Polish baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Poland is most religious country of Europe; hence Polish baby names have a great influence by Slavic and Christian tradition.

Polish baby names consist of a given name which is known as the imię and the last name or surname which is known as nazwisko. Polish baby names are usually governed by various laws such as civil law and church law as well as parents’ personal taste and family custom. According to the laws, personnel given name must indicate the person's gender. Almost all female names in Poland ends in a vowel -a and most of the male names end in a consonant or a vowel other than a. A parent has to choose the first name of their child from a long list of traditional names which may come from Biblical or a Slavic name of pre-Christian origin. A parent can give up to two given names to their baby as Polish registry offices do not register more than two given names. Like most of the countries in Europe, Polish surnames are also hereditary and generally patrilineal.

Below is the collection of 400 unique, popular, traditional, and latest Polish baby names.

Elegance, The Oldest Daughter, Kind, Decorated
Noble and Brilliant, Nobly Famous, Illustrious, Bright
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
Man, A Prophet's Name, Red, Humanity
Noble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
Lust, Noble Kind, Love, Honorable
Red, Human Being, Man, Creature, Molded From
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Rich, Adriatic from the Stem End, Dark One
The Good
The Chaste, The Pure
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
All and Illustrious, Noble Famous, Majestic Wolf, Form of Albert
White Man, Blond, Bright, Fair One
Friend of the Elves, The Element Albus Meaning White
Adal Which Means Noble Honorable
Battle, Embattled, Fight
Counsel from the Elves, Supernaturally Wise, Name of a King, All and Peace
Elf, Council, Natural Spirit, Inspired Advice
Of a Noble Kind
Exalted, Noble Sort, Variant of Alice
All and Wise, Most, Very, Renowned Warrior
Lovable, Aspiration, Born on a Saturday, Mother
Efficient, Aspirations, Emulus, Brave
The Beloved, Who is Loved
Immortal, Ever-living, Undying
Trustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
Surrender, Resurrection, Risen One
Men from the East, Sunrise
The Brave
Scent, Angelic, Daughter of a Great Father, Like An Angel
Angelic, Messenger from God, Like An Angel
Lamb, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Purity
Messenger of God, Angel
Messenger from God, Angel
The Legendary Phoenix Will-O-The-Wisp, Favour, Grain, He (God) Was Gracious
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
Who Eats Flower
That Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
Female Version of Antonio Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless, Beyond-price
Female Version of Antonio Beyond Praise, Invaluable, In the 17th Century, Inestimable
Alone-Ruler, Cutting, Long Haired, Ruler
Most Holy Woman
Of Arcadia
Resurrection, Asia, Sunrise, East
Immortal, The Elements a Meaning Un
The Good
The August, Worthy of Respect, Great, Sublime
Golden-Haired, The Elements Aureus Meaning Golden, Golden, Gilded, Gold Made
Golden, Golden-Haired, Gold Made
Gold Made, Golden-Haired, The Elements Aureus Meaning Golden, Golden, Gilded
Reassembling a Crane, Patient, Clever, The Bakula Flower
Hill, Furrow
Good Tidings, God's Creation, Daughter of God, Noble
The Foreign
Monarch, Basil the Herb, Royal, Kingly
Pilgrim, Auspicious, Happy
The Blessed, Happy
Hardy, Strong, Courageous, Bärenstarke
Brilliant, Noble, Shining, Bright Ruler
Lisping, the Royal
Gift of God
God's Gift, Bog Meaning God
