaste, Partner
Priceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
Lively, Full of Life
From the Linden Tree Hill, Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
Princess of the Sea, Bitter, T, Wished-for Child
Yahweh is Gracious, Youth
Wrathful, The Word Odyssesthai Meaning to Hate, To be Angry
God of War Mars Ordained
Blind One, Sixth
Dark Beauty, Born at Night
Gift of the Goddess Isis
Christian, Follower of Christ, Anointed
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