God's Gift, Given By God
God, Gracious, Dear, Love
God, Gracious, Dear, Love
Gods Glory, God's Glory
Great Glory
More Glory, Great Glory
Powerful Glory, Great Glory
Son of the Brown Man, Fair Bosomed, Dark
Fighting, Glory, Slava, Bron
Shield, Brown, Transfer: Bear
Sublime, Strong Willed, Strength, To Help
Beloved, Free Man, Army, Dear
Assembled and Peace, Peacemaker, Friedensverkünder, From a Polish Word
To Destroy
Shine, Moon, Beautiful, Light
Of Sky, Heavenly, Divine
Heavenly, Moon, Caelum Which Means Heaven, To Hide, Conceal
Heavenly, Moon, Caelum Which Means Heaven, To Hide, Conceal
Heavenly, Blind One, Sixth, Divine
Hirsute, Hairy, Full of Hair Head, Excise
Merciful, Gentleness
Lord, Master
Lord, Divine, Master, Borne by Large Number of Saint
To Fight with Honor
Famous Day, Joy of the Danes, Maid, Dorogo
Conqueror, Fertility, Tamer, To Tame
Judge is God
A Gift from God
From Theodoric, Gifted Ruler
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Possessor of the Good
Beloved, Darling, Loved By God, Prince
Follower of Demeter, Dedicated to Demeter
The Longed-For, The Wished-For
Good Glory, The Elements Dobro Meaning Good
Dedicated to Demeter, Follower of Demeter
Lord, Child Born on Sunday
Of the Lord Belonging to God, Belonging to the Lord
Follower of Demeter, Dedicated to Demeter
Donate, The Gift, Give
Gift and God
Dedicated to Demeter, Follower of Demeter
Dedicated to Demeter
Wealthy, Guardian of the Property, Edith, Rich Battle
Grandmother, Delight, Rich Battle, Rejuvenation
Fight, Prosperity, Battle, Struggle
Battle, Struggle, Joyous, Rich Gift
Sword Tip, Completely, Daughter of Manu, The Earth
Shining Light, Sun, Variant of Helen, Foreign
Jehovah is God, Variant of Hebrew Elijah
The Word Eligere Which is of the Meaning to Choose
Eligere, Chosen One
Spear, Guardian
Emulating, Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex, Imitating, Rivaling
Emulus, Imitating, Rivaling
Noble, Well Born
Sweetly-Spoken Well-Spoken, Good, Well, To Talk, Eloquent
The Pious
Living, The Enlivening, Live
Little Bird, Light, Life, Power
One who Grow Beans, Fabulent, Bean Grower, The Sky
Warlike, Jasmine Flower
Happy, Lucky, Fortunate, Great Happiness
The Lucky
Great Happiness, Good Fortune, Luck, Happy
Lucky, Fortunate, Name of a Saint, Happy
To be Courageous, Safety, Peace, Strong Man
Friend of Horses, Horse Lover
Friend and Horse, Friend of Horses
Friend and Horse, Loves Horses, Warlike
Lover of Horses, Pferdefreundin
Blonde, Blossom, Flourishing, Flowered
Frenchwoman Free One, Frenchman, From France
Little Frenchwoman, Little Frenchman
Frenchwoman, Frenchman Free One, French Man, From France
Little Frenchwoman, Free Condition, The Word Francesco with the Meaning Frenchman, From France
From France, Variant of Francis, Free Landholder, The Element Francesco Which Means Frenchman
A Man Form France, Free, Frenchwoman, Of the Franks
Rich, Peace, Safety, Power
Rich, Protection, Power, Peace through Bravery
White Wave, Pure and Yielding, Shining, Fair One
Powerful with the Spear, Grove of Holm Oaks, Famous Warrior, Renowned Spearman
Spear Ruler, Blessed, Rule, Wealthy Spear-man
Spear Strength, From the Protected Farm, Diminutive of Gertrude
Grow, Spear Servant, With Honour
Pearl, Name of a Saint, Jewel
Divinely Peaceful, Region, Gau, The Stranger
Mercy, Grace of God, Good will, Thanks
The Graceful, The Beautiful
The Watchful
Goth, Royal Staff, Prosperity, Stick
Goth, Staff, Stick
Shining, The Calm
Delighted, Grace, A Spirit Warrior, Quiet
House Owner, Home Ruler, Homeland, Powerful
Estate Ruler, House and King, Homeland, Powerful
Homeland, Power, Rich, Home
Hippos, Release the Horses, Lyein
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